My Cambridge MBA year – Baysa Naran (Mongolia) Summer 2019

So what has surprised me
when I was in Cambridge, I think I had the leadership
required to lead a team, so I had a chance to lead a
team of 30 dancers for MBAT. I didn’t know I had the skills and the required leadership
to co-ordinate with everyone and get them through the competition. So I was a member of Wolfson College, which is a mature student college. Everyone is super friendly, and
it’s like a small community. Definitely, working with a team, working with people from
different backgrounds and different professional experiences, so engineers, doctors, or consultants, and the thing is, I noticed
that I was coming from a consulting background,
and I was used to working with the same type of
people, and I didn’t realise that there are other people
who think totally differently. Being able to work with this
different type of people is an extremely valuable skill to have, so the thing is, I learned
a lot about myself, what I’m good at, what I’m not good at, what are my natural skills, and what I’m not naturally good at. And I acquired 200 friends of mine, which I can contact any time, and I think it just empowers you a lot and makes you a stronger, well-connected person, I guess. What I would say to an
incoming MBA student coming to Cambridge, I
would say, be prepared to experience the best year of your life.

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