Jooho takes Gunhoo and Naeun to a bookstore! [The Return of Superman/2019.04.28]

Jooho takes Gunhoo and Naeun to a bookstore! [The Return of Superman/2019.04.28]

I think this is our first time here together. No? This is a bookstore where you can fill up your soul with books and other things. There’s a section where you can listen to music. There are so many CDs. Uncle Kwanghee is here. Is he a singer? He is. You had no idea, right? She hung out with him, but she didn’t know. It’s understandable. Shall we look for Uncle Kwanghee? Where is he? – He’s a singer. / – I found… Already? – This? / – She found him already? – He isn’t here. / – It will take her forever this way. (Oh, wait.) (Maybe this isn’t it.) (He doesn’t recognize Kwanghee.) He found Kwanghee but didn’t recognize him. He just put it back in. (He looks again.) – I found him. / – What? I found him. Here. Where is Uncle Kwanghee? – There he is. / – There. – Fourth from left. / – This isn’t him. – He looks different. / – She says it isn’t him. (It’s a pity.) Of course she can’t recognize him. Excuse me, may we – try this CD? / – Sure, let me help. (Let me listen to some music.) (Isn’t this the scene of) (the famous actress Sophie Marceau’s?) (It’s the new version.) – Can you hear it? / – She’s a beauty. – Right. / – I can’t. Can you? What is she listening to? (Singing) (Murmuring) What is this song? What? – Keep singing. / – It isn’t Kwanghee’s. (He mimics Naeun.) Let me guess. What song is this? (A melodrama) (A good ending) (It’s fine, we loved each other) (It’s “Love Scenario” by iKON.) Oh, it’s “Love Scenario”. I heard this is very popular among little kids. – Everyone knows this song. / – Is that so? You’re interested in Korean letters, right? You wanted to learn Korean letters. Naeun is showing interest in Korean letters, so I wanted her to start learning. – There are some toys. / – It’s time she learns them. Let’s check this place out. What else are there? Let’s look at some books, Gunhoo. (What are these?) (Exclaiming) (There are so many interesting things here.) (What is this?) (What is this, uncle?) (Move out. Let me talk to him.) – He’s surprised. / – He’s surprised. There are so many interesting things – to keep Gunhoo wide-eyed. / – I’m sorry, my kids are loud. This is the kids’ section, – so it’s okay. / – I see. Thank you. I’m sorry. (What should I buy?) (Pushing) (Be careful.) (He looks closely.) (There’s not much to look.) (Although there are many things,) (I should look closely.) Is he just browsing? I’ve got all the books. Where is Gunhoo? (Is Daddy looking for me?) – Gunhoo. / – Is he going to hide? Oh, gosh. – Is he hiding? / – Daddy’s looking for him. Gunhoo. (He’s hiding and watching them.) (Daddy’s coming this way.) You’re here. You found me. Gunhoo is here. “You found me.” (I wanted to be alone.) Gunhoo? (Leave me alone.) Stop running around or I can’t find you. (Surprised) (Exclaiming) What did he see? Gunhoo always shows how he’s feeling. He exclaims. (This is a whole new world.) (It’s a whale.) – Can we go in? / – Yes. (Jumping) (We can go in?) – He only walked around. / – Right. But Naeun just went in. Oh, it just moved. He took his legs out. – My legs got wet. / – Gunhoo was about to… Don’t drag me in. (Come with me.) Don’t drag me in. Go in on your own. (They are both scared.) (She’s going in again.) (Oh, again. Oh, she’s going in.) I think he’s a little scared. 5, 7, 8, 9,10. (Will I be able to go in too?) There’s a pattern to his baby talk. (He tries again.) (Scared) He saw the dolphin. (Scared) He’s scared of the dolphin. – It can be scary. / – I’m scared. (How will I go in?) The drawing is quite realistic. (How will I go in?) One, five, seven… Gunhoo is very sensitive. (I will get brave again.) – I’m ready. / – All right. – I’m ready. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. He’s going in. It’ll be quick. It’s nothing. There he goes. (Hi, dolphin.) See? It’s nothing. (I can’t believe I’m walking on the sea.) All he says is “Wow” and “There”. Stay here for a while, Naeun. I’ll go pay for the books on Korean letters. As a dad, one of the most important lessons you can give your children at home is to teach Korean. – Reading books to them… / – It’s a promotion, – so I’ll give you this. / – Really? I see. Thank you. (Gunhoo is still excited.) (Daddy left this here.) (What do we do?) (I know what to do.) (You can study.) Daddy is back. Do you want the pink one? I want the pink one. Pink is for you. I’ll tie this to your hair, Gunhoo. It may make him fly. You may not be able to see it. But something is pulling him from above. It’ll lift him up slightly. Whose name should we put here? – Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo. “Gun.” This is Gunhoo. “Gunhoo.” (My name?) What about mine? “Na…” (Where is the other “N”?) Let me see. “Naeun”. (He takes an “N” from “Gunhoo”.) (Why are you ruining my name?) “Park Naeun”. “Park Naeun”! While Daddy is teaching Naeun, Gunhoo goes out to the bigger world. (I am free.) (Drop the beat, DJ Hoo.) It’s a book that makes sounds. He’s at the age to start reading them. He should start. (There are so many interesting things.) Naeun, where is Gunhoo? I think we’ve lost him. Let’s go find him. Let’s ask someone. Let’s go and ask. – Naeun. / – Yes? I tied a balloon to him. Let’s ask people if they have seen a balloon. Okay? He has no idea. He’s enjoying his freedom. There’s a balloon floating above the bookshelf. We can tell he’s here. (You can spot him everywhere.) (Where are you, Gunhoo?) (Is he here?) – Here? / – Ask the lady. – Have you seen a balloon? / – Have you seen a balloon? – A balloon. / – Have you seen a balloon? (A balloon?) There he is. – This is a great idea. / – It is. It tracks your location. (It’s so eye-catching.) Have you seen Gunhoo and his balloon? – No, I haven’t. / – She hasn’t. – Thank you anyway. / – Let’s go look for him. (Where are you, Gunhoo?) (I can hear Naeun.) He’s so cute. Why is he always running? He always runs. There he is, there he is. (It’s obviously Gunhoo.) (You can’t find me.) There he is. There’s a balloon. Gunhoo! – Gunhoo. / – He’s so far away. It would’ve been hard to find him without the balloon. Where were you? Where were you with your shoes on? Come here. I thought I’d lost you. Thankfully, I tied this to your hair. That’s right. The balloon helped them find him. (Gunhoo’s freedom came to an end with the balloon.) Naeun, I don’t think we can stay here – as Gunhoo is too loud and runs around. / – Dad. (He’s a free-spirit.) I think we should go home. I want to stay here longer. Do you? Stay here for a little. I’ll take Gunhoo. After studying Korean with Naeun, Jooho now plans to spend time with Gunhoo. Where are you going? You’re not old enough. What are you looking at? Okay. You can look around. (What is this for?) (He plays with the stick.) Look. Come here. (You should play this game.) Hit it now. Over there. Let’s go. (He’s holding the wheel like an expert.) (He handles it smoothly) Turn now. (and takes a turn on time.) You’re a good driver. He’s focusing on Gunhoo now. (Meanwhile, Naeun is) (choosing the books she wants to read.) She’s reading. She’s reading on her own. (Absorbed) She’s… Goodness. (Reading is the easiest.) – Naeun, were you doing okay? / – Yes. Come here. You bought so many. Did she buy them all? (Why do you have so many books?) Oh, she just brought them here. – To read. / – This is a complicated book. – This is for you. / – Daddy gets it. – It looks heavy. / – It’s for me. – Thanks. / – She got him one too. She’s a good daughter. – Choose only one. / – I’ll get this. – This? Okay. / – Yes. (Where is mine?) Come here. Stay quiet. Be quiet. Here are the books in German. Let’s put it back here. – Thank you. / – Let’s go. (I’ll study Korean hard with this book.)

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  1. First naeun was holding twice's merry and happy album then in the backgroud their was bt21 merch wow these kids are so lucky but the just dont realise it

  2. My parents did the same thing to me, they tied a balloon to my hand so they could find me easily. 😂

  3. Naeun & Gunhoo with IKON, pleaseeeee? its my honor to message you KBS, privately just for this! hahahaha

  4. i love Gunhoo. He's the most adorable baby i have ever watch >< But i hope Joo Ho and Anna can tell him to close his mouth and use his nose to breath because i heard that if babies don't fix that habit they gonna have crooked teeth when they get older plus they don't get enough oxygen as well. I hope i don't sound rude so much. i say this just all for Gunhoo's sake T.T

  5. WAIT did any1 notice d bt21 things over dere omgggg i want it sooooo bad😥😥

  6. I'm amazed at how his dad was able to balance the attention given to 2 children. He plays with Naeun then went to another place where Gunhoo will enjoy.

  7. They had that circle area to sit and read in the library, I would sit there as a kid and read books^^
    (Aw iKON needs Hanbin leader back;^;)

  8. The guy that bump Gunhoo's head it is impossible that ha didn't felt that he bump something. Gosh so unbelievable

  9. Am i the only one that knows what album was the first one that naeun got from the shelf? (The green one)

    If youre a once you would know too 😂

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