Review: KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Speakers

Hi everyone, it’s Adam
with World Wide Stereo. Today I’m going to show you the KLH
floor standing speaker, the Cambridge. The KLH Cambridge speaker
is the first of three in its lineup. You’ll notice on the front,
it has two five and a quarter inch woven Kevlar woofers. It has a one inch
anodized aluminum tweeter. The fit and finish
of these things is fantastic. You get real wood veneers,
you get a brushed aluminum face plate that goes actually with the grain of the wood. And you’ll see there’s
no visible fasteners on the front, so the grille just has a magnetic clip
on the back to go in the front. And the grille has the KLH logo on it. If we take a look at the back of the
speaker, you’ll see your port hole on the back, and you’ll see four
binding posts for your speaker wire. Now, speakers can either
come with two or four posts. When you see four posts
that tells you that you can either bi-amp or bi-wire the speaker. The Cambridge speaker here
is capable of handling about 200 watts, has a frequency response
of 33 hertz to 23,000 hertz. It is an eight-ohm speaker,
and it has an efficiency rating of 94 dB. That tells you that with one watt
of power, you’re going to get about 94 decibels of sound out of this speaker,
which is pretty substantial when you consider a concert
is about 110 to 120 decibels. So one watt of power,
94 decibels of sound, that’s a lot of sound. The Cambridge floor standing
speaker is available in two finishes, the walnut that you see in front of you,
it’s also available in a black oak. In either scenario, the grille
for the speaker will be black. If you look at the bottom of the speaker,
you’ll see that we’ve used the carpet spikes here. If you tend to have a wood floor,
you’re going to want to use the rubber feet that it comes with. The KLH speaker is also
fully designed in the USA. You can use them as a nice little
two-channel stereo system for maybe a smaller room, you could use this
in conjunction with a TV and a surround sound system, they offer center
channels and rears and subwoofers. And I always find that with these speakers
you get a lot of sound for the money. So, great value, great job KLH. The KLH Cambridge speaker will be
available online at, or if you happen to be in the area,
you can stop by our Ardmore or Montgomeryville,
Pennsylvania showrooms. We offer free shipping, a 60-day
return policy, and we’re authorized dealers for everything that we sell here. If you have any questions at all,
you can leave that in the comment section below, or please
call or email us at any time. Please remember to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. This is Adam with
World Wide Stereo reminding you to listen to music every day. So long. ♪ [music] ♪

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