7 Replies to “A Conversation with Sir David Attenborough and HRH The Duke of Cambridge

  1. The US is a warmongering lawless rogue state. Trump is a low life pathological liar and a little Adolf Hitler while Pence from the fascist Christian Right is a little Joseph Goebbels. Read Chris Hedges book, America the farewell tour and check out his, Joseph Stiglitz and Jeffrey Sachs videos on YouTube. Also read 'How Fascism Works' by Jason Stanley.

  2. I think Sir David Attenborough is such an admirable man, but I feel that the WEF honour for climate change should've gone to HRH Prince Charles. Sir Attenborough is a brilliant TV voice over talent and presenter, but Prince Charles is the one who has put the world "sustainability" into our everyday vocabulary and been speaking about climate change since the 1970s.

  3. it is not possible to have zero impact on the environment. the problem of course also is materialism many societies are based on.

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