Our intern experience at Microsoft Research Cambridge

Our intern experience at Microsoft Research Cambridge

[Music] Hello, everyone, I’m Jayesh
from Stanford University. Hi everyone, my name is Sheena
I just finished the second year of my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.
I’m Niranjani, I am currently a PhD student at Princeton University in the
computer science department. I’m Pablo Wilke Berenguer, I’m a
research associate in Berlin at a research institute
for optical communications. So what I’ve been working
on during my internship this summer has been trying to build models for
predicting when patients are worsening in a certain way, when they’re in critical
care units in hospital and hopefully we can make a difference to patient
care and clinical outcomes in general. My research interests lie at the
intersection of machine learning, natural language processing and software
engineering. Here at MSR Cambridge I’m involved in the Deep Program
Understanding project which applies and develops a lot of machine learning
models for source code. So here I’ve gotten a chance to look into
research I’ve been wanting to look in for a while, so for data center communication, is it
possible to redesign nowadays networks to make them more cost-effective. I am working here at Microsoft Research Cambridge
on reinforcement learning for video games, to make our video games more fun to play. My advice if you’re just about to start
an internship here is take the opportunity to meet as many
people as you can. Microsoft has this great culture of
encouraging one-on-ones with different researchers. Everyone loves to talk about
their work and there are a lot of people here who are the only ones who could
answer the specific questions you might have and there is an enormous array of
extremely different projects happening within this one building and it’s a
great opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot of different things. On my
first day I remember I was taken aback by just the diversity of the lab as a
whole. I realized the wide spectrum of research that happens in this lab and also
the diverse backgrounds that the co-interns come from. Some of the other
interns who started with me and I had the opportunity to get lunch with Chris
Bishop, who’s the lab director, and I remember as he was talking thinking, wow
he’s the one who wrote the machine learning textbook that I used in my
university, and that it’s used across so many universities and here I am having
lunch with him. The working atmosphere here is really one of the best I’ve seen
so far, everybody is really friendly and also as an intern my opinion seems to me
is counted equally as to any other colleagues. So I really feel appreciated.
We play pool, foosball, whichever you want to do and there’s many outside of work
activities also being offered to interns. As an intern coming to Cambridge is
actually very cool because Cambridge University, like all the physics Nobel
prizes all come from Cambridge. If you’re looking to apply for a research
internship here in Microsoft Research Cambridge I would say go for it. It is a
great opportunity to work with really wonderful, friendly people who are at the
top of their fields and you’re sure to be working on problems that are going to
make a difference. So I have no doubt that it would be a great experience. [Music]

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