This is CS50

This is CS50

SPEAKER: Hello, world. This is CS50, Harvard
University’s introduction to the intellectual
enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. CS50C is a course that teaches you
how to design and implement solutions to problems. But more than that, it teaches you
how to think more critically, more methodically, more computationally. Now computer science
itself, isn’t really about computers or programming
for that matter, but information. And We’ll first learn how to program
with Scratch, a graphical programming language by which we’ll explore some
fundamental programming constructs by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces. We’ll then quickly transition to a more
traditional text based language called, C, that’s actually been
around for quite a while, and as such, it doesn’t come with all
that many features out of the box, so to speak. We’ll then transition to Python, a
more modern language that you can use, not only to write programs, but also
web applications using CSS and HTML. The problems you’ll encounter
and solve along the way will come from the world of
cryptography, finance, music, and beyond. And always there to help you too, albeit
virtually, will be [? Vamila, ?] Doug, and classmates from around the world
who are learning alongside you. But the most fulfilling
experience ahead is to design and implement
an idea of your own by way of the course’s final project. Indeed, what ultimately
matters in this course, is not so much where you end
up relative to your classmates, but where you end up relative
to yourself when you began. This is CS50.

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  1. Best freakin intro ever 👍🏻👍🏻 I watched the first few lectures , and it's evident that this is one of the best video lecture series ever made available online. So kudos to the CS50 team, you guys rock 🤘🏼

  2. Loving CS50 so far. It has definitely made me think more methodically. Each problem set is like a brain teaser that I feel is making me sharper. Thank you Harvard University and edX for producing such a wonderful course!

  3. cs50 2018 on edx is not updated yet. They show 2017 material in 2018 version. When is this version coming on Edx?

  4. St. Petersburg State University ITMO, according to a HackerRank study, became the best higher education institution in the world for training programmers, so it’s better to take its courses:

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