17 questions with UBC’s new VP for Students

17 questions with UBC’s new VP for Students

Hey Jordan, pleasure to meet you! Ainsley Carry, Vice-President for Students. Nice to meet you. Hey, thanks for walking with me—it’s so good to get outside. I got to get my steps in. Definitely! We all need a break sometimes. So you’re the new VP for Students. How’s that going? It’s been great. People have been incredibly friendly. I’m
really interested in meeting more students though. Awesome, can you tell us what the VP for Students actually does? Well, the University assigns a Vice-President for all major functions: Academics, Research, Human Resources, and I am the Vice-President for Students at Vancouver, Okanagan—undergraduate and graduate
students. Cool, are you reading anything good these days? Yes, as a matter of fact I am.
I’m reading Indigenous Relations. I’m really interested in how we can make
this work. Awesome, what about any good music? Oh right now I’m listening to Beyonce’s Homecoming. She’s fierce and I love to work out to her. Oh, I got a FaceTime call. Hey Santa! Hey Ainsley, I’ve finally gotten rid of cable. What were those shows you want me to
look at? Where can I find them? Yes Santa, Beyonce’s Homecoming is on Netflix but
Game of Thrones is on HBO. You’ll enjoy them both. Sorry I gotta go right now—
I’m in the middle of an interview. Jordan, sorry about that. No worries.
What else do you do in your spare time? So my family and I—we are brand new to
Vancouver, so every weekend we try to explore something new, and there’s so
much to do here in town. Definitely. So you played football in university right? Yeah! I was a defensive back and I’m telling you, today my hips are still paying for it. What teams do you support? Well, coming to Vancouver, Canada, you’ve got to support the Toronto Raptors. I’m so excited about what they did for the entire country. And of course I support all Thunderbird sports. Hey Thunder! So good to see you! Of course I’m coming to Homecoming. We owe Calgary some payback. I hope you’ll be there. Hey, go long! Let’s go to the Bookstore. Here you go, Jordan. I got you a cup of coffee. Thanks! What’s your coffee order? Oh, tall dark roast, light cream, light sugar. Delicious! What are you excited to do here in your first year at UBC? Oh Storm the Wall, LongBoat, and Imagine Day, but I also have listening sessions with students. Looking forward to it! Cool! How do you like Vancouver’s weather so far? Oh the weather’s been great but I’ve
only been here since April. Ask me again in November! Hey Jordan! Hey Ainsley! Chris Hakim, AMS President. How you doing so far? Chris, it’s such a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you. What do you think of campus so far? Oh the campus is beautiful but it’s so large, I’m gonna have to break out my
skateboard. Actually, I’m gonna be late to class, I need to run. I’ll see you around. Alright, get out of here! Let’s grab a seat. So how did you decide to come to UBC? UBC is a large global research university doing some amazing things, and any
administrator or student wants to be a part of incredible things. Cool, what advice do you have for your undergrad self? Oh I would say, Ainsley, don’t take
yourself so seriously. College is a place to have fun, learn, and grow, and in the first year, that’s what you should focus on. And what do you think the key to
success is in university? Go. To. Class. Making a commitment to going to class is
perhaps the most important commitment that you will make in your first year, so
Go. To. Class. Great advice, now I have one last
question. Have you had a famous UBC Blue Chip cookie? Actually I have, but I never
turn one down. Jordan, thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure meeting with you,
and I hope we get a chance to do this again. But right now I have another
appointment with a group of students, so thank you. Thanks Ainsley!

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  1. I met the VP Students in Kenya in 2010, Professor Brian Sullivan. He was instrumental in my journey to UBC. Unfortunately my student permit was not renewed when I was supposed to join my fourth and final year. The Canadian embassy said I did not have enough money. Which was weird considering I had a full scholarship.

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