my final week of college EVER | uc berkeley senior

my final week of college EVER | uc berkeley senior

hello my friends it’s nina and welcome to my final week of college?? i just took a shower and i’m running late as usual so i have no time to talk but this is my final week of college today’s monday let’s get this noodle by the way i already moisturized in the bathroom all my moisturizer products are currently in the bathroom right now i didn’t forget to moisturize this is my final week of classes it’s not my final final week of college because i have finals week in two weeks but this is my last week of classes my last time i’ll be in a lecture hall and classrooms it’s really weird to think about but i’m ready i’m excited i’m tired i think that’s as even as it will get tomorrow i actually don’t have classes just because they both got canceled because they’re both part of the same class one is a lecture one is the discussion so tomorrow i’m just gonna do a little shopping because i do have a concert coming up on saturday that’s not part of this vlog but i have to shop for that, i need shoes wow my forehead is going through it i’m gonna put my lip product on right now just so it’s out of the way i have four minutes to get out of here, i don’t know if that’s possible i don’t even know why i’m putting on makeup where’s all my products omg where’s my eyeshadow thing what is happening what the frick is this omo where’s my eyebrow powder well you know what in the meantime i’m gonna put on my frickin eyeshadow i also finally got back into (liquid) eyeliner i kinda forgot how to do it why do i even put makeup on it always makes me late i’m going now i’m just gonna let my hair air dry now letsgetit i’m late again hello so i just got home it is 6:30 and i got a package i wanna show you guys what i got, i got something from yesstyle earlier this april i got a bunch of glasses just because i wanted cute glasses with my eye prescription i can’t really get cute glasses my prescription is so strong that my eyes would look tiny if i got the glasses that i wanted i am excited to open this i don’t know how many glasses i bought i think i got 4 one of them is the blue light blocking glasses i don’t know how they’re going to work i don’t have scissors there’s no need for all this plastic this makes me sad WHY what’s the point i need my 가위 whew that was a workout wonderful there’s more frickin tape i’m gonna go crazy here are my glasses i got 4 pairs why did i buy so many i know that for my squarish face you should get round glasses i got 3 different colors for one style i’m gonna go for my blue light blocking glasses first omg here we go, these are non-prescription why did i cross my eyes assuming it was going to be prescription she’s cute wow this is weird is this what it’s like having perfect eyesight and then just wearing glasses just because it’s cute what a life i have to actually pay for my eyesight so this is what the glasses look like it’s so weird seeing my eyes so big with glasses because usually when i wear glasses my eyes are tiny next i have my 3 identical pairs but they’re just in different colors i got gold silver and black these are more for style this is the next one this is silver i’m always crossing my eyes like these are prescription and then finally i got a black frame i like these, you can actually see the frame they serve literally no purpose except for style so these are all the glasses that i got i got 4 pairs 3 of them are not blue light blocking and then the one on top is blue light blocking but i am actually gonna go and film another video and i’m going to get a bunch of stuff done i have to do an assignment that’s due tomorrow so this is the end for monday and i will see you tomorrow welcome to tuesday, it is 4 pm i’ve actually been up since 7 am, i wanna say. i slept early so i got up early i watched run bts in the morning because it came back after a lot of weeks and then i got my extra credit assignment done so i was doing that until 2 pm and then now i’m supposed to go shopping i’m trying to get some shoes because ya girl needs shoes i wear the same stan smiths over and over probably since the beginning of college getting my makeup done at 4 pm first i wanna explain my first i wanna explain my face if you guys have been noticing, i have been breaking out like crazy especially on my forehead and chin the weird thing is i’m breaking out on my chin and forehead but everywhere else is pretty much smooth so that shows my skincare is working but ya girl’s going through some hormonal things and diet things i’m also going to mention i already washed my face and moisturized and all that i’m just going to do my makeup now i’m literally on the last few weeks of college so it’s very intense and it can be stressful so i’ve been eating foods that i never eat i’ve been eating a whole lot more candy i eat a lot of chocolate and sometimes i’ll have milk chocolate and i don’t ever eat milk chocolate i don’t like milk chocolate that much but because of my not so great diet my skin has been suffering but it’s okay we still love ourselves i know that i’m going to get through this and you know what, it’s not even that bad but i just know that my face hasn’t been looking the same the sad thing is when you know what the problem is but you can’t really take care of that problem what’s stressing me out the most is that i don’t know my grades for any class i think this is the first semester where every class, i have no idea how i’m doing which is kind of stressful i know i’ve done well on the assignments and stuff but there’s so much i don’t know i need these classes to graduate i don’t know why i keep telling myself bad things i’m going to graduate but it’s still scary i feel like i’d be more excited about graduating and all that if i just knew my grades my makeup’s taking way too long to do so i’m gonna be right back with my face done right now alright i’m gonna go shopping now i apologize firsthand for this setup it’s actually not that bad so i got my shoes i went to the mall for the first time in a very long time so for reference my shoe size is normally an 8.5 in US women’s but for these shoes i had to get them in 7.5 so a whole full shoe size down so from 8.5 to 7.5 this is the first shoe i got it’s off-white i don’t know what they’re called, i’ll just put the name somewhere but this shoe was on sale, i actually did kind of want it and then the next pair of shoes i got i got this shoe, if you can see it i didn’t even know fila had this style but i like how it’s still chunky but it’s flat too so they look kinda different from each other i’m really excited i’m gonna wear one of these to the concert i still don’t know which one i’m going to wear actually by the time you’re watching this i’ve probably already chosen one but i have to edit a video now it’s currently 8:20 pm i kinda do need to shower but i think i’m just gonna shower in the morning because i’m so tired i also have to do my laundry but i’ll just find other clothes to wear i need to pee so bad tomorrow’s already thursday it’s my last lecture and discussion section for a class and then that’s it? then we have our final exam in two weeks? but that is going to be it for wednesday i will see you tomorrow morning y’all i’m just over it at this point i just wanna go to class early for once it’s not working my last day literally is tomorrow i mean if i go at a good pace i’ll get there with 3 minutes to spare but anyway welcome to thursday i have two classes you can’t see what i’m doing but i’m driving i didn’t even have time to do makeup and i couldn’t wear a hoodie because today is like 70 degrees F i’m over here by the way let’s get this noodle guys! ooh that hurt today’s my last day of classes and by classes i mean class because i only have one frickin class today for 50 minutes i’m not really sure if i have time to do all my makeup today i’m watching my navigation because it shows me the time i’ll arrive i have 5 minutes but there could also be traffic so i’m not really sure i might also go to target or something to pick up some stuff because my concert’s literally tomorrow that’s not part of this vlog, that’s gonna be part of my concert vlog but it’s literally tomorrow i have no time to prepare for it i’m gonna put on some sunscreen i’ve recently been putting sunscreen on because i should’ve been doing that for a while this is like a tinted sunscreen but it’s not really that super tinted i’m watching the time go down it’d be a little embarrassing if i walked in late because the door’s at the front so all these people, like 200 people are looking down at you i might just do my eyebrows and call it a day this is also spf 40 but it’s not as strong as an actual sunscreen i think i’m just gonna slide on some concealer then go i’m just putting concealer also my outfit doesn’t really make sense it’s just a shirt and leggings oh no i also showered so my hair’s kinda wet why are the minutes going down stop! time please stop maybe if i wear glasses people won’t notice i’m not wearing makeup on the eyes i don’t have time to do my eye makeup but i am going to at least get my brows i’m only gonna be on campus for 50 minutes i don’t know why i’m actually putting on makeup i just came to this realization i mean it’s my last day, i should try a little bit okay i’m gonna go now this is my last day of college hello so that was my last lecture ever i didn’t really absorb it as much as i should have that was literally the last class ever but i still have finals week so i have to come back to campus anyway but i’m not gonna be on campus for a whole week that was the last time we are going to be taught anything um well that was nice i’m gonna go home now but first i have to buy some stuff from target i will see you in the next clip so i’m finally at target i’m here to pick up my cleansing oil letsgetit literally let’s get my cleansing oil omg it’s a sign i am back from target i ended up buying a bunch of makeup products as well because i needed something i got my cleansing oil i live by this and i needed a new one just in time for the road trip what else did i get i got a setting powder from elf i wanted a concealer brush just in case i ever wanna do something with my eyes i’m gonna go home now because i am exhausted i have to prepare mentally and physically for this concert see you at home now and we are finally back home it is officially the end of my college life we have officially reached the end of my last week of college it doesn’t really feel like the last week just because we have finals week two weeks from now now we have our reading week which is when we study for an entire week and then finals week after that and then graduation let’s graduate pls by the way do you guys wanna see my cap and gown? sorry i just apologized to my heater this is obviously not what i’m going to wear with my cap and gown but for now let’s just see what it looks like this is our stole it’s got berkeley on it! this is not what i’m going to look like on graduation here we go this is what it looks like yay let’s graduate for finals week i’m only on campus tuesday and friday so i don’t really consider that a full week of college so that’s why i filmed this week but yea that is it for this final week of college i hope you enjoyed it there will definitely hopefully be a graduation vlog in the meantime i’m going to work hard and hope for the best and just get everything done and breathe everything’s going to be okay but thank you for watching and for being part of my college life i will see you in my next video! byeee! well let’s end it with a hug, ok thanks for watching goodbye my friends 🙂

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  1. i literally love your glasses! I know you said that there are no more glasses on yesstyle, but is there a trustworthy website with that style?

  2. My mom is always telling me to change glasses and get another pair with a fair frame (for example golden) because 'black frame is less feminine and golden would brighten the face'. I always say no because glasses are accesories and you should be able to actually SEE it, black frame is way more visible and it just adds some contrast.
    So yeah, I liked your black glasses also the most <3

  3. Congrats! My finals week are a lil different. No reading week to study but its spaced out over a course of three weeks. So basically just have a month of finals lol.

  4. congrats nina!! ahhh i’m graduating tomorrow i can’t believe it’s finally happening?! best of luck to you!!!

  5. im so proud & happy for you nina!!
    you inspire me to be more productive,drink more water,& love myself more. ily! 💞

  6. YESSS I’m so happy for uuu CONGRATULATIONS! 💕💕💖💫💕💕💖💖💕💗💗🍃💗🧸

    even tho u didn’t get ur grades lmfao

  7. How do you not just take veeeerrrrryyyyyyy ling breaks like me – i always end up watching like five or six episodes of run bts before returning to work sksjsk😂😂

  8. Congrats Nina! <3 so no more 'not studying with Nina' vids but thats okay~ looking forward to ur new vids hehe

  9. The fact that I won’t experience this for another 5 years is crazy but I am so happy for you, please don’t change yourself because you are so amazing ❤️

  10. Congrats Nina! Your channel and talking about CAL has made me want to go to UC Berkley :))) thank u for inspiring me <333

  11. AWWW YAY CONGRATS NINA 🙂 I found you through your Berkeley transfer video and now I'm transferring to SD in the fall. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your journey <3

  12. I have a very strong prescription too so I can relate 😂Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for just posting video because I've been following you for just a week (I know, shame on me) but I binge watched your videos and you gave me lots of inspirations on so many levels. Good luck with your life journey!

  13. we’re the same age and I’ve been through my whole uni experience alongside you but it’s funny seeing this bc I had my last week at the start of April haha

  14. hi I was just wondering how to do watch run bts cause I've been trying to watch it for a while but idk how

  15. Congratulations Nina 👩🏻‍🎓🎉🎉🎓✨♥️ C/O 2019‼️
    I’ve been a subscriber and loyal viewer since fall of 2017 and I am so proud of your collegiate commencement!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️🎈🎉 I’m lookin forward to watching your new career Vlogs so I can laugh and recall my years after University in 2003 working at UNICEFusa in their NYC headquarters.

  16. This is also my final week as a college student! 💓and next month will be my first month as a teacher 😊

  17. i will miss watching you not really studying 😂 girl, i'm so happy for you ❤️ hard work pays off 😭

  18. well I am on my first year of college so seeing you graduating makes me to think: I can get there too! congratulations, nina!!!!!

  19. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Idk if you’ve seen the posts on twitter but there’s an ARMY talking about making friendship bracelets within the community! The hashtag is (#armybracelet) on Twitter!

  20. The day I realized I was done with college was the most stress free day of my life!😌 CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!🎓👏🏼

  21. Congratulations Nina! your videos inspire me to finish my degree and document my college life aswell!🥰

  22. Okay i envy you a lot because you can watch bts run while doing things i literally have to pause every two seconds to read the subtitles but love your videos so happy you finally graduated 💜💜💜💜💜

  23. i'm finishing high school this year too ! finals are soo close and this video kinda motivated me to work hard and to do my best so I can end this 3 years in a good way and enjoy my time after finals . thank you nina for sharing clips of your life here , with us , and I hope everything is going amazingly rn with you + congrats on graduating , I'm saving that video until I graduate too so I can share the feels and emotions while watching it <3

  24. just had my last week of college too! and your videos has been so relatable and motivational as we were both rocking it 💜 congratulations, love! hopefully i will be graduating by the second week of july ✨

  25. I've been watching u from turkey. I don't miss any videos. Because u are so cute and u are very sincere. Oh i love u my friend 💜

  26. I wish I could be done with a bachelor's degree, in my country you're supposed to get a master's as well if you want a higher paying job and an expert at something.

  27. congratulations 💗💗💗

    You know I do that thing you did with your glasses with my sister's glasses 😂😂

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