PLAN WITH ME | My 2020 resolutions + goals! ✨

PLAN WITH ME | My 2020 resolutions + goals! ✨

What an incredible incredible incredible
year 2019 was & of course this will always be one of the most amazing and sweetest
years for me because I married Brandon my high school sweetheart and obviously
that’s such a big life thing and has changed my life for the better so I’m so
thankful for 2019 but happy 2020 everybody I cannot believe it’s here
it’s a new decade a fresh start and today I’m really excited to share with
you some of my goals and resolutions for 2020 and then once I kind of share some
different ideas and some things that are on my heart for 2020 we are going to
kind of walk through how I document my goals and how I plan to make them come
true and kind of how I put them into action so I’m really excited it’s gonna
be just a fun little chat with you guys and then we’re gonna hopefully plan some
new year resolutions and goals together so if you want to do this alongside me
you can grab a notebook or you can take notes on your phone but if you’re
watching YouTube on your phone I don’t know you can figure it out but I just
wanted to show you kind of what I’m working with today and what I usually
kind of have equipped with me when I’m planning my goals for the new year and I
have my phone because yesterday actually was at the beach with my dad and Brandon
we were visiting him in Sarasota and I was feeling very inspired just sitting
on the beach hearing the waves crash and I started just like I was trying to read
my book that I had from the library but I couldn’t focus my my heads were just
in the clouds that I was just thinking of all the things that I’m looking
forward to in the new year and all the things that I kind of want to tweak in
my life or you know challenges and goals I have so I started a big old list on my
phone it’s a lot of little things so I’m gonna go through them quickly and then
basically some of these are super super super small little goals and then some
really really big so after I go through them I’ll show you kind of how I sort
them and I’m gonna prioritize the goals so kind of all the big ones I’ll have a
dissection and then all of the like little daily things I want to change
will be in a different section so that’s kind of how I’m gonna organize them but
I have my phone and then I have a note just my little notepad and then I have
some stickers for my calendar and then I have this calendar a that I purchased
from the dollar section at Target so it was literally one dollar and I’m gonna
put this on my desk and this is what I’m actually gonna use for my YouTube videos
so just kind of to plan that and then I’ll probably put like any trips on here
too so because that’s also helpful for my work and YouTube schedule to kind of
have like a month overview at my desk and I can just easily glance over at
fact and then I have my notebook and I just wrote down some things on here and
also when I go into organizing my goals I organize them in three different
sections so we have life goals work goals and personal goals so when I say
life goals that means for example buying a house that would be a life goal or
graduating college something like that and then work would be you know your
work career goals naturally and then personal would be kind of like my faith
or like growing my faith or growing friendships or you know becoming more
positive those personal things that’s kind of like internal and just you are
in control of them so that’s kind of how I sort it all out and then I also wrote
on this verse it’s a very very popular Bible verse but it’s Jeremiah 29:11 and
gives so pertinent to this video in this new year so I wanted to share it in case
you haven’t heard it and it is for I know the plans I have for you declares
the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a
future so I really pray that we can all just be all expectant and hopeful for
this new here and of course it’s gonna have its
own challenges and it’s gonna have hardships like every year does but it’ll
be so full of beautiful and happy moments so I hope we can pursue those
moments and focus on those moments and create those moments for each other and
our loved ones and just make it the best year yet so but further to let me just
hop in and I’m gonna share some of my goals so these are in no particular
order we’re gonna do that later in the video so this is just me brainstorming
yesterday when my heads were in the clouds so we have get better at cooking
for a big party so what I mean by this is I love to cook you guys probably know
that if you’ve been watching my channel but I want to get better at cooking for
more than like two or four people because I feel very comfortable cooking
for like me and Brandon but when I cook for like multiple friends or couples or
family and it’s like six people are more it’s very overwhelming to me and I feel
like my food doesn’t taste as good you know it’s kind of like catering you know
you have to be really skilled to be a great caterer because you’re cooking for
the masses so I want to get butter out cooking for big parties because I love
hosting and I just want to feel more confident in that and then I also wanted
the homework cooking content which I’m so so so excited about and it’s gonna be
called Alison’s eats and I’ll share more about that in that coming year but
basically I plan to post a cook with me video every other week at least and it’s
gonna be like little segment called Alison seats and I’ll share healthy fun
and easy recipes with you guys to hopefully provide some yummy meal
inspiration so we have that and then another big one is getting baptized so I
actually like this wasn’t really on my radar at all I’d never got baptized when
I think I got baptized when I was like a baby but I never got baptized after I
was actually like a Christian and I got saved and I gave myself to the Lord but
I never really thought it was a big deal to get baptized but upon researching it
it’s just thinking about it and praying about it more I definitely do want to
get baptized so I’ll actually be doing that this month which I’m really excited
about and brandon has really encouraged me and that to yourself that’s super
exciting Oh another thing kind of faith-based is to pray before each video
and like before I fill in each video and I’ve done this in the past like a few
times but I haven’t been consistent but I just want to like be intentional and
make sure that every video that I am creating and putting out into the world
is positive and God honoring and just leaves people feeling inspired and you
know all the good things so I just want to make sure I’m intentional and for me
praying will help me be more intentional with my content just make sure it’s the
best and most beneficial stuff for you all okay um next one do yoga more
consistently if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know I love yoga
I love doing yoga with Adriene who’s a youtuber and she has tons of amazing
lessons for free on YouTube so I want to start during doing her lessons more
consistently I do my living room like it’s the most ideal work house situation
but yeah I want to start doing those I haven’t set a number of dates that I
probably should but probably four times a week at least stuff we have to kind of
define that more when we write it down okay and then this is the big one buy a
house and customize it to make it a home so again if you have know me even
watching my videos you know I was so excited and still looking forward to the
day that Brandon my husband and I purchased our first home and I’m such a
homebody and I love and the home decor junkie like I love home stuff HGTV is my
favorite Network channel I am just obsessed so the thought of purchasing a
home in 2020 gets me so giddy and so excited so that’s a big goal for us and
then let’s see read more books before bed so I’ve been going to the library
every night and we’ve been checking out books which is so fun definite
if that’s a really good resolution inspo if you don’t have a library card already
to go get yourself a library card it’s free will you pay taxes for the library
so – all take advantage of it and then you can check out books all the time in
our County actually delivers library books for free so you can go on their
website deliver the books you want and they will I mean order the books you
want and they will deliver it to your front door like that’s incredible but
basically I just want to start reading more especially before bed because often
times I’ll be on my phone or all the editing videos until like five minutes
before we go to sleep but I’d rather like kind of not be on a screen and just
be reading a book in bed before we call it a night so that’s cool have game
nights once a week so Brandon I we love board games and games in general so
we’ve been doing this ever since we got married like a couple months after we
got married we’ve been pretty good about having a game night um at least once a
week and that’s been really great idea to make like other couple friends and
kind of build those relationships so we want to continue doing that but like
once a week hard once a week not every other week
anything like that every single week because it makes us so happy and it’s
such a great way to bond with friends oh and then another thing is to have a
girls trip because this past year I had like a bachelorette party before we got
married but this past year like it’s been all about Brandon and I which I
love because I’m in love with him obviously but I think it’s also
important to um you know have that girl time and have girls trips so now that
we’ll be married for a year next month I think I want to start planning like a
little girls getaway for my girlfriends and I because it’s really important to
me next one print more photos so I just
want to have like more no scrapbook so like actual tangible photographs because
I take so many photos and thank goodness we’ve been so blessed to go on so many
beautiful trips this year and so I want to print out those photos and have
actual books for us to enjoy and flip through you know
and our family can look through them in our future kids I think it’s really
really special to have those tangible photos so that’s another thing I want to
get better at this year Oh another thing I want to do is to make a new product
for my merch brand magic Joelle’s here I have a really fun product idea and I
really want to make it for you guys but making product it’s like not the easiest
thing oh I need to do research and reach out to other people but that’s
definitely a dream I have on my heart this year it’s definitely something
that’s so useful the merch idea I want to use it myself so fingers crossed we
can make that happen I know we can but it’s just a matter of prioritizing and
making the time or it’s dumb we’re gonna get it done 2020 and then
another thing but I’m praying for it’s kind of like a a YouTube thing but I
think it would be really cool to go on brand trips cuz I love traveling so much
so you know those cool brand trips you do is go out and stuff that’d be really
neat if I got to go on one myself that’s kind of always been a dream of mine
because again I’m such a travel bug and I love traveling said we really need to
get that opportunity okay the next one invests in current friendships and
become more intentional and more comfortable with friends because we have
so many beautiful people in our life right now
and I love the people I love however all of our friends I want to invest in the
current and friends we have so that we can kind of grow closer to them and kind
of like build a community that’s more tight-knit if that makes sense so that’s
kind of something I want to work on and then only a couple more there’s so many
oh my gosh you guys are like girl you’re crazy but lots of them are small and
like you know I am such a goal-oriented person so this is like my cup of tea
learn more about coffee and cooking because those are definitely two of my
passions I love making coffee I love drinking coffee and I love cooking and I
love eating and so I just want to learn more about the art of both of those
things and better at them and share that with you
ball last one I want to be more consistent and make a habit of answering
my messages and dm’s in comments like in a certain amount of time like in the
morning and at night because right now I kind of just do it whenever but
sometimes I’ll like read them and then I won’t ever answer them or something like
that so I just want to be more organized and intentional intentional is though
intentional I made up that word intentional is the word of twenty years
whenever me I just wanted me more intentional because I really want to do
that I love answering messages and talking to you guys you guys are my
friends like I really do believe that but you know sometimes it can get a
little overwhelming or things can get lost if I’m just like
looking at something real quick and then I seen exhibiting now and then I can’t
find it again so I want to just be more organized with that and allocate that
exact time so that I’ll make sure that nothing falls through the cracks so
those are my goals and intentions I hope they provide a little bit of
inspiration for you if you’re looking for some goals and intentions yourself
so now that I have them all on my phone I’ll probably keep them on my phone just
because I like to have them in multiple places but I also want to write them
down in my notebook and kind of prioritize them so so kind of thinking
through how I want to do it but I think I’m going to prioritize it by life work
personal so my three categories and then at within those three categories I’m
gonna prioritize it by the biggest ones to the smallest ones so that I can kind
of see the biggest ones first and then the smallest ones like they’ll be there
too but obviously the biggest ones like gotta be at the top so that’s the plan
and then after that I’m going to actually type it up on my computer so I
have my computer here also and I love using Google Docs that’s what I use
because I have the app on my phone and I can put it in my Google
and it’s just in the cloud and it’s just a good place for it to be I feel like so
I’m gonna put it in there and that way I’ll have it like wherever I go and
it’ll be on the cloud so please save and then I want to start planning my videos
for January because I don’t have any plans except for the one I’m filming
down so you gotta get planning and then I can like bleed into the other month as
well and if you guys want to follow along with me I wrote down these four
steps so the first step was reflect and that was kind of just looking at last
year so that was my video clips of the beginning of this video and then the
second one was brainstorming so that’s what I did at the beach yesterday just
thinking of all the things I want to accomplish and focus on and then third
is organized and then fourth is prioritize and plan so let’s start
organizing and writing down everything in our nice little list this is what it looks like
so I have my three categories and the name a bullet point list and I just
organized it from like my first priority to my bottom priority even though they
all are important to me just about I kind of see the most important ones
burgers and it looks like thank you guys so much for watching this video I really
hope you enjoyed it and you found it helpful and you feel inspired and
refreshed and ready for 2020 I know it’ll be a beautiful year for all of us
and I am so thankful to experience it alongside you will thank you again for
everything in all your love in 2019 and the best is yet to come I’ll see you
soon bye you

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