Prince William begins course at Cambridge University

Prince William begins course at Cambridge University

Prince William arrived at Cambridge University
on Tuesday morning to start his bespoke ten week agricultural management course. He was
accompanied by university officials as he walked around the quad at the world’s third
oldest uni, where he’ll spend around 20 hours a week at lectures, seminars and meetings. The Duke will also have to write essays and
attend field trips for the course, which is from the the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability
Leadership, the patron of which is Prince Charles. William has always had an interest in agriculture
and has attended a number of agricultural events in the past, and the new course is
designed to educate him further on rural issues ahead of his future role as head of the Duchy
of Cornwall, a vast 540.9 square kilometre farm estate. The intensive training will force William
to cut back on some of his royal duties and spend nights away from Kate and their baby,
Prince George. Some Cambridge students have said the Prince
is not clever enough to study at Cambridge, with his ABC at A level branded “mediocre”
by the student newspaper, although many other students have spoken of their excitement at
having the royal study alongside them. Kensington Palace has said this is a “transitional” year
for William, who left the Royal Air Force in September last year, where he trained in
north Wales as a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot. He will now focus more on his royal
and charitable duties.

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