Indianapolis Colts Stadium Controlled by Wireless Ethernet – Phoenix Contact

Uni-Systems is a leading designer of kinetic architecture. Kinetic architecture is developed to create large moving components in stadiums, aerospace and other major areas. Uni-Systems has a history of creating some of the
most recognizable movable structures on the planet. For a new stadium project, Uni-Systems partnered with Phoenix Contact to help solve problems with a kinetic window wall and a retractable stadium roof. Future home to the Indianapolis colts, this was a high-profile project. For the project, Uni-Systems designed two retractable roof panels- each had 4 cameras mounted on them. The cameras were used to show the retractable roof’s progression during opening and closing. In the event of a malfunction with the movable roof, the cameras needed to wirelessly transmit the video back to the control center. In addition to the roof, the stadium also required
to control a kinetic window wall with a variable frequency drive. Both applications presented unique challenges. The stadiums steel frame and window wall blocked critical signals from getting to the stadium’s control center. Also, a single location for a fixed radio
to communicate with all six panels while the roof and wall panels moved was not possible. To solve the problem, one main radio with
a 10dBi outdoor omni directional antenna was placed on the fixed structure between the bi-parting roof
panels, directly in line with one pair of cameras. IP67 industrial Ethernet radios were set to transmit in the 5Ghz RF spectrum, because there is less noise in this spectrum. For the wall-panels, a DIN rail-mountable radio unit and a single 10dBi omni directional antenna were installed on each panel for a total of eight industrial Ethernet radios controlling the six paneled walls. Two fixed radios communicate with the individual moving radios on each panel. The installation of Phoenix Contact’s industrial wireless products at
the stadium has proved to be successful. As a result, the cameras on the roof
prevent the endangerment of a worker. Meanwhile, the kinetic wall works seamlessly with the Phoenix Contact wireless solution.

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