Harvard Law School Admissions Profile

Harvard Law School Admissions Profile

Harvard Law School has long been considered
one of the world’s most elite law schools. Founded in 1817, it is also the nation’s
oldest law school with a population of roughly 1,700 students of whom approximately 60 percent
of students choose to live off campus. The school does offer popular student activities
and events on the university campus in Harvard Square with multiple restaurants, bars and
shops. Over the years, Harvard Law has become respected
for its difficult academic programs. Class sizes remain small with a student to faculty
ratio of 11 to 1. The first-year students, or 1L group, are broken into seven groups.
They participate in the Student Practice Organizations, where they can take advantage of opportunities
to use their legal minds. Some experiences include offering legal advice to musicians
about copyright laws or representing state prison inmates at disciplinary hearings. Students
in their second and third years can participate in legal clinics; Harvard offers the largest
amount of clinics anywhere in the world. In order to graduate, students are required to
complete at least 40 hours of pro bono work. There are no letter grades; individuals can
earn a distinction of Honors, Pass, Low Pass, or Fail for each of their courses.
Harvard Law School does a remarkable job preparing their students for life after graduation.
Harvard graduates have won more than 500 judicial clerkships over the past several years including
one quarter of all Supreme Court clerkships! Students also frequently obtain tenure-track
law teaching positions after graduation. Individuals can also gain renown for being published in
the “Harvard Law Review,” which was first published in 1887. The Harvard Law Review
Association also publishes “The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.” Harvard also
has one of the longest-running law school newspapers called the “Harvard Law Record.”
With the largest academic library anywhere in the world and some of the most well-respected
professors, Harvard Law School has much to offer potential law students. The school’s
notable alumni also help form a supportive network for graduates. Students looking for
an impressive and prestigious law school should investigate all Harvard has to offer.
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  2. how i will get a chance to admit in harverd law school????? …i am from bangladesh….i want to take my undergraduate degree from this university

  3. does harward business school offers any batchlars or undergraduate degree im business management or in business administration if its possible then please let me know because I am blind student from India and I have scored 90 percent in my twelfth standard from commers stream And I have a dream to get im to harward so please help me

  4. Do you have to know anything about law to get in? I know you have to pass some exam, but what are the necessary skills required? Also what is the minimum GPA you have to have? I would like to transfer there after I get my bachelors degree from a different university. I have studied for two years so far.

  5. hi am from Zambia I recently finished high school and I plan to write the Lsat this October. can I apply ?what are the requirement?

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