How To Ask A Girl Out And Avoid Rejection Every Time With 3 Quick Steps!

How To Ask A Girl Out And Avoid Rejection Every Time With 3 Quick Steps!

Do you know how to ask a girl out? Even further,
do you know how to ask a girl out and avoid rejection? What if I told you there’s just
a few key step that you can take where you can avoid rejection every time? Stay tuned.
Hey, Tripp here from teaching you how to get the girl while still being
your genuine self and today, we’re talking about how to ask a girl out. Is it hard for
you to ask a girl out? Do you get rejected most of the time? Are you not sure exactly
how to do it? Well today, I’m going to give you a simple solution. I used to get rejected
all the time. Going out during the day or maybe at a bar, meeting girls and they would
say no, or “I have a boyfriend,” all of those things that you don’t want to hear. Have you
heard those things before or maybe something else? Well if so, leave a comment down below
and share your story. You need to learn how to ask a girl out the right way so we can
put an end to this rejection nonsense. Let me give you the three steps that will get
you asking her out, getting her number and most importantly, getting her out on a date.
Step one, what you say has to be interesting. Right? Of course! If you’re not interesting,
then she’s not going to be attracted to you and you’ll never get her number. She needs
to be thinking, “Wow this has been a great experience and I want to see this guy again.”
Give her this awesome experience when you first meet. This is all going to come from
conversation. You will not attract her unless you know how to talk to her. More on this
in just a minute. Stick around until the end. Step number two, seed a date idea. Ah, you
never thought of this one, did you? When you ask a girl out, you have to give her a reason,
not just, “Hey, what’s your number?” but give her a reason to see you again. Here’s the
trick: when you’re talking to her, try to find out the commonalities between you two.
Search for that in conversation. So what is it that you’re both interested in? Is it art,
food, music, sports? Find them and that’s going to help you seed the next date idea.
When you find out that shared interest, get excited about it and mention that you two
should do that one thing together. See now you’re already hinting at the fact that you
guys should hang out again. Okay, I know what you’re waiting for, step number three. When
exactly are you supposed to say and how are you supposed to say it? Here’s a great line
to use when asking a girl out: “You seem cool. We should hang out sometime and do whatever.
Let me get your number.” Any decent variation of this will work but let me explain why this
works so well. The line is confident. It’s basically saying, “Hey, I don’t know you well
enough but I think I like you but either way, let’s hang out again.” And you’re not asking
for it. You’re almost directing her to give you her number. See, that’s taking charge
and that’s sexy. This line has worked hundreds of times for me and my students, so use it
the next time you talk to a girl and it’s super important that you do because then you
can really solidify a great date with a girl and not get flaked on. Now to further decrease
your chances of rejection, I put together the 10 minute Magnetic Conversation video
course and I want to send you this free series absolutely free. Here’s what you need to do:
click the link in the description box down below or click the box right here and you’ll
instantly receive it. It’s going to show you not only how to keep a conversation going,
but the certain questions you can ask a girl to make her attracted to you, what to say
to start a conversation and how to get her interested and attracted to you in 10 minutes.
So go ahead and click the link in the description box down below or click the box right here
and I’ll send it to you immediately. And I’ll see you next video.

100 Replies to “How To Ask A Girl Out And Avoid Rejection Every Time With 3 Quick Steps!

  1. I'm really shy and i have liked a girl for 6years. She is going to a different school in 2weeks so i have 1 chance. I have tried telling my feelings for her but my timing has always been bad. I'm really nervous and i don't know how to tell her my feelings face to face with good timing. We are great friends but i wouldn't want to mess up our friendship if she rejects me. Or if we date and breakup. She does actually know i like her but i need to ask her out.

  2. I got the common interest thing kinda, I know she’s interested in some of my passions and things I do, I’m just not sure about after I get her number, and that’s a big reason I haven’t asked. I’m good with keeping a convo beforehand but get nervous if it were to progress. It shows through my hands shaking (not bad but noticeable) and my face flushed a little, voice changes a little, I overthink. Any tips beside Xanax?

  3. Im 16 and there’s this girl at my school who is kinda popular, although I’m pretty well known as well as a chill guy. I’d say she’s out of my league hot but not by a lot. I have her in my Algebra class and she’s also in my lunch period. It’s almost the end of the year and I do have her Snapchat.

    Is it best if I make a move in person or should I just text her first and then get together in person eventually during summer?

  4. Got rejected😂. She said to her friend that she dont want a boyfriend atm maybe in a year. ( she never hab one )so idk why

  5. I just did a slow dance with this girl at my school but I don’t know if where dating or how to ask her out

  6. You know I was so excited and kind of shocked at same time after a man I met online did an attraction spell to help me get a girlfriend. she's been my crush all along & my goodness it worked so quickly. here's the email which i contacted him through –>>( [email protected] gmail. com) !!! Its so magical and I can't stop thanking this angel. i hope this helps someone out there

  7. after 21 years when it comes to rejection i've heard every possible thing and even the seemingly impossible things, the stranded "i have a boyfriend" is very common but then there's the "i'm gay here i can prove it oh wait no i can't because i'm not a lesbian! hahahah" then there's the as soon i am a few feet away she is instantly attracted to the nearest piece of furniture just to show me the message of get lost, that particular example has actually happened to me 4 times from 4 different people. i don't have to say or do anything but if i'm in a room that has any girl in it they will reject me even on their own!! girls have just randomly walked up to me before i could do anything just to tell me to fuck off and how horrible they think i am or something with no reason or explanation. loneliness can't even begin to describe my life since not only have i never come close to having a date in my life but i also haven't really ever had friends besides a few people that when they were really board would be around and then beating me up and tell me how useless i am a day or two after my grandmother died. it's safe to say that thinking i'll ever have even 1 date in my life is just completely insane.

  8. Taking charge didn't work!! It seems your giving bad advice. Ive done this with 2 extremely different women. One is attractive and from another state and religious, about 24 years old. The other is the only girl I've ever felt something deep for who is the most beautiful woman to ever exist(she's very intelligent somewhat funny, strong independent, attractive anti-religious and about 34 yrs old) and can get any guy but says guys usually don't ask her out or like her.

    I said let's get together to go to museum/beach/whatever at this date and time. If I pick you up whats your address or will we meet there?

    The younger one said she can't give address with her job since she lives where she works and that she thought it was group thing.

    The woman I have deep feelings for said maybe at first and she will get back to me. Then she made excuse and said it was like I was forcing plans on her.

  9. So stupid. Every time? When anyone promises you this you should run the other way. If you want women you will have to talk to many of them, not just one every time.

  10. If all the silly boys stop giving value to shit girls and change demand supply theory girls will start to chase men

  11. You may have started to have an imaginary relationship, but have you ever imagined yourself having a sex life with that person and beat your meat to the image of her in your head, too far? Yah too far…

  12. I was in school and there is this gorgeous girl. I try to look cool to impress her but nothing. So I go over and ask her out. She says no. I have a boyfriend.

  13. I know this one girl, we liked each other before but we stopped when it didn’t become realistic, then years later we seen each other so I leaned in for a kiss after we had a good time and she rejected me what can I do?

  14. I haven't really received a "No" cause girls like making friends with me cause the think am kul buh sometimes am afraid to ask them out cause my niggas said that am not Thah handsome for an acceptance from a girl

  15. Don't listen to him he is telling us what we all already should know, you want a tip? I'll give you a tip that is worth something ok? Have confidence, I'm a fat ass ok and yet I'm reeling in the pornstar status chicks cause of confidence, girl's LOVE confidence, he says yeah well all you gotta do is this this and this, but Even if you say what he said to say but have no confidence you won't get anything out of it, I can't stress this enough CONFIDENCE IS THE MASTER KEY TO ANY GIRLS HEART

  16. I'm kinda confused. This girl rejected me way back in highschool. Now after a few years. She started holding my hand, leaning over my shoulder. And even got my number. Should I ask her out?

  17. Why are black men so insecure wanting to be excepted by asking stupid question such as do you perfer black guy or a white guy ! 98 percent of these white girls just tell you what you want to hear ! No one knows what a woman is thinking !

  18. what if I'm happy single and don't really care if girls like me because they're all shallow and materialistic anyway?

  19. Nah that 'you seem kinda cool" shit and asking for the number so early is lame every guy does that a lot of girls will give it to you because they don't want to knock you back to your face, then when you call they don't pick up or call back. Then you look pathetic calling again. Women communicate by their actions not their words. If she doesn't answer or call back she's not interested. Ask them right there what are their plans tonight, tomorrow whenever as soon as they say 'no plans' you say "great we're going to dinner I'll pick you up at 7" if she cant even meet you half way to make it happen she's a waste of time anyway. If a girl wants to see you she'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Show you're a confident man who knows what he wants and is different to the other 999 guys who hit her up this week and asked her for her number. If she's not feelin' that then you don't want that type of woman anyway. Smile and walk away. You're the one on the pedestal not her. Keep it real brothers don't play the lame game

  20. I asked my high school crush out a few weeks after she dumped her boyfriend I got rejected that time now I’m in college trying to work the courage to ask this girl I really like out

  21. There is a girl I really like and I get so nervous I can't even say hello to her. And I beat myself self up afterwards because I don't think I'm good enough

  22. I’m gonna ask my crush out tomorrow because it’s April fools and if she says no, I’ll say April fools!

  23. It is really hard because if she says no she will make fun of me and I will be embarrassed. What do I do?🤷‍♂️

  24. You forgot to mention, wearing your tie and shirt out of balance. And jump around in front of her!? 👌👍

  25. my 11 y/o brother just came to me and asked me to help him ask out a girl after he got rejected, and he was traumatized when I showed him this bahaha

  26. I am pretty bad with women. They find me funny, but aren't interested. I get ghosted or they put up walls..

  27. Ok, now how do you go about finding out how old she is before you ask her on a date 😂. Some girls look younger than they are, and some look older. Just sayin

  28. (Yes I'm a male) Step 1, done! We met in FAC's (Math in the Kitchen) and I couldn't stop making her laugh, and I'm pretty sure she had fun cooking with me and trying to figure out the register for like, 25 minutes until we realized a button to open it. WHOOP!

  29. I like this one girl, I first saw her in first grade and now she is in highschool with me, but I want to ask her out, but I’m too shy and I don’t think I’m interesting to her and I’m too shy to speak to her or even ask her out

  30. Well… I've never asked a girl out at all before and I am currently a Sophomore in high school, (yeah yeah, at "that" age I know) but there is this one girl I'm genuinely interested in and this is advice I definitely need.

  31. Okay no the best way is to give her a compliment such as you look nice today if she starts to blush or shows interest then ask her out but if she looks like she’s about to throw up say something like but you looked shit yesterday and say it was a dare

  32. I asked out a girl if she was free and then she told me she would check. I AM STILL WAITING FOR AN ANSWER AND NO ANSWER SINCE 6 HOURS 😪😪🥺

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