The Epic of Gilgamesh, Lecture by Andrew George

The Epic of Gilgamesh, Lecture by Andrew George

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  1. All of this is symbolically referring to the 4 seasons and its impact on human life and the wisdom we accumulate in the process. The more wisdom one obtain the closer to immortality he gets. The serpent sheds its skin in order to put off the old and take on the new.

  2. Why do academics just ignore the world mountain? Thank goodness we have people like David Talbott in the world.

  3. Look this is a really long shot but maybe someone will know the answer to this:
    Lobsters are the only organism I am aware of that are fucntionally immune to death from old age due to an enzyme which prevents deterioration of their DNA when their cells split. The plant Gilgamesh picked with rejuvenating properties came from the sea. I know lobsters are omnivorous, but they don't eat just any plant life. Does anyone know what specific plants Lobsters will eat in the wild?

  4. I really want to here the story, but his enthusiasm is so dry. Would love to hear this from Graham Hancock, or someone with the flare for story telling like NDT, or Cox.

  5. What a fascinating lecture!! I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing it!!!

  6. Enkidu was seduced by Ishtar. That was Inanna. She was also known as Isis in Egypt. She was a goddess. She was NOT a prostitute anymore than Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. A sexual female is not equal to a prostitute.

    She was Anu's granddaughter. She was Enki's daughter; one of the twins for whom.the the constellation of Gemini was named. They even mention the Temple of Ishtar at the end of the poem. A prostitute, indeed.

  7. The Truth of the Word of God is simple, logical and offered to all by grace. 
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  8. So apparently, we need more people to translate these ancient tablets. So much knowledge locked in undecyphered tablets.

  9. The shortcoming of his "message" at teh end is that sometimes the community does NOT have the best interests of it's members in mind – and will oppress them. Ironically communism AND straight democracy end up oppressing the "minority" group, or the individual, in the "interests" of the whole, even if those interests are say, re-appropriation of farmland from it's rightful owners – and often their execution because of prejudice of the majority group, like we see in South Africa.

  10. If you subtract all the hyperbole , conjecture and Baby boomer solipsism from this lecture, you get a 7 minute lecture that you got in 6th grade anyway.

  11. I can't stop listening to the breathtaking intro. I must have played it 5x over.
    Why did you bother tacking the lecture on the end?

  12. Going good, really enjoyed the presentation until that last lady. Then it really felt like I was being lectured.

  13. Half a million tablets with only a few people that can decipher them? Sounds like a job for Google Translate.

  14. Gilgamesh means
    Gil means cloth
    Gamesh means Oxe
    That's Oxe's cloth
    Thats Kurdish language and History. Fact
    Yet all these fake historians dont have The balls to even mentioned The Kurds. Shame on you

  15. Ahhhh… the earliest form of written insanity. The story that gave birth to the self-centered religious cults so prevenant in the last few thousand years. A story, not divine contact. If god were to appear humans would most likely try and kick his a**. We haven't learned and I fear we never will….

  16. These
    big questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? They
    never ask that in the mainstream. They just leave that to religions to
    divert people off into rigid belief systems.

  17. All you can do everyday, is do what you believe is right. That's what I do, and what will be, will be.

  18. Gilgamesh didn't [just] stop: His story was set upon tablets of stone, or it was written down in clay tablets [?] Get it?
    I think I can help, but I have No decorate except my inclination .. Great Lecture

  19. A really good professor in a highly specialized field can sometimes lose touch with reality – I can assure you that hardly anybody in the USA knows about Gilgamesh and I suspect the same holds true for Western Europe. The wonderful thing about the great universities is that they are a haven for these "ivory tower folks" where the flame of obscure knowledge burns quietly but oh so brightly.

  20. One of the greatest lectures on YouTube. It is a masterclass on delivery. Skip the fawning intro and start with the speaker at 3:54

  21. Genesis 11:10,,,,,
    This is the history of Shem. Shem was 100 years old when he became father to Ar·pachʹshad+ two years after the Flood.

    By this date we know the flood was in 2370 BC. How?
    By Ordinal Mathmatics which are defined as……"In set theory, an ordinal number, or ordinal, is one generalization of the concept of a natural number that is used to describe a way to arrange a collection of objects in order, one after another". And we have it in Bible Chronology.

    From the beginning of the Flood to Arpachshad’s birth

    2 years

    Then to the birth of Shelah

    35 years

    To the birth of Eber

    30 years

    To the birth of Peleg

    34 years

    To the birth of Reu

    30 years

    To the birth of Serug

    32 years

    To the birth of Nahor

    30 years

    To the birth of Terah

    29 years

    To the death of Terah, when Abraham was 75 years old

    205 years


    427 years.
    The Bible is even more precise because it also gives the month and day. The flood began in 2370 BC on October 1.
    How can we know this? By using Ordinal Numeric Mathematics on the timeline above and also a known reference point or set position/order of both *year*, *month*, and *day*. And we have it here.

    Genesis 7;11,,,,
    In the *600th year of Noah’s life*, in the *second month*, on the *17th day of the month*, on that day all the springs of the vast watery deep burst open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

    Now we know how long sense the flood time places us. 2370+2019=4389+1 year for the Roman Calendar year of "ZERO 1bc-0-1ce" has to be added gives us a total of 4390 years exactly on/by October 1st 2019 AD.

    And the Bible ordinal order gives the date of Adams Creation likewise in 4026 BCE.
    Nice to know man has only been on earth for some 6,046 years. And at least your video sheds a truth of the matter when you say People began working on the Poem of Gilgamesh some 4,000 years ago. Many claim it was 5,500 years ago which is incorrect.

    It is however enlightening to see learned men and scholars to analyze a known literary work based on a linguistic story of which points directly to the parallel Noah's Flood. In that time after the Flood for some 300 years or more, not everyone followed God or his chosen ones. And up until this time the Gilgamesh was written, only Abraham who was sent out of Ur to go to Haran and Egypt would have been the only one who held firm the true record and accounting under God's direction.

    And with the story of Gilgamesh even though no literary work has ever been as precise as the Bible, it does however help establish and verify it in a round a bout way. Thanks !

  22. yeh,me too!cant sleep! but iznt ths incorporating a pro-Enlil propaganda suggesting/negating his half-bro Enki inc.prossy Sis. Ishtar?(enki-poo?or enkidu/enki-dont maybe)also like how'the beasts'run away frm Enkidu like a sexually triumphant Tarzan in reverse! Assides to that;-intresting too'the'The sqare mile'as in the city of london,vatican or washington?(just a thought!)'I like the'end of the beginning'or vice,versa'hero's journey etc…'Thanx 4 the upload!

  23. pity we cant train up a couple thousand people how to read them and get them all translated in a short time

  24. Enkidu was brought to civilization by the high priestess. He had previously been consorting with animals, but by the time he got done converting his animal energy to something higher with the help of the high priestess (who put on her best clothes to go out and seduce the animalistic barbarians such as the animalistic Enkidu, then once he had slaked his lust upon her transforming his animal energy to something higher, she took him by the hand and lead him to civilization).

    Instead of fighting Gilgamesh who was fucking every female in his realm when they came of age, Enkidu joined Gilgamesh in many of his exploits.

    As I recall, Enkidu expended his dying breath to bitch about having been civilized by the high priestess. Neither Enkidu nor Gilgamesh were heroes as far as humans are concerned. Bullies both of them. Great size was given to Gilgamesh (he held lions like house cats). Instead of preventing Gilgamesh from fucking every earth girl he came near, Enkidu joined forces with him.

  25. If homeboy believes this well then the earth as i know and the bible says is flat … You no how i no 100% very simple if you can think for yourself for just 10 min while looking up outside … If the clouds are moving by … Your not … Greatest saying in his story is keep it simple stupid … God bless the truth will set us free

  26. The first twenty minutes of this video are the greatest bastardization of a literary masterpiece imaginable. The errors and self serving twists are astonishing. Just proves the damage one person's agenda can do with historical revision. Among the great farces: 1. Reducing the Queen of Heaven to merely a prostitute without any further context makes dull a generation who think you are actually correct. 2. Gilgamesh's rebuke was not because she was a prostitute, that is why the long train of wronged lovers, such as Tammuz- not johns- were introduced in his rejection. 3. Enkidu was not Gilgamesh's lover. This is not merely opinion, this is deception. Such insinuation of agenda into historical revision requires the jettisoning of the two females that framed and cross pollinated the texture of Gilgamesh and Enkidu- both female of opening and mid section closing with their male counterparts as part of a process of reconciliation. So, there are four essential bi gender characters here, not two lovers. 4. It is the "Old Man is Young Again" plant elixir Gilgamesh imagined. He never considered giving this to a young man first. I do not have a different exegesis, only your first twenty minutes of lecture are… a mess.

  27. The DEEP ONES: below this video: note: MIRIAM CHARTIERS comments. thank you

  28. Interesting. My interpretation of the lines @53:44 about death is a little different. My opinion is that Utanapishti is telling us that death is not something we experience, and thus shouldn't be feared. We will not see death, or hear it, because we will not be present for it. Death is not something we experience, we only experience life, and perhaps the moments leading up to death, but never death itself. The meaning of life and death truly is the everlasting questions of mankind!

  29. 4,000yrs old with as much relevance today, as when it first was put on tablet. Thanks to the dedication of people like Andrew George, those from whom he learned, and those who shall learn from him; we get the privilege of seeing priceless history.

  30. a little after 9:00 he makes an assumption that everyone understands fairness. Sadly today we have the far left who don't understand fairness. They see it in the everyone gets an equivalant share no matter the other circumstances. Even if they choose to thumb the scales against you because of your skin color, gender and/or sexuality. All under the guise of being the protectors and arbitrators of fairness.

  31. The Epic of Gilgamesh is far older than a mere 4000 years! There is absolutely no evidence of a world wide flood or catastrophe anywhere near 2000 BC or for that matter 4000 BC! There is however evidence of a world wide Flood and Cosmic Strike and the end of many megafauna animal species at precisely 10,000 BC or 12,000 YBP! This means that the book of Genesis in the Bible is taken out of context from a far older Egyptian or Sumerian legend. As a matter of fact, there is an outline of a ship near Mount Ararat 6500 FT above sea level. It was investigated by the old TV show 'In Search Of' with Leonard Nimoy. This ship like object also is surrounded by drogue anchor stones about 8 ft high. These were tied to the back of the ship with ropes off the 3 giant beams that protrude from the back of the ship. The ship was carbon dated, it is so old the wood was petrified and it is Cedar Wood that was covered in creosote/pitch. Also the framing of the boat had metal rivets across each lap joint. The ship was carbon dated to 10,000 BC! Thats precisely the time of the disappearance of Atlantic according to Plato. It is also the time of the disappearance of Dwarka in India, Krishnas holy city. It is also the time of the disappearance of the Cities of the Sun and Moon in South America near Lake Titicaca! This is the same time period as a global cosmic strike by a meteor swarm that caused the disappearance of the worlds large animals and the large animals that roamed the North American plains like the Rhino and the Camel. My point is that the Bible is wrong. Also wrong are the Jews and their dates! It means the story or legend is NOT THEIRS but borrowed from a far older culture that isnt there anymore. For those of you that love history I will tell you a secret. The Bible is made up of Books that do not belong to Jews, or Semites. Case in point, all of the Psalms of David are from Egypt, not Jews. Every one was a forgery, and Egypt should get the credit not Jews. Moses and the Levites were actually Arab Hyksos invaders of Egypt that borrowed heavily from Egypts libraries and legends and laws. Egypt was invaded by an Arab semite peoples in 1800 BC, and these Arab Nomads were called Sheperd Kings. They were Hyksos that spoke Aramaic. They were not Chosen People, they were foreign Invaders of Egypts Life Giving civilization! Egypt kicked them out in the 18th Dynasty around 1400 BC, theres the Exodus of a Barbarian, Nomadic peoples from Arabia! These peoples worshipped a Sabbaean god named Yaweh…sound familiar? These Arab peoples of Moses were the so called Levites. These were the so called writers of your Torah! Now in contrast compare the Hasmonean Dynasty in Israel with the Levites history and you will also find that they are two different peoples! After Alexander the Great, it was the Macabbees that took over what is today Israel. They were known as the Hasmonean Dynasty. It's from the Hasmoneans that todays Jews come from! Matathias was the first Hasmonean! Neither wrote or spoke Hebrew! The Bible is filled with contradictory information because half of it was stolen from the Egyptians! There is no such thing as the term 'Jew' even in this early time we are talking about. Also the term Semite specifically means Arabic! So the Jewish Timeline is a fraud! The Arabic timeline is also a FRAUD! Egypt has never been given the credit due! The Legend of Genesis is far older than both Arabs and Jews. The Ark really does exist across from Mt Ararat complete with drogue anchor stones. It is the ark of the legend and its been dated to 12000 YBP which parallels a great destruction of that time period. All else is lies and rubbish! Remember, you didnt learn this from Harvard! Ilearned these many facts from men greater than me-I just knew how to catalogue the information to make the bigger picture. I too love history, I too read the Bible, I too loved to learn about ancient societies and cities now underwater! I have found the fraud! The Jews, Christians, and Arabs are all working off the wrong timeline….but why? Also why do Egyptologists agree with the fake timeline? I will tell you….because of power and politics in todays world! Harvard was built on Jewish Opium running money so I suspect thats why Harvard is kissing the Jews ass and trying to make them look Historical! The truth is, if there were any ancient Jews who had power on the scale the Egyptians did, we would all be dead, because if you read the Jewish Babylonian Talmud written about 179 AD, it is the most corrupt, murderous, racially divided and hateful book ever written. So throw aay your Talmud, and your Torah, that come from 2 different groups of liars and frauds and give Egypt the credit it deserves, because thats where Moses borrowed his Ten Commandments from….from Egypts civil and spiritual society that existed for over 10,000 years unlike Jews, or unlike Arabs. The Bible is not what you think it is. Also, Abraham the Hyksos Arab King should not be in Genesis at all but he is written into the last Chapters…also a fraud. Abraham the Arab Semite was a Hyksos invader from 1800 BC. WHy is he in a 10,000 BC legend of the Flood book? Theres 8000 years of seperation there! I can show you the fraud over and over again but just used a few examples here. Now go set yourselves free and really learn something. DOnt bother calling me a bigot or an anti-semite….what I hate most are lies. I hate lies. So should you. Dedicate your life to truth and you will find it. But be ready for it, be ready for the paradigm shift that comes with it and stand on your own two feet. Whether there is a god or not is not the point of this. Exposing fraud in history is the point.

  32. Galgamesh/GilGamesh. In kurdish means Gil= soil, or jil= cloth, Ga= Bull or Gamesh means = Buffalo, Or Mesh= sheer fabric pertaining to skin. Bilgalgamesh: Bi= without, Ga= Bull, Gamesh= Buffalo, mesh= sheer fabric pertaining to skin. Or Gal/Gali means people ( The A pronounciation here is very light A).

  33. The fragments of book of Giants mentions Gilgamesh. Had a vision of a flood and called for Enoch for help… Cant remember exactly what happened.. been awhile since I read it

  34. Gilgamesh & Enki

    • CeCe (MOTHER GAEA) was Gilgamesh.

    • Amando Lewis Ocampo was Enki.

    • The story that is given is that they were lovers. This was fact.

    • They are not both male. This is where the story has been twisted.

    • The male was Enki … and tge female was CeCe (not the other way around).

  35. Hello. Thanks. Just to put it out there, you have know way of knowing how old the story of Noah is, vis the Babyloinin story, which you called original. That is totally your opinion.

  36. Well nimrod is an extra ordinary man…a warrior….and he is the son of cush…and cush is the son of noah….noah is a legend and has a long life …and noah was still alive at the time of nimrod nah for them is a hero the athrahasis the immortal tell..nimrod searched noah…

  37. I keep thinking that decoding and recompiling these tablets fragments is the kind of job for ai or machine learning. Why aren’t they using modern tools?

  38. This was most certainly Scripture of some kind, it's speaking about King Nimrod(Gilgamesh), who went by many names after the Tower of Babel.
    Osiris in Egypt, The Feathered. Serpent in the Americans and so many in between, basically if it has a God/Godless/male child, it's a Pagan pantheon with the Hero God Nimrod always depicted as a mighty hunter, and a giant.
    I think that the ancient Sumerian scribes flipped over in there graves when you said that this is not Scripture, it's Babylonian religion.
    Ah what do I know, I couldn't stand school.😀
    Thanks for an interesting lecture.

  39. A computer program similar to a Google Translator can decipher the tablets. All we need are people to assign meaning to the Babylonian letters and create keyboard with them on it. Then we type in copies of the clay tablets and allow the computer to even read them aloud. I volunteer to do the typing. If it were not for selfish, savage male egos forming armies, our magnificent histories, civilizations, and inventions would never have been lost or destroyed. We would mostly be living on space stations studying the natural earth from above. Plants and animals would not still be being destroyed if not for carnivorous, selfish, savage, sex seeking male egos. With world wide vasectomies at birth all pregnancies will be planned pregnancies. According to United Nations 556 children die of starvation every hour because selfish men demand sex from women who cannot escape or else the females were raised to believe they need to offer sex to attract and keep a man for a female's survival.

  40. "… because there wasn't anybody at the British Museum who could cope with twenty thousand tablets of cuneiform until 1866 when a young man named Irving Finkle came around."

  41. Interesting that cromagnon man lived till 8,000 years ago and only 4,000 years later people are writing the epic of Gilgamesh sneaking suspicion tells me they were also writing and building cities way before that .

  42. As soon as I met harward student Obama I knew its…

    Bunch of jackass who didn't know shit. ROFLMAO

    Gilgamesh. Yeah i have lot of respect for him. He kept people in line. I should have been like him. Fkin you up. ROFLMAO

  43. The Seven Sages were the Sebitti (the planets around the red star Nibiru).  The 3.5 square miles of Uruk is the 3.5 years of the End we are about to face!  It begins now!

  44. This is all sourced to two or three guys immediately following the worldwide cataclysmic series of events seemingly tied to the 1811-1812 "comet(s)" found dancing in the skies before earthquakes which cause mud floods and resets society at a time when all the world was in it's own civil war and the most magnificent architecture imaginable were being tossed about as millions of children like the little orphan Annie or Oliver Twist are found on a train. This man is a magician. He told you so at the beginning.

    All that to the side… A one world order of high society using free energy from sources like the hydrogen in water lived in this world about 200 years ago. Tell me professor? What does that mean? Are we on the other side missing the Kingdom of "God"? It would appear as though we are living in the days of Noah. It's like it just flooded, practically yesterday. Everyone with my last name is related by blood or marriage and are few. The name could not be more than 200 years old. Brusenhan. Brusenhan who? idk. It, ain't me. i don't bite!

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