1000 DEGREE PEN vs WOOD (pyrography)

1000 DEGREE PEN vs WOOD (pyrography)

♪ Da-dun, da-dun, da-dun, da-dum, do-do-do ♪ Alright so, I got a wood burner here. As you can see, this is the, this is the Razortip SS-D10, 10-amp detail-burning… … Detail burning system. Basically this is a pyrography kit, a wood burner. It has a dial to control the heat of the pen, A lil on-and-off switch, and you can switch between two different pens. Uh, I have several different attachments. These are the two I use most often, one for doing lines, one for doing shading. Check it out, so, this pen- these pens get really really hot; the tip is glowing bright… orange right now. And, uh, basically you use this for wood burning. It’s a kind of art! Alright so as you can see, when ya flip this on, Turn this dial alllll the way up to ten, I usually draw with it around five or six- You can- pretty effectively, burn whatever we want into this piece of basswood. It looks like it’s been sliced right out of the middle of a, uh, tree. There might be a tree out there with a slot missing. [silence, very faint hissing] Aw yeah, that’s real good. Personally, half the reason why I like doing wood burning is because the smoke builds up like that, and it just smells really good, and soothing. It can even smell better depending on what kind of wood you use. Man, I should really try it on cedar sometime. [more silence, faint hissing] Just cuts right through it… And as you can see, the blade, with the heat is sinking in to the wood. Then it comes back out again. It actually is pretty deep in there. And you can keep sticking it even deeper and deeper if you wanted. You could just– You could just burn a hole right through the wood, I suppose… But! Hold on– I haven’t even… I have something– This one is pretty beefy, almost too beefy for me. A lil bit too scary, it’s less accurate and precise than I really like- [Enunciating] Acc-ur-ate. … Precision. I’m actually gonna go back to the store-bought one instead of this crazy mumbo-jumbo of a wood burner. More of a wood incinerator. [Faint mechanical buzzing, hissing] Whatever I’m doing right now, it’s extremely satisfying. And then I just hopped right into it. The pen really does go up to about 1400°F [Whisper-talking] One thousand four-hundred degrees Fahrenheit! But! I really draw with it maybe… what is it, like, half ma– 700-ish degrees! If the dial really works half-and-half like that. Who knows! But, it’s fun. Wood burning I would recommend to anyone! You can start easy, cheap. $15-20, walk out the door with a wood burning kit. And a piece of wood, or two. And just… blast away at it. Have fun. Never- look- don’t set yourself up for failure by, y’know, like, trying to make a super… the- Don’t try to make the ma- uh, the masterpiece of your lifetime with a wood burner your very first time using it. Of course, this is the same for any medium. The first time I tried using watercolors, for example, I was all caught-up and I didn’t know whether to put the water on the little… palette, the little- it was like a little… a tab- Like, uh… Like a Mentos, it was just like a little, it looked like a pill I could swallow, or a piece of candy. I didn’t know whether to put the water on top of that first or, y’know, kinda scrape little shreds out of it onto the paper and mix that with water or, which order things could go in. So, I don’t think it really matters, First of all, you can do whatever you want with art. There’s no, like, right or wrong way. Maybe there should be some weird established artists that’ll be like, [Mocking, deep tone] “You gotta do it this way. You gotta do it this way!” You can do whatever you want, scra- No you can, you can put your little watercolor tablets into a mortar and pestle and grind ’em up into a fine powder For all I– for all I care, but look, The point is, Don’t– I didn’t try to create the perfect masterpiece– I don’t know if I ever try to create perfect masterpieces but– Be realistic with yourself. And the first time you buy a wood burner, um, at the arts & crafts store, I don’t think they have them many other places. The internet, of course, has them all over the place. The first time you do this, just grab a couple a’ pieces of wood– I use basswood here– uh, which, which is popular among wood burners and “pyrographers”. Is… is the fancy way to say it. Um it’s popular among us [quietly] I guess I’m one of them… Uh because of its light color, and it burns dark and then it also doesn’t have much of a pronounced grain. Because when you’re doing this, especially with the little blade tip that I use for most of the lines, uh, the blade, it kinda sinks into the wood a little bit and it can easily get caught up in the grain. Also some other woods have more variance as you go across a piece of wood, between the very– the hardness of the wood within the piece of wood itself and then you get all surprised and ambushed by how thick your lines are. How- it’s… It’s– it can get really frustrating and y’know probably if anyone is watching it could be kinda comical. Depending on how you react to stuff like that. But, anyways, Grab your two pieces of wood, or three– A few planks they’re like a few– couple of dollars at each, ‘k? And it’s well-worth it. With your new wood burner. I’m not saying you need to go buy a wood burner but. … you can. If you wanna start. It’s never too late. You’re never too old. Never too y- You could be too young. Uh, yeah. And uh. Walk out the door, put on your favorite TV show or put your headphones in with your favorite music. Probably don’t do this at the coffee shop. Because it does generate a smell. Which is. Extremely soothing. Depending on… Y’know, what kind of wood you’re burning but I think it, I haven’t, I haven’t smelled like a a bad-smelling wood. The only time it smells terrible is if one of my hairs falls out. [quietly] One of my? Hair? Falls out. And gets caught on the tip and uh Smells like burning hair. Which is awful. Although I have heard that some people like that. Um, but, so just sit down, Hm. [muttering] I feel like I keep getting caught on little tangents. Sit down with your piece of– pieces of woods, And- and I keep mixing up my plurals-es! And- and just burn away. Just make shapes, make tones. Just practice. Kind of Just keep… I don’t know what I was saying; shake– I wanted to say “shake hands with the wood”. Get to know it. Alright? Have a lil conversation with it. The first time you meet someone, you don’t propose to them. Usually. Unless you have… had a y’know, very intimate online relationship or… You’ve– you’re a great pen-pal. But, look, just like the first time you get your wood burner, you shouldn’t… go too crazy. Just, Make some lines, make some shapes. Experiment with the different tips; they almost always come with different tips. Sharp ones, duller, uh, duller ones are generally for shading and the sharper ones, for making lines, stuff like that. And, uh… just, uh… Ease into it, get comfortable with it. And then, After a while you’ll be like, “Wow! I think I know how to make a bunch of lines I like.” “I like these lines, I like those, I don’t really like how those are turning out.” And then you’ll be like, “I think I wanna draw something with it.” Unlike me, a lot of pyrographers uh, do actually make things and burn shapes into wood uh, that actually look like things! Which is a cool thing to do! Y’know, I encourage that. Or you can take my direction and just make a buncha weird swirly shapes, spiraling across the wood. And, Also another cool thing is that you can get a lot of things made out of wood. Besides just planks. Which I usually use. Various… planks. Various woods. You can get boxes, spoons. One time I bought a spoon, just a wooden spoon off Amazon for like $2. I wood-burned a Batman symbol onto it. And sold it again for $12. See that’s pretty good, you can do that. It was like a really easy Batman symbol, too. You can get boxes, spoons, guitars, uh, guns. Like the wooden part, and, uh… Whatever else you can think of. You can actually, I mean, maybe I’ll go out one day, and wood-burn a living tree! If that’s… is that inhumane?? [thoughtful silence] I… […] I mean, I don’t know. As long as it’s my tree right? Or, someone gives me permission I dunno. That would– The bark would be the problem. Maybe like one of those trees that has the really smooth bark? Uhh… Poplar? No… What am I thinking of? Anyways, it’d be cool. I dunno. Anyways! You should do it, you should try it. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Um, I’m not… I mean if you are talking yourself out of it, Don’t do that. I’m not saying everyone has to do this, You can stick to your own thing, that’s fine. Anyways, thanks for watching, everyone. You can see at the end of this one I splashed some, uh, some UV-reactive paint on there. Some blacklight stuff. Just for fun. And then at the end, I covered it, uh With two coats of BriWax Which is a type of furniture polish, which I just put on there to protect it. Keep it from fading, keep it from getting scratched. It works good for me. Yeah. Anyways, thanks for watching, everyone! You’re all awesome. And uh yeah, I hope you have a good day! [whispers] Goodbye, goodbye.

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