My #1 Piece Of Dating Advice To Any Guy In College

My #1 Piece Of Dating Advice To Any Guy In College

Hey, what’s up? My name’s Nick. I’m 22 I’m from Boston. What’s up Nick? How you doing man? I’m a college student. I generally, I haven’t been like dating for
a while because I’ve been holding down two jobs and I’m in college. Good for you. So you know, I just kinda… Good for you that you’re focusing on that
stuff. Yeah. So like, I guess since this is more of a dating
show, I’ll just give some input to my situation. I don’t even really like go out with friends
anymore. I just been really disassociated from everyone. So I notice now people start realizing something’s
different about me because I don’t even have time to hang out anymore. And I just can’t relate to anybody. That’s really my problem. What do you mean you can’t relate to anybody? I don’t know, all my friends, they want to
go out and party all the time. And I don’t know. I tried to talk to some girls at my school
but they seem full of themselves. They don’t seem like somebody I could actually
be with. You know what I mean? You know what man, where you go to college? UMass Boston. Yeah, listen, you’re gonna be out of there
very soon. What a year? Yeah, I got two more years left. I have an associate’s right now. Okay. Yeah, man. Don’t worry about this college time. Work hard. Do what you got to do to make money, focus
on your studies. You’re 22, you’ll be out when you’re 24. You’re gonna have plenty of time to work on
the women stuff. Focus on your school right now. Focus on your school. I used to do pretty good in high school but
that’s because I wasn’t serious about my life at the moment. And it’s like, I don’t know. Something’s changed since then. But it’s like people think I’m weird now. They think something’s wrong with me. Yeah, maybe you’re just maturing faster man. Everyone’s focused on partying and you’re
focused on your own thing. It’s all gonna change when you’re out. It’s all gonna change. All the time it’s like hey, why don’t you
take a break from studying and come hang out and go to the movies? I just have to blow them off all the time. Yeah. Well I think you’re making the right move. Don’t go extreme though. You need a little bit of balance. You don’t want to have no socializing at all. You know what I mean? Don’t go to the extreme. It’s still gonna be healthy for you to have
friends. I work out six times a week too so that also
takes up more time. Yeah. I’ve been getting a lot of progress in the
gym. I don’t want to stop now. Good, man. Good. It sounds like you’re focusing on the right
stuff. Just my social life is not there right now. I literally have zero friends at the moment
cause I didn’t want to hang out anymore so I pull them off too much. Well, you should balance it out. You should at least hang out with them once
a week if you can afford that. Once a week for a couple hours I would hope
wouldn’t kill you. You don’t want to go to zero. It’s good that you’re focusing on your studies
and your work and in your gym. But but don’t go no socializing. That’s not healthy either. I know. Cool, man. All right. Thanks for calling in.

10 Replies to “My #1 Piece Of Dating Advice To Any Guy In College

  1. Stop giving advices for stupid shit and instead start giving some for corona, i dont give a shit about my crush, i want to live

  2. Good luck in your college life Nick, i hope you will get a lot of friends and success to girls but keep in mind that your studies are more important than girls.

  3. Admist all the confusion surrounding my mind now in my last year at college..
    That's all I was waiting to hear, thankyou man 💜

  4. Even I m facing similar problem, people are thinking as if I'm wierd. I want to make friends but I don't know how to be a good friend for long time. People just move on after couple of months

  5. Social skills are paramount. He's already proven he's had drive. But with the amount of stuttering and doubt, along with him being socially pushed aside hints that his social skills may be dwindling. I would suggest he catch up on social skills since that blows any kind of success via drive out of the water. No girl likes to be with a boring dude even if he's filthy rich and successful. Not one. Elon Musk is a prime example. Being below average to poor in social skills is a downward spiral of torturous hell that most people don't pay attention to until they're in it.

  6. Same here. 21 and haven’t even been kissed and gonna be graduating college in hopefully like 4 months. So girls are in the back burner right now and I’m gonna become a dating and sex king after I graduate. Good thing I still have the hand to meet my needs.

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