Adjectives for describing food in English | Learn English with Cambridge

Adjectives for describing food in English | Learn English with Cambridge

Well, hello there,
thanks for stopping by. In Britain, we have
some pretty unique food; however, nothing is
quite as unique as some of the sauces that we use
to accompany our food. So in today’s video, I’m going to use three friends:
Jimmy, Dane, and Tessa, to describe to you
how these sauces taste, as well as provide you
with some language for next time you’re talking
about food in English. Let’s go. Nervous? A little bit, yes. Should be. Here we go. Oh, sorry. I can’t, I need water. That is peppery. Oh my god. Someone get me some water. That is so spicy. Goes right up your nose. That’s horseradish, isn’t it? It’s on your nose, Jim. Greg, that’s so hot. It’s really hot. Open wide please, James. Here she comes. Mmm. Well, I can taste,
straight away, what it is. That’s pretty sugary. That’s so nice. Because it is very sweet. It’s very sugary. Tastes like jam. I can smell it. Ready? Mmm. Mmm, quite tangy. It’s got a sour flavour. It’s very sharp. And here we come. Ready? Get it in there. It’s, like, tart but really
creamy at the same time. Tastes really thick. So there we go, some useful adjectives for you
guys next time you’re in Britain and trying some of our foods. As ever, please
don’t forget to like and share this video, as well as comment below with topics you’d like to see
covered in future videos. See you next time. Bon appétit.

3 Replies to “Adjectives for describing food in English | Learn English with Cambridge

  1. HI Greg 👋

    Am familiar with All descriptive taste adjectives, (is that redundant ?), with the exception of,
    "Sharp" 🙂.

    To All You Ladies & Gentleman learning English, I have heard all but the one, "Sharp" used in,
    "American English" as well 😉.
    Could that be considered,
    "Bilingual" ? 😁

    Whichever, I'm "SO" sure you'll all be, "Absolutely Thrilled" to know that – lol 🤭 !

    JaneLee 🕊️
    in – Pennsylvania, USA

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