Aaron VS Aphmau | MyStreet Phoenix Drop High [Ep.16 Minecraft Roleplay]

Aaron VS Aphmau | MyStreet Phoenix Drop High [Ep.16 Minecraft Roleplay]

Oh, this is so exciting! I love the annual sports festival! Aren’t you excited, Katelyn? Of course I’m excited! I’m gonna OWN those juniors in volleyball this year!! Hehe, didn’t you lose to them when they were sophomores last year? Exactly. They were the only class we won against that we lost to last year and that’s because I had won all the events prior. I was exhausted… That’s why this year I hope you learned your lesson… Oh, I have! Good, I’m glad. Now you know that you have to… I’ve been training all year to carry the team on my own! Katelyn, that’s not that the lesson!!! The lesson is TEAMWORK! Huh? Oh, yeah, that. Whatever. NOW LET’S GO CRUSH SOME CLASSES!!! Huh? Katelyn, wait up! Hmm? Heh, good luck my darlings Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan! Pray you guys don’t have US as an opponent this year. I won’t go easy just because we’re friends… BWAHAHAHAHA!! Umm.. Aphmau~Chan doesn’t think we’ll have Katelyn~Chan as an opponent, does she? Hehe, I’m not worried at all, Kawaii~Chan. Katelyn isn’t the only one who’s good at sports, you know. Aphmau~Chan is good at sports, too?!!!! W-Well, I don’t think I’m amazing, but I don’t consider myself a pushover either. I’m actually excited to go up against Katelyn, if we get matched up with their class, that is. Just stick with me, Kawaii~Chan. We’ll give them a run for their money. *thud* YOW! Help me…!! WHAT THE?! Why were you in the bushes DIRECTLY behind me?! I thought you were some kind of stalker, kid!! I think he might have been staring at your…. We’re discovered, Travis! RUN!!! Dante! Don’t leave me alone! She’s gonna kill me! Huh..? Travis? What is he doing over there..? Gah! Huh? Excuse you!! Hmm Do you even have any manners? I wouldn’t need them if stupid potatoes would watch where they’re standing. STOP calling me that! Why don’t you make me? Come over here and I will!! You really think you can go up against ME? Hahaha…. I’ll spare you the embarrassment. UGHHHHH!!! THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT WITH THAT GUY! W-What is Aphmau~Chan doing?? I’m gonna show that JERK what a potato can do!! HYAH! *thud* *gasps* Was that a mosquito bite? UGH! It was me, you jerk! You really wanna take me on? Right here and now! Heh… fine. Huh? If your really worth my time, then we’ll face off in the events. Are you serious?! Get back here! Heh, good luck. How dare he just… UGH! Aphmau, are you okay? I’m fine! I just… huh? Oh, heh, Garroth, hey! Stay away from that guy. I’ve heard he’s nothing but trouble. You don’t have to tell me THAT twice. He’s in werewolf class with me. I see. I…WAIT. You’re a werewolf? Huh? Wha? Hahaha, oh Garroth, no, I’m not a werewolf. I thought I told you this story before. Sorry, if you did I don’t remember. Well, the first day I got here my registration was all messed up and then I…. AUGHHHHHH! Who does that freshman think she is?! I thought I told her to stay away from Garroth! You definitely did, Ivy. Oh, which reminds me, I overheard a rumor from Gene that he saw Aphmau and Garroth at the festival the other day, ALONE. What?! There’s no way! That’s just Gene trying to get under my skin! I thought he was on our side! EIther way, Ivy, she’s over there talking to Garroth, alone. Hmph, watch me win him over with my charm. Then there was this one lesson we had about marking territory, and that jerk just decided to… Garroth, darling, there you are! Ivy! It’s great to see you. Hmm? Why are you talking to this freshman, Garroth? Aphmau, have you met Ivy? She’s a good friend of mine. Yes, I’ve been his friend since we were freshman. Oh, I see… so you’ve been friends for a long time. Why yes, yes we have. Yes, Ivy is a sweet girl. Oh, but Ivy, Aphmau here has been my friend since we were little. She has?!!!!! I mean, oh, that’s so cute!!! Hah, isn’t it? It…. Sure…. Is…. Hehehe, speaking of which, Garroth, where’s Laurance? Ah, he’s already competing against the junior class in the soccer event. Jeez, so matches have already started, huh? Speaking of which, Garroth, we should be heading over to warm up with some stretches!! Heh, Ivy, my name is pronounced “Garroth”. I know, Garroth! But we really should go!! Right.. see you later, Aphmau. And good luck. Hehe, same to you! Get close to him again, freshman, and see what happens!! Hehehe, uhhhh…. Ivy doesn’t know anything about the date.. does she? I mean, not even Laurance knows, and Garroth and I aren’t even going out… Uh, huh? Aphmau, hey! Hey, Travis! There you are! Good luck, I’ll be cheering you on! Huh? You’re not gonna be competing? Nope, I’m gonna be keeping score on the volleyball court. WHAT?!!!!!! How did you get out of participating??? D-Dante is a judge, and he needed help on the v-volleyball court. Hehe.. Hmm…. W-what..? Is this one of your plans to talk to Katelyn? W-what?! I have n-no idea what you’re talking a-about! Alright… but I can see right through you, you know. HAHAHAHA! What, no, I’m not gonna try to talk to Katelyn by marking her scores wrong and getting her to yell at me in that sweet, angelic voice… Hahahaha, don’t be silly! Whoops, Aphmau, I got to go, the first game is starting on the volleyball court, good luck!!! Same to you, Travis! Hehe! Aphmau~Chan, our class got its first opponent, it’s… Our 3rd event today, taking place, is SOCCER! It’s going to be Freshman Class A VS Senior Class A! Good luck out there! Huh..? Senior Class A… that means… Hehehehehe…… Ha, this’ll be fun. *cheering* What a close match! But the winner of the soccer match is Freshman Class A! The best players of this match are Aaron from Senior Class A and Aphmau from Freshman Class A! Man, I can’t wait to see what else goes on in this tournament today! It is such a heated rivalry! Hehehe, what’s wrong? Can’t keep up with a potato?? Grrr, the games aren’t over YET. Hehe, didn’t know you were a sore loser. I haven’t lost yet.. It’s a team sport, remember? Your just short enough to get past me. Huh? Don’t call me short! SHORT! UGH! *thud* This judge is BOGUS, he’s clearly blind!! I think he’s dead after you hit him with that volleyball, Katelyn. He deserves it! Ugh, come on little freshman. I’m taking you to the nurse. *sigh* Travis… Aphmau~Chan was amazing on the soccer field! Haha, thanks Kawaii~Chan! Did you find out who we’re up against next? Yup! It’s the junior class in volleyball, and then, if we win that, then we go up against the last class in the finals of our block! Alright! Let’s do this! Aaaand Freshman Class A wins the volleyball game! Sahsa, you didn’t even try. I told you not to put me in, I don’t want to conform to this competition. UGH Haha, nice serve, Kawaii~Chan! We did it! Yayyyyyy! Huh? Ugh, it’s not fair! I could’ve won that last round if not for that heat exhaustion! That’s what you get for pushing yourself to hard in these competitions, Katelyn! And the last competition for the day is Senior Class A VS Freshman Class A. It’s a tight one out there, students. Who will win for block 1? Come down to the racing track to find out! Heh, perfect! Perfect. Huh? What are you doing? Running. You’re not even trying! Yes, I am. Huh..? I don’t know why you’re trying to throw this race, but I don’t need your pity. Don’t you wanna look cool in front of your friends? Not one bit if it means winning like this. Hah, okay then. WHAT THE?! I cannot believe you fell for that! Hahaha… UGH, LET ME AT HIM! I’LL RIP HIM APART!!!! Aphmau, stop, it’s over! He tricked me! I’m not sure what happened on the track there, but you both ran a good match. Well, until the end, that is. Heh Ha, haha, thanks Garroth. Y-your welcome.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Ahh, everyone is gone.. Heh, I better head out too. *crying* Huh? It sounds like someone’s crying… Is it coming from in here? Uh, hello? Hello, is anyone hurt? *slap* Hah! I can’t believe you fell for that! Good job, Lily! Thanks, Ivy! Huh? What are you doing!? Hope you enjoy being stuck in a locker! You stupid potato! Ha! I told you to stay away from Garroth! Hmph! C’mon! WAIT! You can’t leave me in here!! Huh? They can’t be serious, right? This is horrible! I might be stuck in here all night! And my phone is in my bag over there.. just! Great! Just great, I can’t call for help or anything.. ohhhhhhh WHAT THE?! What the heck are you doing in my locker?! Wha?! What’s your locker doing in the girl’s locker room?! This isn’t the girl’s locker room, stupid! W-Whatever! Thanks for getting me out of there! I gotta go! B-bye! Ugh… She’s so weird… *best music ever plays*

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  1. I don't know why but I just decided to realise that in the outro her selfportrait drawing, the nose is so cute and stubby like one Kawii patato.

  2. 7:287:34 So much cheering but then realise there's like 20 people at the festival

    Edit: 7:257:55 sorry gave a couple seconds before you could see it.

  3. I just realized that Aphmau and Aaron's relationship is similar to Misaki and Usui's relationship in Kachou wa Maid Sama

  4. I'm watching this because I started watching mystreet before this and not realizing I've seen some episodes of this a long time ago

  5. For Aaron lovers that cringed over this Aaron lost because his parents don't let him do any sports and aphs a short patoto.

  6. Ok I was replying to someone and then I tried to spell me then I spelled it and my phone corrected it with the word GARBAGE and I died laughing it was the best.

  7. Garroth PDH: Stay away from that guy,he’s nothing but trouble

    Garroth LLP: Snoring in bed next to Aaron

  8. Man, it's strange to see Aaron and Aphmau in high school compared to seeing them now in angles fall, their relationship has grown soooo much

  9. Aphmau – There are the Pretty girls
    Aphmau – There are the popular girls
    Aphmau – Then there’s me I look like a Potato
    Aphmau Whispers – A Kawaii potato that Aaron loves

  10. Sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooovvvvvveeeee the picture for the video it’s soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I fangirled sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Ein he is sooooooo no I ship Aphmau and Aaron!

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