Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

15 Replies to “Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

  1. Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  2. I'm feeling this and I'm feeling some kind of way.
    I am a License Nurse in Virginia. Got in a car accident 4 months ago. I have an eviction notice. I also have a 12 yr. old, about to be homeless. I created a group on Facebook. The New faces of the Homeless 2020. Bless you all.

  3. She's homeless because she doesn't know how to handle money. Renting instead of buying a modest home. Spending money on vacations fancy phones, new cars, restaurants. See when times are good, you need to plan on what to do when times AREN'T good. That means saving money. Blame blame blame.
    You obviously know HOW to do these things, or else you wouldn't be in such a place. You KNOW how to do this because you went to college to learn how to help disadvantaged people. Isn't that what a social worker does? So sorry sis, no sympathy.

  4. No one forced her to take a lower-paying job or to stay in that particular state. Due to her credentials and education she had other better options. Why not move to another state that will pay her a lot more.❓❓❓ Plus if her story is genuine, why is she still homeless so many years later. Also how is it that you lose your job and then in 2 weeks you lose your apartment there are legalities whereas you can't just be tossed on the street within a week or two it would take months to evict her. She should have been making plans if she knew she was in trouble before things got so bad. I just don't buy the whole story… 😒

  5. Why doesn’t family and friends help her? As well educated as she is why can’t she get a job. She can teach!!! We need teachers everywhere!!! Why not???? Is there something we are not hearing? I would go to fast food, clean hotels, wait tables, do what I had too. I understand I would have been in her shoes if not for a very good sister and brother in law offering me a place to help me out. Lord please help this lady.

  6. Come to California we are short special education teachers, you can sub while you get your credential. California pays teachers very well and you have the perfect background for it. I hope you're not on the streets still but please consider California either way ❤️

  7. Hey we do what we gotta do to make it in this heartless world. God Bess you guys. Judge Free zone 2020

  8. I am sad to see any human suffer like this 😢 humans is smart enough to we shouldn’t have to worry about food and shelter. Greed corruption politics & religion to blame. All the big stars should help if they cared

  9. Get a job with the State of Texas they will hire you you get paid monthly but it's great. My prayers are with you and your family always 💖

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