Cambridge MBA career and alumni stories 2019: Jack Lancaster (Australia)

Cambridge MBA career and alumni stories 2019:  Jack Lancaster (Australia)

– My name is Jack Lancaster. I am Australian. Before the MBA at Cambridge, I was living in London, working in strategy consulting
and the start-up world and then following the degree here, I went and got a job
with BCG in Australia. I found my job through
on-campus recruiting. BCG came on to the business school and they had a big presentation and followed through that channel and was lucky enough to get a job. I thought the Cambridge MBA Careers team was sensational whilst I was here and they helped me not only
with the job that I found but also a number of different sources from all the on-campus recruiting, through the coaching
services that they had and then when I was getting close in the final rounds of interview, connecting me to alumni from
the Cambridge MBA in the past, who have been in a similar role. The curriculum at Judge
was really really helpful. Everything from your
sort of hardcore subjects like finance and statistics, through to some of the more shall we say softer skill subjects which really gave me a great background and on top of that just the network and the general learnings that you get not just
from the business school but the wider university as well have been sensational in the job so far. Advice to someone starting
their Cambridge MBA right now would be just to say yes to everything. You’re here for such
a short amount of time and it goes by so quickly. There’s so many sensational
opportunities here and no matter what you’re not going to be able to do them all but whatever you can, just say yes.

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