St. Olaf Campus Tour

St. Olaf Campus Tour

Welcome to St. Olaf College. Let’s take a
tour of some of the great places you’ll find here on campus.
First up, Buntrock Commons the center of student life at St. Olaf. Here you’ll do
everything from eating fantastic meals in Stav Hall, the cafeteria, to dancing
the night away in the Pause. There’s also Viking Theatre which shows newly
released movies on the weekends and Fireside which is a great place to curl
up with a good book next to a crackling fire. Buntrock also has the campus
bookstore and the post office where you might find a Friday flower from your
secret admirer in your post office box and the Cage where you can grab a hot
cup of coffee or a quick meal to go. Next up, Boe Chapel. Here we have Daily
Chapel as well as full Sunday service. There are also over 21 different
religious organizations on campus. The flags in the chapel represent the more
than 90 nations that our students and faculty hail from. Welcome to the Skoglund and Tostrud
centers. These are our primary athletics and recreation facilities. We’ve got a
ton of fun things to do here. We have a field house, a weight room, a cardio room,
a swimming pool, and a rock wall. About 65% of our student body participates
in athletics on campus, be it varsity sports, intercollegiate clubs, or
intramurals. I’ve played inner tube water polo for the past two years. We have several buildings dedicated to
academics, beginning with the newly renovated Holland Hall. Originally built
90 years ago and modeled after the Mont Saint-Michel
Monastery in France, the building houses political science, sociology, and
anthropology, history, philosophy, social work, and economics departments. Welcome to Regents Hall of Natural and
Mathematical Sciences. My personal favorite. Regents has four floors with
great study nooks, classrooms with gorgeous views, and bright spacious labs.
Regents has state of the art equipment and labs where students get hands-on
research experience in a variety of disciplines like our green roof as well
as technology like our NMR machine. There are several buildings dedicated to
the fine arts. The first is the theater building. Kelsey Theatre is a proscenium
stage theater and it is right in the heart of campus. We have five main
theater productions throughout the academic year
directed by theater faculty, one of which is always a musical. Another facility is
a Center for Art and Dance which houses dance studios, performance spaces, art
galleries, and art studios. I’m a dancer so I spend a lot of time here. There are lots of different places to
study on campus. For example, the reference room and Rolvaag Memorial
Library. You can find really great spots to study by yourself and spaces where
you can collaborate with the group. There’s definitely something that will
suit everybody. The English department is next door and the class rooms lend
themselves to discussions where you can learn a lot from each other and your
professors. Our student faculty ratio is twelve to one and we were recently
ranked in the top 20 for best undergraduate teaching in the US News &
World Report, and finally there is Christiansen Hall
of Music and Urness Recital Hall. St. Olaf College has a wonderful music
department that offers a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts in music for those who want to pursue performance, music education, or composition, but you
don’t have to be a music major to participate in any of our music
ensembles including eight choirs, two orchestras, and three bands, as well as a
variety of student-led ensembles like acapella groups and student bands which
have shows and concerts in the Pause. While the library is a great place to
acquire knowledge, students can apply that knowledge with the help of the
Piper Center. Through internships and alumni connections, the Piper Center not
only helps students craft cover letters and update their resumes, but help
students to discern their vocation and also connects them with alumni who’ll
help them find opportunities to pursue their passion after they graduate. Our
buildings and facilities are just the start. We have over three hundred and
twenty-five acres of restored wetlands, woodlands, and native tall-grass prairie. I
would know, I’m a photographer and I’ve spent a lot of time out there taking
pictures above the landscape and the animals which live there. That’s the tour.
We’ve also got many other academic spaces, residence halls, about 20 language
and honor houses, and several unique study spaces to explore. To see those,
you’ll have to come to campus and visit. See you soon!

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  1. My son has been accepted to St Olaf and Carleton, and is having a tough time deciding. He doesn't want to be a music major but is a fantastic cellist. He's also very interested in Concordia, Moorhead.

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