Couple Lives Year-round in a Van in Vancouver Canada

Couple Lives Year-round in a Van in Vancouver Canada

Hi, I’m Haley. I’m Kita and this is
Bodhisattva. I started June 2014. I’ve been three years now and Haley
joined me last August, right? August 1st. So it’s been a year. I’ve always just seen
RVs and vans and been like, “I knew freedom back in 2012.” I started
dating a woman, we never talked about it and I just shared my desire to be in
a van and she was like, “oh, well come over here and look at my computer”, and showed me a
picture of her van and then she let me take it and live in it
for a while. It was totally the lifestyle for me. Every van I saw I went and like
went inside and asked them if I could peek in and look in. I have another parts
van, which is the exact same van. Got it for 700 bucks. And that’s a good segway into
how I got into the van is that I’d been jumping around from collective
house to collective house in Vancouver living an artist, an artist lifestyle,
having like four jobs as well as my dance career teaching and
performing contracts and then paying $600 $700 for a tiny room in a house with
five to eight other people and there’s got to be another way that’s a little
more sustainable for an artist. I originally moved into the parts van. We just
got along and were really compatible and I ended up being in Bodhisattva, it just worked out. This is Bodhisattva 1980 Dodge Van 200, 1200 bucks. I got it off a guy who had it in storage for like six, seven years. Old
retiree sitting under a carport. He wanted to get rid of it. He just saw how
excited I was. That’s another thing. When you go buy it and they’re old people, they really like passing on their gems because they were once young just like you and everyone likes that inspiration,
you know. And that is a big discount sometimes because he wanted 2500, but
all I had was 12 so he took it. Just picked this little gem up. King Canada 950
watt generator. I’ve got this to charge my two deep cycle battery. We can
make smoothies off our Nutribullet, make our own almond milk, hemp milk, walnut’
milk. We lock it up, we start it, we leave, we go do yoga, go do our errands,
whatever and then we just let it run and obviously we park it somewhere where it’s out
of the way, right? Otherwise you know if there were people like here in this campsite
sleeping why would I have it going on? Go where you’re not going to be disturbing anybody and
then do it. Here it came with a sink. It was like a small counter but the counter was
actually double and in the inside was a sink, a single sink, so you could fill up
water from a hose, gas station, whatever. The water tank was all underneath and
then you would run your water and I never had a holding tank, some of the vans have a holding tank, so right here the water would come out and this is where
in, you know when I first got my van, I’d be brushing my teeth inside I’d spit my
water and then rinse the sink and then of course the water is coming outside
and that’s when the community center went under the van here on a Sunday
morning and was like, “dude, you know, you’re just asking for trouble
so stop that immediately”, and I did. Fridge, propane off the front battery 12 volt and electric so if I’m plugged in
then I can save propane. If it’s plugged in it’s the strongest I find. We got our
cream for coffee in the freezer with a big block of ice, some berries for
smoothies. This is our lemon for the living health, lemon juice. So in
here’s organic lemon with the rind with the seeds, turmeric, black pepper, ginger
sometimes Himalayan, cayenne pepper all in the Nutribullet. We add maple
syrup, this keeps us going. Another vanner gave me the idea to turn the seat around
and this is the actually the vinyl seat out of the parts van and you can
see the cloth seat was the original one. Highly recommended it in the winter
time or if you need it. We just went to Value Village and got
brand new shower curtains so polyester acts as a good insulator so this is the
inside of the, looks like the sheen, and then we’ve got the inside which is like
a brown suede. I doubled it and this is a wool shawl for meditation and that’s a
really good insulator too so that’s our curtain on both sides and then the
center one just provides a little bit more flexibility. We just doubled it
because we ran out of wool. Come on in. Here’s our stove, oven, we put our pot in
here for coffee. You know, you gotta have treats, right?ForeverLivingHealth we’re all about convenience so we had a craving for
cookies the other day and we’re like, “let’s bake some cookies” so oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies we’re going to bake later. Maybe we’ll bake cookies, you want
cookies later? Cool. Then over here we’ve got just our dishes and piss
bucket. Screens on the windows are great for the country. I’ve got to replace my
two top screens and the bed if you can look at the bottom and look underneath
if I was to put this into a couch I still have the full height so I can put
wood, lumber, that kind of thing, and if I have any long things like skis I
put them underneath and it’s a nice storage. Yoga manuals, deep-cycle
batteries, laundry underneath me, dirty laundry, filing cabinet with all our
papers important stuff, work stuff, all the stuff you’re going to learn online
and then in that back corner is our juicer and our printer
and then clothes. We put a little curtain up here, this just comes off easy. We can throw all
our bedding up here. I’ve got this side. I’ve got three bags and Hayley’s got
like three or four bags. We pretty much eat out of the Pyrex
storage containers that are like this, right? So that’ll be Hayley’s bowl and that’s
my bowl and if we have leftovers we put the lid on, throw it in the fridge, and if we
eat it, great. And then of course I designed this little thing. That’s our
spray bottle with the thieves oil we told you about. This is handmade on Salt
Spring island and it is a blend. Clove oil, lemon oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus
oil, and rosemary oil. All organic. We put 20 drops in a spray bottle in
one liter and that’s our air freshener that’s our counter cleaner, that’s our
spray all the corners, mold, all the drapes. These are two double
mattresses extra firm from IKEA. These are 149 each so it’s 300 with tax. I’m just
planning on getting a new mattress every year. I sit on it, I do
everything on it, other people are on it, and then eventually if I’m sitting on
this same spot like this is my spot and this is Hayley’s spot. So when we watch
laptop movies right here, we lean back, we stack up our pillows, eventually the
cushions going to lose its umpf and we’ll just get another one. When we got these
ones the sleep we had was just like amazing after, you know? I don’t have a
horn so I’ve got an air horn. I’ve never had to use it. We use the front up here
just for like a mudroom so rain boots, I got an air compressor for our tires. Always
check your tire pressure, you got a lot of weight on here, you always want to
check your tire pressure. My tire pressure I got three tires that always
go like 10-20 pounds of pressure down after like two three weeks so if I don’t do it
it’s just stupid, right? So I’ve got this one.
30 bucks Canadian Tire in Canada. I have no idea where but it’s got the pressure
gauge right on it so you literally screw it on, boom, leave it, clean,
switch the tire. If you’re living in the woods there’s rodents, right? So we’ve got
an inverter hooked up and this is a rodent frequency thing so we keep this
on when we’re away cuz it’s emanating frequency. It’s supposed
to be safe for humans. Do I trust what every corporation says to me? Like a good
citizen, I do. Bodhisattva is clean antique and I feel like I can go up in
some car shows with this, right? Where some vans I look at them and am like, “what are they thinking?” You just got to be contained. So if you’re going to be a vanner and you’re going to be
on the road like keep your sh*$ tight and clean because it reflects all of us. When I’ve been in a house with
other people there’s so many different paces around me as well as being in a
city I’m being affected by my environment. This shift the major thing
allowed me to learn how to rest. My best advice is just patience with the
process. For me it’s just four questions. What do I like? What do I require? What do
I desire? And, what do I deserve? I’ve found in my own practice in my own life
is what I deserve is what happens in my life and that’s very tough for a lot of
people to swallow because there’s a lot crap that happen in people’s lives. This is a
simple lifestyle choice and to get there there’s so much that we say no to. To let go of, to
let go of. This is the payment right here. This is it, this is it. Deepening the
relationship with nature, this majorly facilitates that.

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  1. Moving my family back to Canada from Dallas, Tx. We are going to live outside of Vancouver and get a van for Vancouver weekends. Where do you park? You two are living the life. Congrats. A really nice couple living down to earth. I can't wait. Thanks for you videos.

  2. I  actually met these 2 in august as well! a few friends and I had actually been living in a trailer in whistler, and when we had got back to our site, kita had set up a trampoline beside his van. it was a huge trampoline. probably one of my best memories from last summer.
    stay rad

  3. Nice van! I subscribed and liked. Take a look what I made with Mercedes Sprinter. Subscribe for more if you find it interesting. Here are links

  4. Awesome video! Kita is an awesome guy, not usually so high strung. I think he was a bit excited to be interviewed and provide a good example of alternative living, haha.

  5. I want this life too , l m stuck here wth a 2 yrs job contract no freedom. No boyfriend .and my dream is to travel the world ??

  6. 8:25 "keep your shit tight and clean: it relfects on all of us!!" so true and that is a gem of a van 🙂

  7. Awesome tour!
    I moved too!
    I posted an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as nice as yours 😛

  8. Excellent job guys!! His facial expressions kind of remind me of the grinch… a good grinch however.

  9. I have a three questions? Is a black belt in yoga a requirement to join van life ? Do you have to get jumped in? Can I go back to home life anytime or is it blood in blood out policy?

  10. Hi Dylan, I love your vids. I hope this couple sees my comment. They have a lot of great advice and I love them. I have a GOOD TIP FOR THEM. FLIP YOUR MATTRESS WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR SHEETS. IT HELPS TO EVEN OUT THE WEAR AND EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR MATTRESS. I have always done this. I spin it one time and flip it the next.

  11. where do you guys park the van – we are considering moving into an rv but want to figure out where to park in vancouver! thanks!

  12. Thanks for the tour. Like their outlook, “keep it tight because it reflects on us all”. Exactly. Wish more people acted this way.

  13. why does every van couple consist of an extremely hot girl and a survivor looking guy with long hair?? other than that i love the life style

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