純數碼轉盤? 實試Cambridge Audio CXUHD

純數碼轉盤? 實試Cambridge Audio CXUHD

all done with dinner and back to my “handsome” self all set for today’s review let me show you it’s the Cambridge Audio CXUHD on the surface it appears to be just a 4K UHD BD player in reality it is so much more………. at least it is the best digital transport for under $10,000 HKD hello everyone I’m Kok-yan and welcome to feverSound.com today’s presentation is on the long awaited for Cambridge Audio CXUHD it been available for just a short while now, what is it ? 4K UHD Universal Blu-Ray Player but it doesn’t have any analog outputs (no DAC inside) there is no RCA (analog) outputs anywhere on the unit this part that’s sticking out is the Wi Fi transmitter because the whole unit is metal shielding against interference should be pretty good 2 X USB 3.0 for your HD to playback music files coaxial and Toslink S/PDIF outputs digital outputs one HDMI input two HDMI outputs you can use one for audio and the other for video lastly is a gigabit internet connection, that’s all on the front, there’s not much to talk about on/off, play/pause, skip forward/back….. that’s about it actually, the bottom is more interesting can you see? there are only 3 “feet” Cambridge Audio has been doing this for the last few years two normal and one long one on the front not very complicated to implement but works very well for better isolation 3 contact points on any surface helps to eliminate any chance of “rocking” a rather lightweight remote control unit but each keystroke has a very positive “click” not an issue, also the keys are backlit you can clearly see what you are doing even in complete darkness since there’s no DAC, is it almost empty inside? Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. Please note, you are still listening to your own speakers. this is what’s inside there’s no analog board since there’s no DAC, the Power supply can be much simpler and completely dedicated for the transport as to the WiFi transmitter basically it is mounted on the outside so there’s less interference on the circuitry and power if there was a DAC section, the 7.1 processing and outputs could have been quite demanding on the power supply eliminating the DAC section can decrease the load demanded on the power supply to focus more on the transport’s accuracy and quality without having to share its power supply is like having the power supply upgraded with the WiFi on the outside there is less interference on the power supply again, cleaner power means better performance better picture quality and better sound quality Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. Please note, you are still listening to your own speakers. let’s take a look at what’s on the setup menu any setting that needs special attention? how about the video output – Picture Adjustment please notice that you can adjust these setting on your monitor also but on this unit I found the noise reduction to be quite effective so just in case if your TV’s NR is not too good or not available for 4K you can reduce any video noise here first at the source there are 3 levels of NR Level 1-3 but please don’t over do the NR, I think level 1 is enough if you add too much, the image will become blurred these suggestions are from me and other fellow users actually experience since there is not audio output there aren’t too many items to adjust for audio your S/PDIF output format the output format on the coaxial and Toslink outputs depending on the A/V amplifier or soundbar you are using Bitstream, Dolby Digital, or DTS for different types of surround systems but if you are using a 2 – channel amplifier you can choose one of these LPCM output formats 48, 96 or 192 KHz (upper output limit) the actual output depends on your source and your DAC’s ability as you see I’ve selected 192 KHz unless your DAC doesn’t support this sampling frequency A/V Sync for matching the dialogue/sound to the lip movements /action making sure the sound and action are synchronized more importantly, it has both ahead or delay to choose from usually it’s just delay and there’s a very good range of +/- ms to work with too very convenient firmware info – this version already supports Dolby Vision that’s about all for the menu setup the digital output is one of the best I’ve tried on regular Red Book CD as a regular cd transport for 16/44.1 it’s sound is very spacious very transparent very low noise, I think it is because of its very low jitters I guess that’s what Cambridge calls “the British Sound” a very enjoyable sound I’ve tried it with various types of CDs for several days can it playback SACDs? Yes, but not as analog outputs it can output DSD through the HDMI outputs DSD out with HDMI is nothing new so if you have an A/V amplifier with HDMI inputs you can listen to SACD this way even multi-channel SACDs on the setup menu, there are DSD or PCM selections for SACD output but this is only limited to the HDMI outputs No PCM output for the coaxial so please take note that there’s no SACD layer’s information output (DSD) to either the coaxial or Toslink outputs so if you wanted to buy this universal transport for a 2 – channel system you can play regular CDs perfectly but if you want to playback SACDs this is technically not possible Dear viewers, this live recording is only for demonstration. Please note, you are still listening to your own speakers. the 2 display devices that I’ve used to test this player were the Optoma UHD60 and a 55 inch OLED TV by LG the details and color from this Cambridge transport is excellent it’s not overly or exaggeratedly sharp but 4K is already extremely sharp so by being not exaggeratedly sharp, it feels much more natural and lifelike this is something I really appreciate from this unit For most people who are using this for home theater we really only need the HDMI outputs and there are already 2 on this unit there’s no need for any analog outputs if you have this connected to an A/V amplifier if you purchase this Cambridge Audio CXUHD from a participating retailer you can receive as free a gift Planet of the apes 2017 – War for the Planet of the Apes 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc so as soon as you purchase the player you have something UHD to watch and this disc has really good sound and picture quality great as test reference material hurry while supplies last anyway if you wait maybe you save a couple bucks on a sale This brings us to the end of today’s product review on the Cambridge Audio CXUHD if you enjoyed this video please give me a “Like” please subscribe if you haven’t already after you subscribed to my channel please click the bell on the notification panel so you will know as soon as I publish a new video I’m waiting for my new screen, new projector…….. it should arrive sometime middle of next month I’m very excited to start setting up my 4K home theater too I hope when I see you again on A/V I have some good news on my own set up, bye bye…..

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  2. can we playback 4k HDR movies (with Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X audio) from HDD through the USB port? HDR to SDR conversion performance exactly same as Oppo 203?

  3. If you keep doing captions with your videos I will subscribe. I own one of these units and am injoying excellent pictures and sound.

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