[內建字幕] Cambridge Audio Alva TT最平衡的黑膠All-in-one

[內建字幕] Cambridge Audio Alva TT最平衡的黑膠All-in-one

some viewers may remember me saying that my goal for this year is to invest and, to learn more on turntables. that’s why I’ve been borrowing different turntables to try. this should help me to make my decision on which high-end turntable to purchase in the near future it just so happened that I’m reviewing a turntable today. this is an area that I am least familiar with judging sound, I am not that confident with the tube amps and vinyl playback. Having said that, I do know most the basics, and I can make it play. And also appreciate the sound from it what am I unboxing today? well, you can see from the title of this video. This piece is from Cambridge Audio, UK when Cambridge introduced their flagship Edge series last year, many of you have probably already listened or even purchased clearly, Cambridge Audio is on the right path they certainly will continue to launch many more new products soon Including what I have here today, it’s called Alva TT Is a turntable, an All-In-One turntable Also… very important a very exacting and well-made turntable hello everyone, I’m Kwok-yan and welcome to feverSound.com before my review, I would like to share a very important message. on June 7, 8 & 9, 2019 (Friday to Sunday, 3 days), during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday at the beautiful Regal and Royal Garden Hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui – East Hosted by yours truly, feverSound.com The 4th annual Hong Kong Audio Visual & Portable Hi-Fi Expo (HKAVPE) There’ll be lots of new & exclusive audio products, limited-editions… on display and demo music & video discs at special prices, 4K home theater demos, etc… This year’s theme is “audio & video entertainment at home” No matter what’s the size of your home, you’ll be able to find a system for you look forward to seeing you there! The product on review today is one of those… where my skill as a reviewer is the weakest turntable, tonearm, cartridge, phonostage…..all these is definitely perfect for someone who may lack experience on vinyl playback like me because this is truly a custom “integrated” design let say you don’t understand vinyl at all, but you are really interested to start playing some records. at the same time, it isn’t just any other “all-in-one” player, this one is specially made for those with an eye for refinements and taste the price may be a little more than a mid-price simple vinyl system before my introduction, let’s take a quick look at the unboxing. Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. You are listening via your own speakers unpacking from the box! let’s see how is this packaging different from their Edge series Because its appearance and style are very similar with the Edge series a Direct Drive Turntable If you don’t cover up the turntable, it will be difficult to clean up after a while. it is definitely not a lightweight this turntable already comes with the tonearm and cartridge mounted Therefore, you don’t have to make any complicated adjustments. Be careful when unpacking, because the tonearm is on this side. The cartridge is already installed. … it is protected with a seal on the bottom taking the platters out first… a little heavy on this piece, you can see there are some accessories in it. The hinges for the dust cover, this should be the record clamp beautifully made “metal” platters there are two parts, an inner and an outer platter 2 pieces to combine as the platter Not much to adjust, the arm is already mounted. …VTA (vertical tracking angle), it doesn’t seem to have adjustable VTA Anti-Skating is adjustable though This is where the counterweight of the tonearm is fitted. the user only has to balance the tonearm, adjust the tracking force and Anti-Skating No need to adjust anything else Azimuth (horizontal alignment) does not need to be adjusted This cartridge is Cambridge Audio’s own, and it’s perfectly matched to the other components in the turntable. pardon the noise, the building next door is being demolished but even though they are not finished, we must continue on Ok, let’s get back to the Alva TT… This is the platter and because it is a direct drive there is no belt. just put it on the drive spindle directly I don’t see any instructions that it needs oil either. don’t think it needs to be oiled… Looking at the back of the turntable, very simple and nothing to adjust obviously, this is for the users who just want to listen to music with minimum fuss an IEC plug for power, 100-240V – universal voltage this is Analog Out (line level) with integrated phonostage and since the cartridge that comes with the Alva is an MC (moving coil) cartridge, which means the phonostage inside is an MC phonostage. considering its price, for an All-In-One player…. you don’t need to worry about an extra box for a phonostage, or power and interconnect cables too Simplicity with integrity equals quality there is another very stylish way to listen, it is with Bluetooth. here is the pairing button the sound of vinyl is first converted into digital then transmitted by Bluetooth, to any Bluetooth compatible device Suppose you have the Edge A you can play from the turntable wirelessly to the Edge A via Bluetooth I don’t know why anyone wants to do this, but anyway it is possible Their Bluetooth protocol supports aptX HD and, it can sound quite good. That’s how I have it set up, on this side of the room I’m playing a vinyl record… with the analogue output connected to a tube amplifier, but with the volume muted using Bluetooth, I transmit the signal to the opposite end of the room to my Denon AV amplifier Of course, the Denon is not using aptX HD. But for demonstration, it is compatible… the sound over there is a digitized analogue signal via BT, let’s go over and see. here is the receiving end of Bluetooth, you can see it on the screen (Cambridge Alva TT). let me turn it up a little (do you see it on the screen…?) on the top right of the screen, can you see? ” Alva TT ” The song being played here is from the turntable over there. there is ~2 seconds delay The benefit is, you can Multi-Room (multi-zone) Because the system over there is simultaneously playing too Multi-Room… playing vinyl in Multi-Rooms! do you think this is overdoing vinyl playback a little bit? so extravagant Ok, this is the counterweight. Loosen the lock-screw and slide it in with a twisting motion. After finding the right position for balance, (plus the right tracking force) tighten the lock-screw back up I will check the stylus tracking force again in a minute. Don’t tighten now. Place the turntable on the stand, put the platter back on… make sure the table is level Dust cover is very good quality but not a part of this review. for everyday use, it is actually very important to protect the turntable and keep it free of dust. Wow, … 45 rpm oh… so fast I don’t think there are any other speed adjustments except 33 or 45 the Alva also comes with a set of Cambridge Audio interconnects so you don’t even need to find another set of signal cables, this cable looks pretty well made too, not bad even more important is that it comes with an Ortofon stylus pressure gauge Of course, this stylus pressure gauge, honestly… a very Analog, a simple scale Set to balance, like the old fashion balance The goal is to set at 2g I’m using my own, also from Ortofon, but mine is electronic need 2g, … 0.88g, more, heavier need to move the counterweight a little farther This will make it heavier power up, connect the cables, time to play Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. You are listening via your own speakers In addition, I said the platter was metallic and it does feel like metal. it Is a high-tech thermoplastic material used for mechanical parts in engineering High performance, high hardness & strength The integrated tonearm, does not have many adjustments, really just the tracking force The MC cartridge is also pre-installed, no need to adjust Of course, you can change to a different cartridge, but this one is custom made for the Alva and it is already very good. First of all, it is a high-output MC cartridge rated output is up to 2mV/1kHz, which is pretty good for any high-output MC cartridge the tonearm is – British-made, single-piece-aluminium cast & Lightweight When I picked it up, I can feel how smooth & tight the Bearings are. it has a very smooth and solid motion Because this is not a sub-chassis turntable, theoretically you can use a record clamp speaking about its sound… listening with my usual Reference system, the Gryphon Diablo 300 except, I am using the Yamaha C5000 for preamp. what’s inside Alva is the equivalent the DUO. It is not actually a DUO, it is a “SOLO”, but it is the “MC SOLO” version of a DUO. It’s an integrated phonostage, it is not bypassable there is only a Line Output I think this is mainly designed for simplicity and convenience comparable to a CDP with a built-in DAC, no digital output, no need to match other DAC meant to be played as an integrated player after listening to a few familiar albums I found its sound is quite normal. for a high-output MC cartridge, its noise floor is very quiet I am sure the internal electronics has turned on the Subsonic Filter and can’t change even with warped records, there is no problems the sound is stable, smooth, and quite tuneful Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. You are listening via your own speakers a few years ago, I tried another all-in-one turntable that was a little cheaper About a few thousand dollars, also fully integrated with tonearm and cartridge But no matter which brand, it will always be made to cut costs in some way. for example, the TEAC I am using, the “came-with” cartridge is a cheapie. and the built-in phonostage is also not the great either at the end of the day, if you want better sound, you still have to change the cartridge and add a separate phonostage not really “all-in-one” anymore Because the initial goal of a well custom integrated player is to have each part to compliment the other. The quality of each part should be of a certain level Need to work well together, can’t single out one over the other If that is the case, you’ll need to find good balance performance with separate add-ons Therefore, the most obvious virtue of the Alva TT is for a Mid-priced All-In-One entry-level turntable Turntables, tonearm, cartridge, & phonostage, are all included, at the same time… all of the components are of very high quality and very well matched. I don’t think will hear, for example… “the dynamics could be a little bit better?” Or, “the cartridge can use a little more gain?” not with the Alva, everything is already perfectly matched well, this bring us to the end of another product review of the Cambridge Audio’s All-In-One vinyl record playback system Alva TT if you liked this video please give me a “Like” (thumbs up) below please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already after you subscribed, please remember to click that little “bell” You will instantly receive a notifications as soon as we have a new video by the time you see this video, I am already not in Hong Kong. I will be in Europe on business. Also, my first time in Europe for work for this trip, I’ll be visiting a manufacturer in France for a tour and interview I’ll also be going to Munich, Germany, for the Munich High End Show 2019 after that, I will then go to London, England to visit Cambridge Audio’s headquarters in London for the first time but, not my first time in London Looking forward to see what’s new and special. because I haven’t seen it before, I’m really excited to see it. please watch out for what new videos I can bring back for everyone. please check for new notifications on my new video in the coming two-weeks that’s all, bye, Bye bye~~

Chinese subtitles: Kimmy Yim

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