[內建中字] Cambridge Audio Edge NQ + Edge W終極實測

[內建中字] Cambridge Audio Edge NQ + Edge W終極實測

There’s a new video on my channel almost everyday. But recently, a few of them had much higher viewings than usual. One of them easily had up to over 30,000 views by now It is the one on the Cambridge Audio’s 50th anniversary epic design *Edge A* an integrated amplifier of Hi-End performance so you can understand how excited I am going to be when I get my hands on their separates So, I shall expect only the very best from my highly anticipated listening review of the Cambridge Audio’s also very epic 50th anniversary separates **Edge NQ & Edge W** Hello, everyone, I am Kwok-Yan, and welcome to feverSound.com The products as mentioned on today’s video are Cambridge Audio’s 50th Anniversary EPIC offerings of their 3 models, other then the Edge A Integrated DAC/ Amplifier the separate “Pre & Power” units Edge NQ, which is a Network Streamer, DAC / Preamplifier also the Edge W, a two-channel, Class XA design Power Amplifier The packaging of the two units are roughly about the same as that of the Edge A. so I won’t go into too much details on taking them out of the box here. If you want to see the “unboxing” of the Edge A. I will attach a link at the end of this video. here I go…… taking them out of the box myself. Another two brand new units, how do I know? Because this seal is still attached Opened again, brand new units, I am so happy, and so much fun waiting for them to break-in. Edge W is about the same size as Edge A Because it is a power amp, the back of the unit is very straight forward. with large binding posts that can accommodate all kinds of speaker cables on either side an input socket for power, RCA and Balanced inputs respectively please note, there’s an extra set of “Loop Out” for both RCA and Balanced This is important if you plan to Bi-amp, Tri-amp, or even Quadruple-amp! if your pre-amp has only one set of “Pre-Outs” this would be very convenient you can use this feature to loop to another amp Edge NQ is a pre-amp, a DAC and a streamer all-in-one It’s not as thick as the Edge W or Edge A There is no heat sink on the side, it won’t get too warm if you have active speakers, this is all you need for a pair of high quality active speakers and want a high quality Streaming DAC/ Pre The Edge NQ would be a very good choice large full color display The Edge NQ also have the same fantastic control knob found on the Edge A and this knob is of course made in the UK In fact, many of the components in this unit is made in the UK. However, some of the parts are sourced from other places Cambridge Audio is very honest, indicating that it is manufactured at their own factory in China. In fact, as you can see from all the details both inside and out are of very, very high standards, it has a very “British” feel about the built-quality let’s take a look on the side first, why? Because there is a line here on the side, it contains the latitude and longitude “address” of Cambridge Audio’s office and factory location in London check this out yourself and, you will find Cambridge Audio. Pre Out… fully symmetrical in design Balanced and RCA i/o respectively In the middle are the analog inputs, there are 3 sets 2 sets are the RCA stereo inputs the 3rd is a balanced stereo input with a total of 3 sets of analog inputs There are another 5 digital inputs 2 of Toslink optical inputs one of RCA S/PDIF digital coaxial input and an HDMI Audio input that supports ARC and finally, an USB input for USB Audio Class 2.0 perfect for “computer as source” users But that’s not all just yet, there is also a Bluetooth antenna here. It has Bluetooth support with aptX HD. there are also two USB Type A Ports…. ti connect with the supplied Wi-Fi dongle for playing media files directly from a USB storage or hard drive it is very convenient connecting with a local USB media storage Finally, an Ethernet network cable input to connect to the network. Of course it supports Cambridge Audio’s own app Supports UPnP, this is a very good app, let me demonstrate…. So, whatever you want, it’s got it all Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. You are still listening to your own speakers. In a flash, all the “clothes” are off. with the cover opened, you can immediately see a custom made toroidal transformer. actually, there is also a Switching Power Supply too Powering different sections separately The two master clocks each responsible for 44.1kHz or 48kHz and the higher versions of these sample rates So Jitters should be greatly reduced compared to other equipment Although you can open the top cover, there are many parts you still can’t see. the USB receiver should be by XMOS There is an ESS decoding chip for digital conversions even if I’m not trying to make a video, It’s still really hard to see the inside there’s only so much I can do, let’s take a look at the power amp instead According to Cambridge Audio, Edge A and Edge W the amplifier design and specifications are the same the difference is that this amp (Edge W) does not have any digital decoding circuits certainly much less interference or noise inside the chassis Two custom made toroidal transformers with extra shielding with their new “Opposing Symmetry” technology of 2 stacking toroidal transformers to cancel out each others electromagnetic interference, a very unique and smart approach! the Left and right channels are split as dual mono sections Class XA, is their new and improved proprietary amplification technology four supply capacitors per channel, 10,000μF each total 80,000μF, or 40,000μF per channel There is also another small toroidal in there, like the Edge A, which also has 3 transformers. in case you ever want to upgrade the fuses, It will cost a little more (6 times) than usual Because for a two channel amplifier, there are six fuses. anyway, let’s have a listen to its sound this live recording is only for demonstration. Please note, you are actually listening to your own speakers. There is another important point Edge NQ has an extremely sophisticated app to control all its functions Source selection, set-up customization and playback controls Let’s take a look at how this app works. first you have to download the app. actually the app’s name is just “Edge”, here it is supports Chromecast and AirPlay Like AirPlay, you can see NQ is already detected Like Spotify, NQ detected. Like Google Home detected here is Tidal this volume control is my favorite. the control knob on the Egde NQ is physically synchronize with the app in real-time. For example, if I go to the stream, the knob on the NQ will immediately go to the correct level setting. very clear there is also support on UPnP server. Listening to songs I’m using MinimServer the Edge app supports all languages & supports cover art formats But not full size cover art not the very best I’ve used but, it is still very smooth when scroll through the music library. very good app, no need to worry There is also full size album covers But this album cover just happens to be kinda medium? But everything is ready how about the display on the NQ? The NQ will also display the cover and the name of the song being played. Playback status can also be displayed It’s really not bad at all let’s try with another app to and see how well it works with the NQ Hardware settings are here, including energy saving mode Automatic shutdown after 20 mins of inactivity for the power amp, it will also automatically shut down if no signal inputs are detected. if signal input is detected, it will start up again automatically Source input annotations can be changed or can be deactivated if you don’t need too many sources, you can set it here. that’s should cover most of the uses on the app this live recording is only for demonstration. You are still listening to your own speakers. I used 4 pairs of speakers to test this combination The first pair is B&W’s 600 series’ 603 It is the flagship of the 600 series, a 3-way four-drivers design The 2nd pair is one of my own. It sounded really good last time. So I will use them for testing again. ProAc Tablette 10 Signature the 3rd pair is the “last” available pair of “New Old Stock” of Acoustic Energy’s AE1 Classic that I just bought (as seen in my previous video) The last pair, not a British speaker, they are from the Czech Republic. it is from Czech but it is actually very Italian, even their drive units are from Italy Xavian’s Joy playing 24/7 – all day & night for weeks, I did all I could to make sure it sound as good as possible before testing Absolutely treated it as a professional grade component this burn-in took about one full month Throughout that time, it was very stable in operation, temperature never over heated, no problems at all it’s sound characteristics are very transparent and has high detail This is very important, maybe some people used to think Cambridge Audio is mainly an “affordable audio” manufacturer so they may assume Cambridge Audio wouldn’t be making a very “serious” product But this time it is not the case! Firstly, its price is much higher Second, they put forth so much efforts throughout the design and, attention to all aspects such as the quality and number of components used. So, the sound you’ll hear coming out is truly the sound of hi-end audio. a particular aspect about the NQ that’s most striking and memorable is Its imaging is very beautiful You can hear the instruments are clearly defined not all stuck in one clump In the past, Cambridge Audio was not able to do this. It is the sound of a much higher class product as to the power amp, last time I used the Edge A with my ProAc Tablette 10 Signature with great results But even though the specifications and power ratings are the same with the Edge W But for some reason, perhaps it is because of the NQ is higher quality or probably Edge W have less parts and no preamp controls inside, thus less digital processing or interference compared to Edge A allowing the power amp to do its best anyway, it’s not about more or less power. the sound is more stable more pure I think that’s what they mean by “British sound”, there are more layering to the sound If your budget for a set of Pre/ Power combo with streaming DAC that’s around 60,000 HKD range. you really NEED to have look at this set, the Edge NQ + W! Don’t overlook these two because it’s not totally UK made. You really should have a listen, take a look, try it, touch it, feel it…. Cambridge Audio’s “bespoke” Pre – Power combo is truly made with a lot of “heart” This brings us to the end of a very special edition of my product review on the Cambridge Audio 50th anniversary Edge series – The Edge NQ and Edge W and, thank you for watching if you liked this video please give me a “Like” below please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already after you subscribed, please remember to click the little “bell” You will receive a notifications as soon as I have a new video was this film is a bit long? I hope you didn’t mind. Happy New Year in 2019! Bye bye~~ Chinese subtitles: Kimmy Yim

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