Haiti: Maternal mortality

Haiti: Maternal mortality

And so maternal mortality in Haiti is really high, I mean it’s on par with Sub-Saharan Africa and countries that are in a really bad state. It’s really very very bad. And there are a lot of reasons why that’s so one is just the general level of poor health care like
lack of health infrastructure so there are no places for women to actually go to get health care the second issue is having to pay for health
care so user fees are a major obstacle for most women to actually come to the health center
and get seen transportation is really difficult, it’s you know mostly on donkeys or bare foot over mountainous areas and women, it’s really difficult especially when you’re
pregnant and probably anemic to try to walk in out of the clinic to be seen for you antenatal care then when you’re actually in labor that’s the last time you want to like on a horse
and come down to the clinic especially in the rainy season,
in the rainy season it’s muddy and really difficult to do it. This is Fond Enfer,in French translation means ‘the deep hell’. It’s really strange to see it now it’s just like a tiny little creek but it really has a major impact on, you know not just health but also on all the economic
on the other side of the river because what happens in the rainy season is,
every afternoon around 3 or 4 o’clock it rains and I think in part because of the erosion and the lack of good soil in there up in the mountains, the water rises really rapidly so you can be standing here and it will start to rain,
within 20 or 30 minutes there’s a flash flood and the water rises up really high. I’ve personally seen two women who have died because we weren’t able to get them across the river in time to have cesarean sections. We have a lot of community will, like people will carry you, people will carry the women across, but at a certain point
it’s just too dangerous for anyone to cross so we can’t do it. Cange is a referral center for all of our other sites so in Boucan Carré if we need a C-section we send then here. So she knew she was going to have twins, they had told her this makes six, she now has six children, she’s twenty-eight. The average birthrate is about four or five and the issues are really complicated because women don’t always have real control socially over their fertility. They’re really highly dependent on men for their economic standing. And in unions between men and women it’s pretty much expected from the man that there will be a child, that the woman will have a child for him. So I’ve had women who have had 10 children already who come and when I council them about family planning they say well I don’t really want to do it yet, and when I delve a bit deeper it’s because maybe their previous partner died
or their previous partner left them and they’re with a new partner and that new partner
really wants to have a child with them and so their option is to either not do
that and risk him leaving or do that, have a child with him, and then have 11 children but at least she hopes that he will help to support those other children so it’s really quite complicated. I think those are kind of the list of reasons of why it’s so hard for women hard for women. One of the ways that we’ve addressed it is obviously by having no user fees for pregnant women so
pregnant women in Zanmi Lasante don’t even pay the sixty cent requirement that some people pay, so they’re excluded from
any fees whatsoever

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  1. I think this is horrible, but how about staying single and not having any children? Why keep bringing kids into what they're living in? I'm 28 and have no kids, and in no hurry to have any. I couldn't imagine having 10!

  2. The video said why… Women in positions of such poverty have no/very limited choice in their fertility. Women have a lower education because they leave school early to look after families. They thus can't get a good job and are dependant on men for financial support. To "justify" this, they often have to bear a man's child. Or at least provide sexual services (not prostitution – having a relationship with a man). How is there much choice there?

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