How to Pay for College | REAL TALK #5

How to Pay for College | REAL TALK #5

Hey guys, it is Fumnanya! If you are new here,
welcome, if you are not welcome back! I wanted to come on and film this video on how to look
for funding for college, scholarship, grants, etc. because I got a couple questions about
it and thought it was a really important video to do. College is expensive, not everyone
has a college fund or college saving lined up. I have a lot of experience with this,
I was actually able to get enough scholarships that with aid a lot of terms I was given a
check back from the college to use on other necessities like books because it kind of
overshot my tuition. I am going to talk to you about the steps I took to find funding
for college and I hope you guys find it helpful. My first tip would be to start early, you
want to start thinking about this in your sophomore year. Start doing it at your leisure,
looking around for grants and scholarships talk to you college counselor if you can.
The reason I say start early is because I started my junior year which is pretty late,
by that time you are almost applying to college, you apply to college the very beginning of
your senior year. A lot of these scholarships open up eligibility wise in your sophomore
year so I feel like sophomore year is a pretty good place to start to ensure that you have
enough time to apply for a lot of scholarships and get as much money as possible.
Work as you can in high school both on your grades and standardized test scores. There
are a couple options now for the standardized test, the SAT and the ACT. Play around with
it early to figure out which one you tend to do better on and then really take the time
to practice. You want to give yourself enough time to put yourself in a competitive position,
a lot of these scholarships will be merit based, the higher the better, a lot of these
scholarships will have a GPA cut off so make sure your GPA is high enough. Do not feel
too bad if that is not where you are working with. Do your best there are a lot of scholarships
that do not have a GPA cut off. Really the point is to put yourself in as competitive
a standing as you possibly can. If your school offers AP or IB courses I highly
recommend that you take those, you want to take those so that you can place out of as
many college courses as possible once you do get to college. You potentially stand to
skip introductory courses or any sort of first year courses you might have had to take. This
is going to save you a lot of money because that means that you can get to your major
and/or minor courses much easier and sooner and that means you are saving money you would
have been spending on taking a lot of intro courses f tie can when y. I think this is
a really good tip. One of my friends actually did this, she took a bunch of AP courses in
high school and she was able to be off campus for about 5 terms which is huge. She saved
so much money that. I think this is something you definitely want to consider if you are
able to so do so and your school offers it. Take the PSATs seriously it is not just practice,
colleges see your PSAT scores, they get send to everyone. If you want to put yourself on
the radar scoring on the PSAT is a really great way to do it. I think the first time
you take it is sophomore year and then and then junior year so you really want to make
sure you are prepared. Sophomore you kind of have that free period to botch it but junior
year you want to make sure you are ready to go to get a high enough score as possible
if you get a high enough score you could end up being g a national merit scholar or a national
achievement scholar. I was a nation merit commended scholar because I scored in the
97 percentile on my PSATs and that put me on the radar for a lot of colleges. If you
score high enough to actually get the national merit scholarship you do get some money and
it adds to your portfolio, boosts your profile so you are that much more competitive for
scholarships, grants etc. Try to be as well rounded a student as possible,
look at the extracurricular activities that you have. Scholarships are becoming increasingly
diverse in terms of what they cater to so if you are someone involved in a lot of extracurriculars
that opens you up to a lot more types of scholarships. There are video editing, athletic, debate
scholarships, if you are in debate you could potentially enter a debate competition and
get a scholarship though that. I entered a debate competition and got thousands of dollars
of scholarship money from that. I had not been in debate going into it but that God
I was able to do well enough to get a lot of money from it. I think if you are willing
to step out of your comfort zone and try something new like I did you might surprise yourself
on how well you did. Again, I did get thousands of dollars from that scholarship opportunity.
Follow your strengths but also be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try
something new, you never know how well you are going to do.
Scour the web, you are going to have to look on the internet so much. Be prepared to send
hours and hours and hours on the internet looking for scholarships. This is why I say
start early so that you are not overwhelmed. I started my junior year so I was a little
overwhelmed and I did not get as many scholarships as I could have had I started earlier. You
are going to have to scour and look and scour and look. The site that I primarily use it
fast web, it is an excellent site. The reason recommend this so highly is because it not
only has a database of grants, scholarships and funding but it also has advice articles
or different types of scholarship opportunities like essays etc. and it kind of gives you
advice on how to put your best foot forward for these types of scholarships. I think this
is awesome, definitely spend a lot of time on that fast website, it is a great resource.
If you were to ask me I would definitely say start there, it is intuitive, you can get
your advice there and kind of feel more comfortable with applying to scholarships. From there
go and branch out all over the web. Go and talk to your college counselor early,
even if it is just to introduce yourself and say hey I am so and so, I am thinking about
college I am not sure what I want to study. Just pick their brain on any scholarship or
funding opportunities, any grants you might be eligible for and be sure to ask them about
local opportunities as well. You never know which local nonprofits like churches or even
schools are offering scholarship or grant opportunities. You definitely want to be in
touch with your college counselor, he/she will be an excellent resource for you guys
ad you will have a better understanding of your locality and what your town or city has
to offer. Consider going to school in state. I know
state schools offer a lot of discounts for people who are from the state the school is
offered in. Another thing to consider is to work hard to go to a really prestigious school,
these really prestigious schools tend to have bigger endowments and therefore tend to have
a lot more money to give for financial aid. Like I have said a couple times on this channel,
I went to an Ivy League school which by enlarge are very generous with need based aid so that
helped out when it came to funding and paying for college. Buckle down, study for your SATs,
do as well as you can in class, get the highest GPA possible and then you really position
yourself to be able to take advantage of a lot more opportunities. I hope you found this
video helpful, thank you so much for watching. Check the description bar for resources such
as where you can search for scholarships and other articles you might find very helpful
in this college finding search. Thank you for watching again. Let me know if you have
any questions. Best of luck! I love you so much and I will see you in my next video.

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  1. This was interesting, the US sounds so competitive. In the UK we're kind of babied through college/sixth form (senior & junior year) and no one really looks for scholarships because we all rely on student loan. Unis don't focus too much on extra-curricular, they just say get this grade and you're in. Often you can get below the entry grade and still get in.

  2. Thank you for making this video! I'm going to a prestigious school and have been offered a lot of grant money, but I haven't started with scholarships and I'm in my senior year about to go into summer. I don't know where to start lol. Also, could you please do a video on how to do well in college? Thank you!

  3. I only took the SAT once and was still able to get into a college. Never took the PSAT, in my opinion, it was something I never bothered with nor thought of the AP, PSAT and SAT as important to me. Most of the in-state colleges I live in don't bother to look at your ACT or SAT scores and will base your GPA. I believe these colleges are known as the test-optional, where they'll focus on solely on your GPA over these tests, but will still be impressed by it. Either way, still got into a college that i've chosen. I focused on studying and keeping my GPA high in high school. Which in the end I did. I didn't go to college right away and took a semester off school in general after high school. Which I'm glad I did and once in college the following seamster, no stress as I heard from many Freshmen. I oppose the AP classes because of how stressful it can come down to the kids. Yes they do help with getting into your chosen colleges with scholarships and so on, but in the long run, it will cause stress, anxiety, depression and even kids taking their own lives because of these kids taking AP classes. The reason I know this is because of this one student at my school (knew her a little bit during lunch hours) who took all AP classes, was in extra activity out of school, a cheerleader, and was soon to graduate. Months before Senior graduation she committed suicide at her home. She left a note and said she couldn't handle the stress that school; hours of homework, depression, and fear of messing up with her SAT scores to go into a expensive college. Just an opinion and experience I know. Not the way I'll go about not paying student loans for the most part, but thanks for sharing and knowing that others will appreciate your advices as I appreciate of you helping them.

  4. Just find a part/full time job at a company that provides tuition reimbursement.

    Fedex offers $2,500 part-time, $5,000 full time. I practically went to school for free because of it!

  5. I'm a teacher at an innercity school and I am trying to get my students to care about college. I want them to believe it is possible. This video seems geared to more priveleged individuals. I don't mean that to sound rude but I need "real talk" for those that don't have any idea about psat, sat, act, fasfa, finacial aid, like nothing. If you do that please let me know!

  6. Being middle-class is hell when it comes to college. Too much money for any sort of financial help, and too little to pay straight up. So I need to rely on the unreliable scholarships and ACT and SAT scores. So my only option is to study and score a 28 or above on my ACT. SAT is not an option. I only have two more shots to score that or higher cause I've already taken and bombed it twice my junior year. Now I have two more chances before it starts to look bad on my academic record. The reality is lower class has an easier time getting assistance, and higher class has the money to pay. I'm losing time and I don't think college is an option if I can't pay for it. Kind of stupid how you are required to do good on tests to get an opportunity to living a decent life. Tests don't test true knowledge.

  7. Looking for nursing scholarship and grants. I'm NOT in high school and haven't been for years ☺. Any suggestions?

  8. I don't want to say I did poorly in high school but I wasn't outstanding, I want to say maybe average and I didn't have time to do extracurriculars and I scored low on ACT, I went to community college for a year and dropped out but thankfully I didn't have any loans to pay back, but now I'm 21 and working, living with my mom and my plan is to go back to college this year, I'm working double shifts to pay for a short vocational course to learn a trade this way I make a much much better wage than just minimum wage in retail and get a better job right away, then I'll go back to community college for awhile for prerequisites and I'm retaking the ACT, and I have started my own college savings plan, now what I then plan to do is work a lot now, live frugally, and then soon I'll be married and I'll be able to apply as an independent student on FAFSA, and use federal aid to supplement whatever I can't pay for with my own money, and work full time while go to college part time, my goal is to then transfer to SDSM and get a transfer scholarship and the national SMART scholarship and graduate with no student loans, and I want to study engineering and also one day go into biomedical research or astrophysics

  9. If you have a hard time getting aid/scholarships, I suggest taking perquisites at a community/in state college where you can pay less or even nothing. You'll have less to pay.

  10. I know im only 13 but I'm auditioning For the voice and music is a career I want succeed in but my parents don't like the idea of me being a musician ,I would really like to go to a performing arts school for college but my parents won't even give me any sort of help to go to a performing arts school they will only help me if I go to a BYU school what can I do to get the respect I need for them to allow me to follow my dreams and show that I'm not a wanna be with a 1 in a million chance that end up a dead beat .I want them​ to see that music isn't what I do it's who I am and I take it seriously. I just want them to stop controlling my future and let me set my own course 😖 #thestruggleisreal

  11. My dad is paying for my college. Tbh I wanted to pay for it on my own. But I'm still gonna save up for college for food, clothes, a car stuff like that.

  12. I am starting very early as a freshman and I seem to have bad luck when it comes to finding sources to help pay college and this video helped me greatly. I will be definitely using this as my main source when I continue to look for scholarships. ❤️

  13. I don’t see how people are actually getting money from these common essay scholarships cause I’ve submitted COUNTLESS and I’ve gotten one for like $500 😒

  14. solid advice!! and I wish I would have started a little earlier, I started in Junior/Senior year as well. But this video is so helpful and you're stunningly beautiful!!

  15. Great video! I love how you go into so much detail about scholarships and grant. I hope a lot of high schoolers take your advice and get serious about their education. Tuition is no joke!

  16. HEY COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!This website let's you upload your recent grades,write a brief summary of your semester, share link with family and friends where they have option to reward you for your hard work 💲💲

  17. Honestly I’m really scared, I start my freshman year of college in about 2 months. I have to pay $8,000 per semester(this is including scholarships, grants and loans)but, I’m going to be on a payment plan where I have to pay $1,777 a month for 5 months. I have to do this all on my own with no help from my parents. I have a job right now so I guess I’m just going to be working to pay off school. I’m just really scared and I had to put this somewhere, sorry.

  18. Half way into the video and I already know I'm doomed. I've never done well on standardized tests. My GPA isn't too bad, but clearly standardized tests are the main things they look at. The prospect of loans actually terrify me and I've heard far too may horror stories about them. I'm not completely discouraged and I intend to apply to as many scholarships I can. I believe if you push yourself to work towards something anything is possible. If I don't earn any scholarships then at least I can say I tried.

  19. I’m a sophomore in highschool & I always been big on being a lawyer since my mom got into some legal issues and I saw our PD and the law firm, it was inNY it was so…beautiful and I was loved the court room and everything it had to do with it so I decided “I want to be a lawyer/attorney when I grow up.” I have been stuck to it but I also am into psychology and that goes along with law because law is based around the human brain & mind, intent, sanity & ect. So, that’s why I am think of being a therapist as well but I researched and to be one would take long years & I want to start doing a job and make financial gain but also help people as fast as I can. I am in Physical Science Honors in my school so I like science a lot (kind of) so I am interested in Biochemistry. BUT, law is my main passion & I want to be a lawyer in the states for a 5+ -ish years and then move to South Korea to be lawyer or do some type of law work over there with my experience and I also want to do a Minor in Korean and hence why I am studying Korean by myself. A lot of the tips I knew but a lot I didn’t know and this is helpful so thank you.
    BTW, seeing a Black dark skin women being a lawyer is so inspirational to me because I am one as well.

  20. if y’all have financial setbacks, but are academically and mentally intact, join the military. it’s the single best way to get a college education for FREE without the reliance of random scholarships you can easily lose.

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