Life at [email protected] Havasu | Arizona State University

Life at ASU@Lake Havasu | Arizona State University

I picked ASU Havasu because of this community and it’s small but it’s kind of like a good thing it’s small because you get to know everyone. The biggest thing I like out here too is everything’s close. Oh it’s beautiful. The temperature is always nice here. The sunsets are amazing! We have the lake right here. It’s nice to go down and chill at the beach. I love to go hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, volleyball outside. I’m very athletic so I’ll play beach volleyball almost every single day. It’s awesome! Everybody is great. They’re as friendly as can be and they try to make you feel at home. You stay in a dorm, it’s a great place to live. Oh it’s a family. We’re all opposites yet we all mesh so well together. It’s like only 10, maximum 20, students in a class. It’s like a family. So teachers got to know you so much better. You are not a number. You see your professors, you can interact with them. My lab classes I love for science ’cause we’re actually, we’re in the field most of the time. We’re down by the lake or in one of the wildlife foundations. My last semester alone, I built things on my resume that it takes people three or four years to do. So it’s not just stuck-in-the-classroom learning, you’re learning outside the classroom. It’s a very different experience but it’s a good experience.

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