Student life at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge || THE LOD POD

Student life at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge || THE LOD POD

hey guys welcome to my channel the Lord
pod my name is Elodie and I’m a student at Cambridge and I study languages it’s
a couple of videos back and I took a break for the Christmas holidays but
every Thursday’s when I upload a couple of videos ago I talked about getting
pulled to an all-women’s college when I had not applied to an all-women’s
college for Cambridge and how I just didn’t want to go to an all-women’s
college that will be linked up here in a card and down below but essentially my
thoughts on and my initial reaction from being pulled will be it are in that
video so go and have a look if you want to know more about that before this
video um so I’m currently at the at the college which is called Murray Edwards
College it used to be called new Newton it used to be called New Hall um and
it’s one of two all women’s colleges at Cambridge the other one is Newnham whilst
I will be talking about what it’s like to live in an all-women’s College I will
be talking about my college in general and why I absolutely adore Murray Edwards
College I’m just gonna preface this with well I absolutely love Murray Edwards and
most of these are going to be positive points there will be a couple of
negative ones but they’ll be at the end so make sure you watch till the end for
that so why do we love Murray Edwards firstly I don’t love Murray Edwards
because it’s an all women’s college I love Murray Edwards for many many
reasons basic advantages of Murray Edwards there are no tourists I don’t
know if you know a little bit about tourism and Cambridge and colleges but a
while back Clare college had a scandal where a scandal had a problem where
tourists were barging into university rooms and students rooms and tourists
were just barging in because you don’t need a card or key to get into many many
rooms and Clare college they’ve tightened their security now and it’s
quite a bit harder to do things like that and they close it off to tourists
at certain periods of the year but anyways you would never get that Murray
Edwards because you need cards and keys to get
in and you only you can only have you need so you need Murray Edwards students
card to get into certain places and after a certain time in the evening you
you will need a card to get into College itself before you can actually
go anywhere I like the fact that there are no tourists and it’s incredibly safe
College what I like Oh many colleges the traditional beautiful because my college
I’m gonna say now is not beautiful on the outside its homey and cozy and
lovely on the inside but it’s just not nice on the outside it looks like one
portion of it looks like r2d2 on the outside and then a giant nipple on the
inside which is the dome but yeah if you’ve been there you know what I’m
talking about so yeah even though it’s not a beautiful
College it does mean that we’re more relaxed there and the garden is on
lovely and you can walk on the grass you can have picnics on the grass
the gardens off the gardeners often put little signs up and they created a nest
last year there’s a little beach as well that’s been created with a parasol sand
and a little deck chair yeah they do lots of really cool things and they
plant there in that corn so the corn traders are so good I think they’ve they
used it all last time but it was so good yeah so we have a lot of homegrown
vegetables at Murray Edwards the library is a pretty quirky and cool library I
really love them are able to library the poetess actually have awards for their
pastoral care and just how amazing they are which are displayed in the porters’
lodge but you don’t need to see those to know why they got them so the porters
are always lovely they’re always there to help you even if it’s 3:00 a.m. and
you’re home a little bit tipsy and you’ve lost your car and all you left in
your room or whatever they’re always there for you 24/7 they’re so sweet on
email as well if you ever need anything when you’re away from college you
accidentally send a parcel to college they’ll sort it out for you they’re just
lovely lovely Porter’s if you’ve ever been to Oxford or Cambridge you know
that some porters will be grumpy AF really strict unnecessarily strict and
annoying just really really grumpy shit to be honest and I am so glad that
Murray Edwards was this not one of those colleges the community at Murray Edwards is
really really amazing so a lot of colleges all of people from other
colleges when they come and visit Murray Edwards they’re kind of shocked and
surprised at how friendly it is and how its kind of close-knit we I even though
we don’t know each other everybody I know every single person because it’s
about 500 students there so if you need anything for example I’ll put on the
Facebook group that we have for all students such as I’m locked in the
corridor can you please let me in and I think the record because I’ve done it a
couple of times my I’m better now I don’t I haven’t done it in a while but
anyways there’s record I’ve had his 20 seconds someone was out of their room
down the stairs and let me into my corridor that and that was incredible I
we’d never met before we never spoken before and she was just and you go off
and then she was back off to her room it’s just such a an amazing community
and we have different things but pages with different things so we have an
object sharing collective we have address sharing one obviously other ones
for societies within Murray Edwards and there’s the JCR as well and there’s ence
one and you might think that you get bombarded with too many notifications
with all of these pages but actually it’s fairly reasonable and it’s very
inclusive that way that everyone has access to what’s going on and when and
you can always ask people for help that’s mainly what I love about Murray
Edwards the fact that it’s all women I doesn’t make me feel safer to be honest
the fact that we have higher security that tight security and the porters are
great at what they do makes me feel safe and the fact that there are any men in
my corridor doesn’t make me feel any safer
I just don’t think how safe I am depends on the gender of the person next door to
be honest and I don’t think I mean I used to say that our kitchen was cleaner
than the mix colleges because I’ve been to a few mixed college kitchens but that
has come to a head this year because the people on my corridor are completely
disrespectful of the kitchen and I don’t mean everyone on the corridor as I’ve
said this before I don’t mean everyone on the corridor the people who are doing
the stuff that they are doing the people who are leading rotten potatoes on the
table the people who are living rotting mugs out and not clearing after
themselves and not living in space but I’m not going to get into a rant about
that anyways I don’t think the fact that it’s all women’s makes it cleaner I
don’t think the fact that it’s all women makes me feel safer I don’t sing
the fact that it’s or women mix it any better to be honest unless only things I
don’t like about Murray Edwards so number one something that kind of
made me a little bit upset last year is that I’ve always loved our college
president she’s very supportive of the rowing team she comes with her little
teddy bear of year to cheer us on on her bike and she cycles along I’ve had
immense respect for her until the oxfam scandal came out and if you want to know
more about that you can look at it on Google I’m not going to go into detail
but I don’t think the college whether it was her or you know the PR or whatever
it is HR that handle it did it very well they basically put out a statement
saying that all the students who were supportive of her and that we didn’t
think any less of her and things like that when nobody asked the students what
they thought before that article was posted
maybe they asked one student but they did not do a poll they did not email us
they did not ask us officially for our opinion overall as a college and I think
that was handled very very poorly I don’t like their own chrome at Moore
Edwards I think it’s great that it’s basically mainly student-run and it’s
run well on the student level but there is a coach there who is lovely and
amazing and incredible and I had a great time rowing like not under him rowing
with him coaching but there is a coach there as well
who I’m not going to name who is absolutely useless arrogant gets way too
drunk at events says awful things and to be honest is never going to get married
words very far because his experience and his expertise is very good for
novices gets novices quite far but it won’t get people to an expert level of
rowing at all and I don’t like his coaching style either but that’s not
really a personal thing or like a professional thing really it’s just
everyone has a different style but I don’t like that either but basically one
evening he actually went up to and we have book club dinners he went up to a
Peter house we share their Boat Club and said come to Weatherspoon’s I’ll bring
w1 pussy and w1 is the women’s first boat
bring WN pussy is what he said and he hasn’t been known to make awful comments
just when he gets massively hammered at these events as well so I wouldn’t like
if you want to write for Murray Edwards I wouldn’t let that put you off because
there are different coaches there and maybe and there’s quite a few people who
actually do like him you know I’m just one who doesn’t like him and he you his
coaching wise he would get you to a good level of rowing but not a very Pro or
very competitive level of wrote yeah so I don’t like the boat club and I
distance myself from that and ended up coaching for Trinity which was great fun
loved coaching for Trinity Boat Club yeah this is a long rambling video I’m
gonna have to edit this so much but if you enjoyed it please make sure to
subscribe on my face and like the video

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  1. Just received an offer from Murray Edwards (I was pooled too) and this has made me feel a lot better. Really looking forward to the offer holders stay x

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