Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: What Happens When Kate Middleton Dethrones Queen Elizabeth?

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: What Happens When Kate Middleton Dethrones Queen Elizabeth?

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: What Happens When Kate Middleton Dethrones Queen Elizabeth? The 36-year-old Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, best known by the nickname Kate, may one day rule the throne as the highest-level female living in the palace. Her handsome hubby, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is next in line to rule the school, making the lovely Kate the number-one woman of the royal wonderland. Queen Elizabeth is no spring chicken – she is 91 years old – and while we hope she is around for many more years to come, the inevitable will occur, and she will sadly no longer be with us here in the physical world. This will mean a long period of mourning, followed by some new life and youthful energy to be brought into the palace. While the legacy of the Queen will live on forever, just like the rest of the world, the Royal Family will have to move on and live life without her presence. And although they will surely respect her memory in many ways, some much-needed updates to the practices and policies of the palace will get underway. Now, Kate is no wild woman, but she is far more modern than the Queen ever was, so she may want to bring her personality and sense of style inside the palace walls. Would the Queen approve if she had any say? Who’s to know, but Kate would never mean to offend or dismiss the Queen’s rule. Here are things that could happen when the Queen is gone, and the great Kate rules the throne — home sweet home indeed! HAPPY HOUR! Once the Queen is no longer with us, Kate will give a heartfelt toast to her memory. But after some time has passed, she will be toasting every evening with the new idea of a daily happy hour at the palace. Starting at 4 p.m., she will invite the staff and family down to one of the many large entertaining rooms of the palace and everyone will get their drink on. Cocktails, wine, and champagne will flow, tasty nibbles will be served, and everyone will unwind and enjoy this laid-back time of day. Some staff members will have to get back to their duties, but the rest of the boozed-up bunch can hang out for as long as they’d like while they sip on martinis and merlots. Cheers to that! COMFY FURNITURE. Surely the palace is furnished in some of the finest pieces known to man, but lots of it is probably totally uncomfortable and stiff. While the furniture must be super high-end and priceless, when you can’t sit down and relax on any of it, what’s the point? Kate will do some major redecorating, adding plush pieces and kid-friendly furniture to the mix. She wants to live in a home that is warm and comforting, not too polished or posh. While she loves the look of the fancy items, she needs a home that is functional and fun. Some rooms can stay formal and regal, but the main living areas will go from stuffy to suitable for families. Recliners and bean bag chairs everywhere will turn the place into a lovely lived-in abode. LOUNGEWEAR WILL FINALLY BE ALLOWED. It is safe to say that the Queen never slipped on a pair of worn-in sweatpants in her life. That’s totally okay since she is a regal woman with sophistication and a style that screams royalty. But comfort is important too, and Kate has no issue with the people in the palace dressing down and cozying up in a comfy sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants when the mood to relax strikes. When you must always get dressed up for public events and appearances, it feels so good to come home and slip into something with an elastic waistband. She and the kids can get into their ratty old sweats and pile up in bed to watch old movies together. Even trying to picture the Queen doing something like this is nearly impossible. LAZY SUNDAYS. Why get up early on Sunday when you can linger in bed and snooze until noon? Surely the Queen is up and at ’em as the sun rises. She would never want to come off as lazy or unmotivated. But Kate is a mom of two little ones with another on the way. Some extra zzzs would make her life so much better. And not only will Kate snuggle in bed for hours, but she will have the kitchen staff fix her a tasty breakfast in bed. Toast and jam, a glass of almond milk, freshly squeezed orange juice, scones, oats, and scrambled eggs will fill her tummy and give her the energy she needs to make the rest of her Sunday a day of family fun. The kids can sleep in too, and bowls of porridge will be waiting for them in the dining room when they shuffle down in their PJs for a late breakfast. SNACKING IN BED LIKE NORMIES. The strict Queen would never allow crumbs to fall under the covers, but Kate is far more lenient, and would let her kids munch on a late-night snack in their bedrooms. And she just might grab a midnight snack too every once in a while. Freshly baked oatmeal raisin or double chocolate chip cookies with an ice-cold glass of milk is the perfect way to end the day. A few sweets every now and then won’t bust anyone’s diet, so Kate will be more than willing to allow everyone to indulge their sweet tooth when the nighttime cravings kick in. Plus, when you’ve got a cleaning staff, who cares about a few crumbs? Cookies and milk in bed will make Kate the mom of the year! BINGE-WATCHING WEEKENDS. Who knows if the Queen has ever watched TV, let alone binge watched a series on Netflix. But Kate will make it a point to catch up on all her favorite shows and movies when she has a few hours to herself on the weekend. When her hubby is home too, they can plop down on the sofa and tune in to a season of drama or comedy and let the woes of the world disappear for a few hours. Entertainment and relaxation is important, so Kate will allow herself the much-needed time to unwind and zone out. She will pop a batch of hot buttered popcorn and sit back to view for the afternoon. The kids can play outside or at a friend’s house, and she can finally not worry about “spoilers” from her gal pals who have already watched the episodes. LIVE MUSIC. The Queen may not have wanted pop stars over for an impromptu musical performance at the palace, but Kate would love to invite famous musicians over for live music on the weekends or for entertainment during dinner or cocktail parties. Only the best of the best will do, so she will invite the latest hit-makers to her place like Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Adele, and Justin Timberlake. These top-notch singers will be so excited to perform their songs at the palace, and they will clear their schedules, so they can hop on a plane in an instant when they get the call. Madison Square Garden is super cool, but nothing compared to the elaborate Buckingham Palace! We just wonder how the acoustics are. IN-PALACE SPA. Kate may be down-to-Earth in many ways, but if she could have her very own salon or spa right inside the palace, she would jump at the chance for primping and pampering at any time of day or night. The Queen always keeps herself looking nice and neat, but she doesn’t seem much like the type who cares for facials, filing, or foot rubs. But Kate knows the many pleasures a spa can bring, and she would be all for having a fabulous space inside the palace dedicated to beautification and relaxation. Kate already looks beyond fantastic, but with in-house services, she will look like a supermodel. Even her man William would enjoy the perks of an in-palace spa. “Manscaping” is nothing to poo poo. Here’s hoping she’ll open it up to the staff. LIVE CAMS. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to log into an app or go online and see live-streaming footage of the happenings inside the royal palace? The Queen would think such an idea is completely ridiculous, but Kate knows all about the influence and power of social media nowadays, and she would be open to letting interested viewers in on the non-stop and exciting palace action. Naturally, some areas of the palace would be off-limits, like the master bedroom and the royal loo, but the public rooms and outdoor areas would be ready for viewing at any time at the tap of a button. And imagine if you could view the palace in virtual reality? How amazing would that be! Put on your imaginary crown and log in to luxury! BOOKINGS FOR OVERNIGHT STAYS. Why book a room at a blah British hotel when you can get the royal treatment by reserving a stay at the breathtaking Buckingham Palace? Now the prices per night will be off-the-charts, but for those who have the money to spend, they can book a sweet suite at the palace when they vacation nearby. All the amenities of the palace will be available to them, from the royal kitchen to the butler service. The rooms will be decked-out in the finest of artwork and décor, and the beds will have them sleeping like princes and princesses. Breakfast scones and afternoon tea time will be part of the palace package, and meeting Kate would be the chance of a lifetime. The Marriott is affordable, but the palace is worth every penny. And who knows, maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Prince George in his cute robe. SHE WILL BUILD A ROLLER RINK. Who could picture the Queen on wheels? That would be an accident just waiting to happen. But as for Kate, she is limber and loves to roller skate, so she would redo a large area of the palace and dedicate it to roller skating fun! The kids would have a blast and Kate could show off her awesome skating moves. She could wear silly and sparkly outfits with leg warmers and let her youthful side show its true colors. While it is hard to imagine her hubby, William getting in on the high-speed action, he will join his wife if it makes her happy. Disco music will play, and the neighbors may even have to call authorities to have them turn it down. Rolling like a royal will be royally rad!

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  1. Kate and William is the best thing and Meghan and Harry r gonna be gone. There taking money from charities, and that’s a big no no

  2. Kate won't she's not the one that needs to rule next to king william kate is no queen issue not with 4 kids charles can handle it

  3. The Duchess will not dethrone the Queen. The queen will have to pass on peacefully. The prince of Wales will then become king and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will be queen consort. When then King Charles or which ever name he shall choose comes to that day when he passes on then, Ans Only Then, will king William and queen consort Katherine will then take the throne. If you’re going to blog and make videos at least know what you’re talking about first!

  4. What a crappie as title. Catherine won't be dethroneing the Queen because the Queen is passing the torch to Catherine, and she a proven herself worthy of the Royal Family and the Crown and Prince William better half who will be King someday and Catharine the Dutchess of Cambridge will be Prince William's Queen.

  5. This is all a bit far fetched don’t you think. I do hope she will do some of these things in a little more moderation than is being said in this missive. Where did they come up with this? It doesn’t seem to be the kinds of things being mentioned here. Lol

  6. Unfortunately, we will have the camilla first agh! this should never be .this could be the end of the monarchy because of her

  7. Your Caption on this photo read "Kate Dethrones Queen" which is another lie. your continous lies will cost you your following!

  8. This whole video is completly ridiculous. Kate wont do any of this. Leave her alone. Charles and camilla are next. Just the kind of bullshit megan would put out.

  9. Hey MAGGOTS. It is your Maggot Prostitute Markle who has her maggotstans put out that the Cambridges should all be killed so her smelly, stinking, unwashed cunt can sit on the throne. Not happening. Tell your prostitute to continue scratching her vagina in public. At events.

  10. Why do you miss Camila…and why are you making up stories,,,this is the craziest video I have ever heard….are you writing a story…that’s what it sounds like..and you sound really are just making all this up..bean bag chairs..where do you live….crazy…..

  11. Nothing happens because it's a physical impossibility as Catherine will never be the monarch instead she will be queen consort, Prince Charles is next in line so it will be him and Camilla who become the next monarch, then after his demise and only then would Prince William and Catherine become monarchs, your stories are so wrong they are hilarious. But Catherine will not be doing anything that you describe after all it will never be a bean bag and love seat furniture in her official residence. Lazy Sunday ???? As head of church they whom ever the monarch is there will be normal Sunday morning services. I don't know who gives you your info but they sho be shot. Go learn some history go learn some protocols as re tv it's known the queen enjoys some things as for children going to a friend's house an no there is such a thing as safety and not one of those so called stars will be popping in, a spa in the palace am no that's frivolous I think in everything you have commented on apart from the gracious care of the staff which would take a different form the rest of this stupid comments could only belong to a certain American who likes to pretend she's a real royal again everything in this is so so so stupid again

  12. What nasty little people you are. Saying shit before you even know what is going to happen
    I think you need to get informed that Prince Charles is next in line.

  13. First the Queen is 93. Second Charles is next and third no one dethrones anyone. Please get your facts correct and you have no idea what kate will do. This is all fake. And when we’re you in Buckingham Palace. The Queen raised her kids in the palace. Get over yourself. You know nothing. The Queen is well known to watch tv.

  14. Ok this is absolutely the most stupid piece of video that has effectively stolen 11 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. This is insulting to Princess Kate. Ha! Ha!

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