Cambridge Student Expelled for Reading Poem

Cambridge Student Expelled for Reading Poem

a cabinet minister visited cambridge
university and died during his speech to students it turns out that one student
by the name of the baldwin khallid pollens when up to the stage and basically
started reciting a poem other students who were there and i
decided to do the human microphone and um… repeat everything eighty seven
that poem and of course this was to protest uh… things are happening within the camp is
of course the administrators at the university were not too thrilled about
this so as a result they decide to suspend for two years it’s crazy no i don’t look they want access to higher education
they want to be affordable and you know you have uh… a cabinet
minister up there speaking for some what he decides to recite this column uh… and it disrupts the entire speech
and it did ministers overreacted by suspending him for two years now students at the university are standing up for
him and saying you know you can’t do that if you want to suspend for one term
okay maybe were having a conversation that i don’t even agree even bad yeah i
don’t even agree with that i feel like this is just another example of
administrators and people in power trying to intimidate stage from speaking
out against something that they should be speaking
out against now it is obvious is aka possibly be absolutely scare people from purpose in the future uh… a comfortable occurrence you know it
it’s not supposed to bother anyone well processed name that he’s writing a poem this is close
to a comfortable experience as you possibly have idle exactly this is like
throwing tomatoes a pie is there something you read about him poem it was
a peaceful protest and even if i was feeling that i would have been paid
attention to it there is a plane using administrators want process to be
as convenient as possible right that that’s one though uh… back it up but if it’s interrupting some
sort of politician or someone of power was speaking at the university on other
not having that they can’t let students think that that’s ok so they’re going to
suspend you for two years uh… by the way i think dumbest criticism of this i came from a
student who says uh… his poll didn’t even ron the whole
country must think we haven’t talked him anything yeah i wouldn’t disagree i think that
uh… we wait if you’re a student came that you would be the example of how to
keep wages in teaching anyone anything anything close after on yet although i
prefer on the day external industria but bad mean that was
such a degree this is a how much is just real fast this is a
free show comment but how much does he look like the tempest in who stand up
and read a poem a protest definitely backup the act out of all for it at control we
know they’re gonna reversals two years is present live like this since the speaking out
against on his spent and and hopefully they don’t also get
suspended to yes

77 Replies to “Cambridge Student Expelled for Reading Poem

  1. so he caused a disruption, showed a complete lack of class or respect. why is anyone suppose to care he got expelled again?

  2. This will just add fuel to future protests. Students pay for your salaries. They have the right to protest and ask you to resign from you position.

  3. It is England so the US laws or constitution do not apply there. Second, just like with Rush Limbaugh they have the right to suspend him they are not the government so freedom to protest does not apply.

  4. Oh so supressing freedom of speech isn't okay at TYT? Oh well lookie hereeeeee….Yesterday, obama signed a law in private that made free speech illegal where secret service is present. So you can suport the president but you can't protest. If you do its a felony. Hm interesting hypocrisyyyyy!?!?!

  5. I don't see why they are even punishing him. University funding is getting cut and tuition fees tripled. If anything I would expect the University to be on the side of the student.

  6. Milton's "Paradise Lost" does not have a structured rhyme scheme. It's only one of the greatest poems in the literature.

  7. oh wow. I could've sworn that title read "student expelled for reading porn" lol, anywho, is there a way to ask a question without submitting a video? I wanted to ask: what are some of the easier (GenEd) courses you guys have taken? I took intro to Art History class thinking it was going to be a walk in the park. Turns out I got the most difficult prof. of the dept. (via their ratemyprof profile) . So Now I'm about to drop the class and take black studies or something in the winter.

  8. There's something very suspicious about this story. I reaaaally get the feeling that something is missing.

  9. the university propably payed a lot of money for the minister to give that speach. U can't have students go around and shouting and such, there are other ways/moments for that.

    2 years is a bit long but ana is being a hippy douche over this

  10. you guys got this wrong….. its not a 'right' to be entitled to an audience to interrupt an esteemed speaker specifically invited by the university…. he has no ground to defend himself in destroying a planned event. If he wants his own event, thats free speech but don't think you have the right to ruin someone else's show. This is disrespect at the highest level, the punishment is heavy but justifiable.

  11. If you go to McDonalds and make too much noise they will kick you out. You are a customer and can go somewhere else if you don't like it. A student is merely a customer at a college and can take his or her money elsewhere. Who cares? Free speech ends on another person's property. They have the right to kick you off for saying whatever they don't like.

  12. Get together with a lawyer file as many class action suits against every statue of discrimination you can find, make the university pay with time and money and press ( also do a viral ad campaign against the university ). If the university administration wants war, you need to give it too them. Set your goals, to get the administrator removed, disgraced and blacklisted, that's my suggestion. Might be too far? We'll you either stand up for your rights or you can lay down and get stepped on..

  13. Hey if you can't do the time then don't do the crime. You have a right to protest but the institution you are protesting has the right to take counteraction.

  14. So then the other speaker is the only one that deserves to speak? Hardly. But however "disrespectful" another speaker may be, that speaker is a PAYING customer and should NOT be penalized just for doing/saying something of little/no consequence.

  15. I'd personally rather have you take his place in the grave. I'd invite Trayvon to dinner, and laugh at you if you went hungry. You are filth.

  16. How can you justify INTERRUPING somebody with 2 years suspension? This man isn't a freeloader, he's a paying CUSTOMER. That's like being banned from Walmart for 2 years just because you interrupted the manager. Don't be ridiculous.

  17. Seriously? That rhyming criticism comment was SARCASTIC. And quite clearly so (but I also know it was because I know the person who made it.) Don’t get me wrong TYT, I love you and I think you are 100% correct on this issue, but really now. *facepalm*

  18. The esteemed speaker is paid to speak. This is a part of the product that the university offers students called education. If you haven't noticed, it is quite expensive. Then the esteemed and qualified speaker, invited to speak to the eager audience is interrupted by an unqualified, uninvited, distraction. Other student's education is inhibited and the reputation of the school is hampered and may not be able to as easily attract qualified speakers. Downright embarrassing and disrespectful.

  19. This upload made one noteworthy error and that was to imply Owen Holland just read a poem. In actual fact a number of protesters chanted continuously so as to completely prevent David Willetts from speaking. They continued until he was forced to leave and then occupied the hall for several days. Legitimate protest is fantastic but preventing the expression of ideas contrary to one’s own and impeding another’s right to hear them starts to sound like contempt for free speech.

  20. It may also be that the man protested demanded the student be severely punished. If that is the case, then part of the issue is the gigantic sense of entitlement that many politicians have to be protected from free speech.

  21. It is because the paradigm is shifting, and everyone is tired of seeing an obsolete way of life. This reactionary group of people that are far left and far right. People are tired of the ideologies, and they are tired of authoritarianism in general. The deal is the reactionaries are now cornered and clearly outnumbered so they're coming down hard and strong, but overall the whole world is tired of getting dragged into bs wars, tired of crappy economic policies, tired of division.

  22. I have looked into the poem, it had some good points like;

    "You have professed your commitment to the religion of choice but you leave us with no choice.
    You are a man who believes in the market and in the power of competition to drive up quality.
    But look to the world around you: your gods have failed.
    They were capricious gods and we do not mourn them, nor do we seek new ones.
    We do not wish to ‘rate’ our teachers; we wish to learn from them.
    We are not consumers we are students.

  23. I have been at Cambridge for less than a year now, but I am amazed by how many people think it is alright for authorities to take punitive measures against free speech. There is way too much respect for decorum and tradition here – many feel he has dishonored Cambridge in some way. Thankfully though, our Graduate Union is fighting this. I hope we win.

  24. I think its fine simply because just like the students have freedom of speech so should the politicians and administrators it should just be fair. The students should get their own stage to speak on. Do you think the students would like it if the administrators put speakers and played loud music while the students were trying to protest or pass out information…probably not.

  25. Its not that crazy for Cambridge. They banned someone from campus for a hundred years (seriously) after he 'five pennied' Stephen Hawking at a formal dinner. (That's when you throw a 5p coin onto someone's plate and traditionally they have to finish the meal without hands – ie like a dog). Although, that was obviously a justified expulsion, but an example of how extreme Cambridge punishments are.

  26. The amount of rubbish the press writes about Cambridge or Oxford is mostly facts taken out of context and warped to give an unfair portrait of it. The amount of rumours I found out to be untrue about Cambridge… Yes we do have freedom of speech in England and Cambridge was a place I met some of the most radical, controversial and vocal people I've ever met in my life. That's part of what going there is about, it's a bubble of radical thinking. That can be both great and pretentiously idealisti

  27. (cont.) idealistic but it's certainly not policed for conservatism. There are better and more effective ways of demonstrating your opposition than interrupting a speech, which is immature, but that's only my opinion on what I know; as I said, the media does sensationalise and misrepresent.

  28. And the comments on here… "The world is getting more and more oppressive"… "are they trying to emulate Iran"(!?)

    What kind of justification can you find for that claim?

  29. (4th comment; can't help myself) She speaks of "dumb criticism". Dumb. As if she represents the intelligent side of a debate, confidently giving an insightful, valid and rigorously-researched peace of journalism. That was what angered me most about this: I don't think I've come across worse journalism in my life. "University instills fear" as the subtitle says it all.

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