Christian Bookstore Won’t Sell Bibles w/ Proceeds to Cancer Research

Christian Bookstore Won’t Sell Bibles w/ Proceeds to Cancer Research

a christian bookstore has stopped
selling a bible a particular bible proceeds support cancer research and
they’re citing a link that planned parenthood the name of this company is
lifeway christian bookstores and they’re one of the largest providers
of christian products and services including church literature music church supplies and of course bible
phyllis has you expect would you not actually but one bible apparently doesn’t meet
their biblical standard and that was pulled from the shelves why you might
ask well it helped raise money for breast cancer
programs for every copy of this particular bible that was sold a
dollar from the sale one-two decision g common foundation is the breast cancer
charity that’s a very well-known dedicated the
race for the cure the foundation intern donate some of its
funds to various press can cancer health programs sponsored by planned parenthood
okay the religious right use planned
parenthood as basically the pinnacle of evil we know that there’s no worse
where you can do no more harm than good people and their right interpret primer spear to christ to be
supported basin and as a result they polled this bible from the shelves and the
reality though is that as it’s been a very clear by the susan g common
foundation common funding is used only for breast cancer programs and there are
no common funds used to fund abortions or any non breast testing services right even though at this bit of money goes to
planned parenthood planned parenthood only uses that money for screenings related to breast cancer not to mention that the overwhelming
majority of a planned parenthood does has nothing to do with abortions uh… they have pulled the this this book publisher lifeway christian
bookstores has pulled the bible is yet another incredible act
of christian love in in full bloom lewis is it not ummm i guess that’s wrong way to put it
there uh… so i mean i don’t know i was going
to call these people up i think that we’re only going to get through phone
tree we don’t even have the time of evidence i don’t even think you need anything get
out of it clearly uh… clearly these people aren’t thinkers now that’s for sure maybe will call them
on the boat show i don’t know uh… it’s just i don’t even want to waste my time
going through a phone tree tonight even be able to speak to anyone but i would
love to give them a call of course they’re ignoring requests for interviews
yet you can imagine i’m sure they would just say that uh… to them it’s a
matter of principle and i just don’t want to be in any way affiliated with planned parenthood
that’s very possibly what else i mean that’s pretty much it cocaine and
marijuana can be detected in the atmosphere will talk about the details
and whether it makes sense on the bones show will also talk about microsoft
co-founder paul allen investing a bunch of his own money into some interesting
space travel plan and a lot more so make sure you’re
getting the bonus show david packing dot com slash membership and find out about that i’ve had people
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18 Replies to “Christian Bookstore Won’t Sell Bibles w/ Proceeds to Cancer Research

  1. They only give the money to Planned Parenthood, because in many areas they are THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN GET SCREENING…The American system is so completely fuckedup…

  2. Well, duh. Cancer is clearly God's retribution for the abomination of having breasts. Seriously – all three of the religions of Abraham pretty much treat women like shit. Why is this a surprise?

  3. Don`t necessarily expect Christians to be loving, understanding people. They are more often than not hatemongering, retributional, fascist bigots!

  4. Those of us who are informed know that cancer research is a total scam, and has been since day one. It's a cash-cow for the drug industry and the AMA. See infowars(.)com.

  5. Yeah, because it is ALWAYS ok to kill people indiscriminately due to their geographical location….. Idiot. 🙁

  6. Life way Christian bookstores are a joke (Southern Baptist owned and operated, Cartoon Christianity, etc) but this is one of the weakest left wing hit pieces I've ever seen on YouTube.

  7. Why would they give to PP? They don't do anything related to breast cancer. t
    They've never done a single mammogram and of the over 8,000 clinics which provide mammograms in America PP operates exactly 0.

  8. The store didn't stop selling Bibles, they stopped selling one particular Bible from which part of the proceeds would be used to support an organization that commits human genocide on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with that.
    You said something about the overwhelming majority of what planned parenthood does has nothing to do with abortion; you need to check your facts.

  9. LoL good. Cancer research is a hoax, we have cures, “they” have secret cures and planned parenthood has proved they are a lying satanic organization dressing up an abortion clinic as a breast screening center except one where they sell dead baby parts or just chunk em in the trash after they end their life and break them to pieces. Okay

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