STRICT Asian Mom Reacts To My CRAZY College Photos

STRICT Asian Mom Reacts To My CRAZY College Photos

What’s up CantoMando squad. If it’s your first time here, I’m Edward and today I’m with my very very sweet mom. Hi. Hello. We’re over at my family house today, and today I’m gonna be showing her some lovely “wholesome” photos from college and my travels etc. Are you ready? I’m ready. What are you gonna show me? Aren’t you afraid? Everything you’ve shown me has been surprising anyway. Before we begin, this video is brought to you by Squarespace. We’re very happy to work with Squarespace today, because we absolutely love them. From building a website to building an online presence, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform you need to pursue your passion projects. So, we’ll have more details later on in the video. But for now, I’m gonna show my mom the photos. Let’s go! Why are you so impatient? Yes, I want to know. Quick, let me see. What is it? This is a hospital. This isn’t you, is it? This is me. When was it? Where was it? A month ago. What happened? What? What were you doing in the hospital? Why didn’t I know? You can’t do this. You have to tell me everything. I need to know. This is gonna be a long day. How long did it last? About 15 minutes only. I thought you would have been more worried about me. Turns out you’re not even a little worried. You’re perfectly fine now, what is there to worry about? Are you not worried that I wasn’t fine? I’m your only son! Yes, I’m worried. What the hell? You let an animal climb on you? What’s wrong? What is this thing? Raccoon. It’s a wild one. So many germs! In Korea, there’s a cafe that let raccoons climb on your head. What the hell? There are so many germs. Do you approve of this? Of course I don’t approve of this. Why not? These are wild animals. Are they raised by humans? People keep them, but… People keep them as pets, right? Yes, it’s a pet. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pet, it’s still dirty. It climbed on you. My mom is the biggest germaphobe ever. I don’t like it. Of course I don’t like it. You don’t care about hygiene at all. I thought this one would be cute for my mom. I thought you would think this one is cute. You think this is cute? What’s wrong with you? Yuck. The next photo. You will think it’s weird, okay? But I can explain. *Disgusted asian expression* Why is this so ugly? Where did you take this? Do you like it? Where did you take this? At a friend’s basement. I helped him with a course project. I modelled for him. What an achievement! She said it’s an achievement. You got to be a model! I thought she’d be embarrassed. It looks quite handsome! Very handsome! Are you not mad at me? Look at my outfit. What’s the problem with this outfit? You dress like this when you swim. If my sister dressed like that, would you be angry? If it’s your sister then of course not!! She can’t? The benefits of being a guy for Asian parents. Next. This photo looks so nice. Send it to me. Why? Are you gonna put it on WeChat? My mom wants to put it on WeChat. She wants to send it to her friends. It’s weird. Wow. What the heck? When was this taken? Can’t you recognise? That passport photo? Yes. You see? You were so ugly with long hair. Now you look good. It’s like two different people, can you see? It’s like two different people. Do you remember that time when you were going on a plane, they couldn’t tell if it was you at customs Do you remember? Do you remember you asked me to cut my hair? You insisted not to cut. You looked like a thief. It looks like I just got released from prison, right? She said I just got out of jail. I actually had hair like this. I thought it was pretty cool for like a year. I wanted to try different things, but I realised that it’s not a suitable look for me so I’m not doing it anymore. They don’t need a wanted poster if they’re looking for a thief, all they need is this photo. Next photo, okay? Isn’t this me? This is a photo of me and you. What’s the problem with it? Does every photo I show you have to have a problem? I’ve seen this photo so many times. I like it. You were so cute. Christmas. Was I around 3-4? You were over 4, you were in first grade. You were so tiny. You always cried when you went to school. Back in the days, I would always cry when I go to school, because…I wanted her to pick me up. I thought I would throw in like a sentimental photo here, so to make her feel happy. Seeing this picture makes me so happy. Okay, so you might not be as happy for the next photo. Are you scaring me again? What scary stuff do you have? Were you drunk? Look at your own son’s face! I looked like an idiot. What’s wrong with you? I told you to not go drinking but you still did. What’s the matter? I only drank a bit. You promised me that you will never drink. When did I make such promise? Before you went off to college. You didn’t keep your promise. You said you won’t drink like your sister. You said you won’t drink. Yeah, and also… I saw my sister get drunk before, when I was like in high school, and I told my mom that I would NEVER be like my sister. Then in this picture of me in first year. I don’t ever drink now. There he is lying again. Drinking costs so much money and it’s not good for your health. But you also drink. I don’t drink. You do. Then why do you… You favourite is Icewine. The sweet one. Oh yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Got her! She needs a lie detector. The lie detector test determined… That was a lie. Hey mom, the next photo. This picture isn’t scary. It was scary when you were eating them. You finished such a huge dish of rice noodle rolls. What’s wrong with that? You eat when you’re hungry. How did you finish that? You forced yourselves to finish them all. You overate. Yeah, but there’s no problem with it, mom. Don’t do that, really. Don’t do that. That video set a bad example to your audience. If people did what you did, it’ll cause damage to their bodies. We didn’t waste the food! We brought the leftovers home. It’s not about wasting, it’s about overeating. If people see the video and imitate you, it’ll cause harm to their bodies. You are a bad influence, you know? Okay. Sorry to everyone. Don’t eat food like us, okay? Don’t do mukbangs. I was already angry when I hadn’t finished watching the video. My heart hurts seeing you overeat. Whenever you swallowed, my heart hurt. Did it really? Why did you torment yourself like that? You let yourself down. You let your mom down. Okay then, next photo. Let’s not talk about it, okay? This is you dyeing your hair in the states! Is it? Yeah, my first time dyeing. I’m angry again just from seeing this! What’s the problem? There are cancer-causing subtances in the dye, you know? Cancer-causing substances? Yes. That’s an exaggeration! Look, you also dyed your hair. It’s the bleach. You bleached it before dyeing it. I bleached it 3 times. Exactly. So harmful to your hair. It causes cancer when it touches your skin. This was from my Jungkook transformation when I was in LA. I got my hair dyed for the first time. Do you remember what you said when I came back? I said I don’t want to see you. You said it was blinding. I got dizzy. I got dizzy when I saw it. She said she saw it and she got dizzy. You said you had to wear sunglasses. You look better with natural colour. The roots look good. It feels soft and it looks good. Next one. There’s more? Yeah, there’s still a few more. Quick. Okay. Before I show you guys more photos, I just quickly want to talk to you guys about Squarespace. If you guys are pursuing a passion project, you absolutely have to have an online presence. Check out our beautiful website on Squarespace! Squarespace makes buiilding websites super easy, and it’s very easy to integrate with your social media platforms as well. If you guys want to start something of your own, like building an online portfolio, or a blog, then you have to check out Squarespace. We got you guys a free trial or 10% off your website or domain. So check it out after the video with the link in the description box. Trust me, you guys won’t regret it. Alright, let’s go back to the video, and show my mom more photos. Okay, next photo. Wowwww, so handsome. That’s weird, mom. I’m wearing underwear! There’s nothing wrong with it. Many models dress like that. The ads out there are all like this. Alright. It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong. My mom likes these photos apparently. Send it to me! What are you going to do with it? Are you gonna put it on WeChat? No, I’m gonna look at it when I have time. Mom, that’s weird. I’m your son! What’s wrong? Thank you. You are the world’s nicest and most supportive mommy, okay? What’s wrong with this? There’s nothing wrong with this, okay. Okay, okay. Good, good. Next photo. Wow, you dressed like a woman. What’s wrong with you? You dressed like a girl. With your hand on your waist. Your posture looked like a girl. Yeah. That’s a decent girl impersonation. You’ve been calling me short since I was small. Aren’t you proud that I finally got 4-5 inches taller? It looks quite cool. Yeah? Yeah. If you’re a short guy, wear high heels in front of your parents. They’ll like it. Is that right? Let’s see if you like the next photo. Skydiving! It was so dangerous! It scared me so much. This photo is so impressive. Huh? Yes. Don’t you think it’s dangerous? It’s over already, and you’re fine now. Oh okay. That’s a good mentality to have. If it’s over, it’s okay. If you told me beforehand, then I would be scared. I won’t be scared if it’s over. I didn’t tell you at the time. I just went with my sister, right? Of course not. You went there all three together. You showed me pictures on the computer afterwards. Then were you angry with us? I was so scared. Key: if you ever want to go skydiving, never tell your parents before you go. See, I won’t be scared when I see the pics after you did it. Then what if I plan to skydive next week? You’re kidding. No, I’m serious. You’re kidding. I’m serious, mom. Don’t you scare me. Are you actually? I’m serious. Where? During my vacation. Don’t do it, okay? Don’t scare me. Don’t go skydiving. Once is enough. Don’t do this kind of stuff, really. I don’t want to see anymore. Why not? You scare me. Tell me you’re not going. Really, don’t go skydiving. Listen to your mom. Okay… Let’s look at the next photo, okay? Let’s not talk about it, okay? Of course I like this picture. You looked like a superstar back then. Really? Of course. A baby superstar. I don’t even remember anything from this one. I was too young to remember. This is my favourite photo ever. This photo? This exact one? Yes! Why do you like it so much? You were 9 months old in this photo. It was taken in Repulse Bay. How handsome, how cute! My forehead was as big as it is now, but my head was half the size. Why did you give me such a big forehead? My friends still make fun of my big forehead to this day. Do they? Yeah, Mike and Sheldon. You looked like those babies on posters. Like those star babies. Do you like it? It’s my favourite. Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video with me and my mom. And if you guys want to start with your passion projects, then click on the link in the description box below for 10% off your first website and domain with Squarespace. Trust me, guys, it’s awesome, you guys won’t regret it. And if you guys are interested in more of our videos, then click right here to see more. Until next time, goodbye!

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