This Is What You Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus

This Is What You Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus

It’s March 2020 and the world has been battling a new coronavirus outbreak for months. Since the first case originated in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China, the virus has made its way across the globe, causing economic decline, quarantines, and death. The World Health Organization has officially raised the global alert to the highest possible level. This novel coronavirus is a cause for concern because of how little we know about it and how quickly it’s spreading. What is different with this virus, which is both good and bad, is that it’s much less severe than SARs. But it also means that a lot of people remain undetected because it looks a bit like a normal common cold. They don’t develop very severe symptoms, and by the looks of it, people are already shedding the virus while they’re still quite healthy. Now, firstly, the novel coronavirus has been named SARS-Cov2, while the disease it causes is called COVID-19—short for coronavirus disease 2019. In just a few months, this coronavirus has caused over 97,000 cases of confirmed infection and has claimed over 3,000 lives, globally. These numbers continue to increase as it makes its way across the world and as we get better at identifying it. Now, as of March 3rd 2020, the WHO estimates that the death rate from COVID-19 is around a preliminary 3.4%, which is higher than the flu. But SARS-Cov2 has so far infected less than the flu has at its highest season, and estimations between the two will most likely continue to change as time moves on. No matter the comparison though, it’s still evident that lives are at stake from COVID-19. Which is why scientists are working rigorously on understanding its transmission, behavior, and how they can stop it. Since this viruses global debut, what have we learned about it and how fearful should we be? Coronaviruses are named for their structural elements, so they have this very prominent protein on their surface which is called a spike protein. We see them very prominently on the outer ring—and that looks a bit like a crown, or like the sun’s corona when we have a solar eclipse. And that gives them their name. In most cases, coronaviruses are respiratory RNA viruses that infect animals, such as bats, cats, and birds. But when they make the jump to humans, these viruses are known as zoonotic. There are seven known coronaviruses that will infect humans, causing diseases like the ones we’re familiar with: COVID-19, SARS, and MERS. SARS and MERS are previous outbreaks from the last few decades. In 2002, there was SARS, meaning Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. And in 2012, there was MERS, meaning Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. They each took less than 1,000 lives. But both are known to cause a severe case of pneumonia and lung injury, and death rates from these infections are higher than COVID-19: from 11% to more than 30%. So, what we see with this virus is that it’s definitely much milder than SARs, within the known SARS, within the known SARS cases. What contributes to the virus being so much milder than SARs are many, many contributing factors and we definitely don’t know the details of it yet from a virus perspective, but it appears to be where the virus infects. So more lungs alone rather than what we call systemic disease, when the virus attacks our internal organs—our intestines as well— so that makes the virus much milder than what we saw with SARS. In fact, mortality rates from COVID-19 vary on the age and previous health of the patient. Since it’s usually not the coronavirus itself, but how your immune system responds. So, for any virus to cause a human disease, they need to get into human cells. Different viruses like to grow in different cells of the body. This new coronavirus likes to grow in the lung cells. When they get into a cell, they require a surface receptor. So, the spike protein, that very prominent protein that we see, is basically the key-lock interaction that tells the cell to take up this virus so that it can eventually hijack the cellular machinery and use it to make more of itself. This virus uses a protein called ACE2, as a receptor. The virus has to bind with the receptor to be able to get inside the cells. ACE2 is found throughout the respiratory tract and SARS-Cov2 seems to have a liking to cells in both the upper and lower part of our respiratory system. The lower respiratory tract includes the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. The upper respiratory tract includes the nostrils, nasal cavity, mouth, throat, and voice box. When we have an infection in our lungs, then we have a lot of immune cells that come to help clear that virus, but at the same time, that’s liquid and cells which both block that thin layer of cells from taking up oxygen. And then obviously we want a physical barrier, which is mucus, to kind of wash out the virus. And that makes us cough, that brings us respiratory problems. Because of that damage, sometimes there is an accumulation of fluid in that part of the lung, and that is what we call pneumonia. Most of the patients that have died because of this coronavirus, have died because of pneumonia. Of course, like we said before, there are other factors that can make this a lethal disease. I would also like to emphasize that it seems that most of the people that have died because of this new coronavirus, so far, were either elderly, or they had an underlying disease condition. It seems that if your immune system is compromised for any reason, then you have a higher chance of getting a severe infection. To understand the origin of SARS-Cov-2 and its transmission, scientists sampled its genomes in 53 individuals back in January 2020. They converted the viruses nearly 29,000 nucleotides bases into workable DNA, which was shared with labs across the globe. Based on that DNA, they were able to distinguish that the virus was roughly 96.2% similar to a bat coronavirus and about 79.5% was similar to the coronavirus that causes SARS. So SARS-Cov-2 seems to have started in bats, but there needs to be a link between how the coronavirus lives in bats and to the slightly different kind of coronavirus found in humans. And that link is still unknown. Despite early theories that the outbreak originated in a seafood market in Wuhan, there’s evidence that may not be the case. So, what happens next? As of February 2020, teams in China and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are already testing an antiviral drug called Remdesivir to combat the spread. Created by a U.S.-based biotech company named Gilead, the experimental drug was shown to block the activity of a protein that helps coronaviruses make copies of themselves. Lab tests showed promise in animal models for SARS and MERS, and the treatment was also successful when used on a U.S. patient with COVID-19. While the FDA hasn’t approved this drug, clinical trials have started with 270 patients at Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship Hospital, roughly 1,000 patients spread throughout Asia, and a clinical trial in the U.S. that administer similar treatment. I think a lot of future efforts are going to be focusing on drug development, because it’s very clear right now that these viruses might continue to jump from animals to humans, so we should definitely be ready for another outbreak in future, and antiviral drug development and vaccine development are the way to go. There’s so much to discuss when it comes to COVID-19. If there’s another aspect of it that you want to see us cover, please let us know in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe to Seeker to see how we follow this news. Thanks for watching, go wash those hands, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hi Seekers, thanks for watching! For more on COVID-19's symptoms, incubation period, transmission, and more, check out this guide

  2. An Italian tourist group came to Rajasthan, India. They traveled whole Rajasthan state and later were diagnosed with COVID-19.

    Now that stupid little group has literally panicked 50+ million people. And we still don't know, how many people they've given this to.

  3. I'm a little confused how something's meant to infect you twice, more like the same strain of a virus able to cause you to get symptoms again. Cause usually you're immune to it after as your immune system has the information it needs for that exact strain, but I don't get why some are able to give you symptoms again, examples can be chicken pox and covid 19, which infects you twice with the same strain which just confuses me

  4. This pandemic started because a human ate an animal, it’s not the first time eating animals has killed humans. Is this the universe telling us not to eat animals.

  5. Colloidal silver, folks…Not the clear like water stuff which is sold as colloidal, actual colloidal silver is yellow (look up scientific info on metal colloids and colour if you want proof). Colloidal silver kills virus and bacteria as well as fungus, but antibiotics don't work against a virus. Get colloidal silver.

  6. When should you call a doctor? Like say all you have is a runny nose or like a cough is that reason enough to panic and contact your doctor?

  7. Another aspect that they failed to mention is that the mortality rate right now is only an estimation. It could actually be lower and closer to 1-2%.

  8. From what I understand, this virus is new. The immune system still needs to save the virus's signature(probably it's RNA) in it's database, and thats when we get cough and colds. If the immune system is unable to function properly, then other complications will arise worsening the condition.

  9. Downplaying the effects by saying "only old people get severe infection" wont make this virus anymore safer.
    ncov would definitely infect less than the flu at its highest season when the world is so focused on suppressing it, not against the flu, besides it only recently came out, quite surprising to see it scatter throughout the globe already in just 2 months. diseases normally takes years to reach that kind of level through out history

  10. It should be called CCPVID-19 in honor of the CCPs role in making sure it went global by refusing to admit it's existence for a solid 6 weeks or more.

    Nobody should be praising their authoritarian response. Taiwan has had a much gentler and more effective response. Partly because they assumed that the CCP was lying and treating 'rumor' as fact in late December.

  11. The government is your friend! Why didn’t you know that you are important to them? Trust the government, they would never lie to you, in fact they want to make sure they can share the world’s resources with you and your future grandchildren!

  12. In our country, cities are starting to lockdown due to sudden increase in number of infected people. Hopefully it will soon be stop, its affecting a lot of people.

  13. This “Coronavirus” causes worries, worries cause stress, stress causes immune deficiency and immune deficiency causes susceptibility to this “Coronavirus”. If you want to break this “feedback loop”, then don’t worry and be 😃😊😆 happy!

  14. I hate to hate, but the confirmed fatality rate IS NOT 3.4%… Although the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said "Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died" this is a very skewed statistisic because that is only the death rate from CONFIRMED CASES, which are often the most severe. This 3.4% conveniently didn't include the THOUSANDS of people who did contract coronavirus and didn't go to the hospital or get tested for it.

  15. DEATH RATE and CASE FATALITY RATE are two completely different measures… DR is expressed as a % of TOTAL POPULATION… CFR is deaths per TOTAL INFECTED. Please correct this fake news

  16. TL:DR death rate is 7%, not 3.4%!!
    that deathrate is a lie, tecnically a lie. because its calculated from all the known cases and deaths, WHO and other health organisations are doing it this way to lower the fear/panic.
    But me on the other hand has a thing for fearspeak 😀 (jk just here to inform)
    To get the actual death rate you need to calculate the just the closed cases. at this moment there are 140k cases where 63600 is active, 70,7k recovered and 5100 deaths. meaning the actual death rate is 7%

  17. An interesting show would address the use of hydroxychloroquine in South Korea as it relates to their much lower death rate?

  18. A video in would like to see is more related to the human mass hysteria response to covid 19 and other future pandemics. #toiletpaper

  19. It’s not fair to compare the two. We’ve known about flu for a longgg time. This is new. No wonder why they have a higher death rate

  20. What's the evidence that shows this virus might not of come from the Wuhan seafood market? And where else are they considering it came from?

  21. According to my research they got name Coronavirus because they look like crown under microscope. And crown means Corona in Latin. Seeker should amend their video if I am correct.

  22. Hello seeker . I saw a PhD doctor saying that we should use crispr to create more ACE2 . How can we treat the virus using ACE2 ?

  23. 97,000 cases and 3000 deaths??? Can you be any more lazy?? Couldn't you just record that part right before you uploaded?? Its more like 140,000 cases and 5000 deaths at this time, lazy and pathetic as always

  24. The novel coronavirus spread from bats, to pangolins, and then to humans. That's how. And the only place these two species are found one on top of another, was the Wuhan Wet Markets.

  25. There's a paper out there that says that in 2015 they determined that the specific bat that is responsible for the Wuhan Virus was studied and determined it could jump to humans. China knew about it 5 years ago and have been studying it.

  26. Wash your hands. Never touch your face with dirty fingers and you will be protected from this infectious disease.

    If the human body is water and air tight how does the virus get into a person's bloodstream? Doctors in China were claiming that the health workers who were wearing proper face masks still got infected with the coronavirus. They came to the conclusion that they got infected when they touched the openings on their face, mouth, nose or eyes!

    I came to that same conclusion about 25 years ago. So I made it a habit not to touch my face with my dirty fingers. Thus far I have refrained from getting a flu or other virus. Mind you I have a weak immune system, am 57 years old, haven't had a flu shot in over 25 years and still have not got the flu or a virus infection. I believe it is only when people touch their face with their dirty fingers do they eventually end up getting sick. That is why the virus can spread so quickly in children, they touch their face with dirty fingers.

    I wish everyone well. Stay safe, don't touch your face.

  27. We're gonna be fine ya'll
    If you fear death you're a coward anyways. Something will kill you eventually. It almost definitely won't be this. Be more worried about heart disease and car crashes

  28. 😡 only 41 Americans (31 in Washington alone) died…now my XFL season is cancelled. F you you f’n freak outs. Safety doesn’t exist. 40,000 people die a year by car crashes, 20,000 Americans died of the flu in 2018. We are doomed by design; born to be slaughtered.

  29. thanks seeker for giving us all the facts Seeker.

    the fact that there are bio labs in wuhan province, that the CCP silenced doctors that new about covid 19, redirected blame to the US through misinformation (when don't they), and destroyed all data on covid 19 before going public , i suspect that covid 19 is engineered virus that got away from the CCP.

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  31. They ONLY Way to catch it is to be Injected With it when you go to get Vaccinated. But for that Matter, there is NO Virus! People are Getting Sick because they THINK they Have it, Go Get Tested and BAM! Get it due to Test Manipulation. It is a Cover up for turning on the 5G Watch and Learn…

  32. You used the "C" and "V" words.

    Are you getting demonetized, or are you one of the channels YouTube say's can used the bad words?

  33. 1:20 isn't it that the real death rate most likely is lower than 3,4% cause the number is generated by all known and tested cases…?

    …And not the dark number of mild cases unreported.

  34. MERS and SARS where too lethal, They ended up killing people faster than they could infect them, COVID-19 hits a perfect balance, It his highly infective and relatively safe in comparison, But when you look at how it affects the vulnerable it is very dangerous, So yes, You are a healthy young person so you don't care but that doesn't mean you shouldn't act as if you could die from it, Not being careful is being selfish and you may kill someone who relies on people not to spread it to them.

  35. actually china and german institutes saying 0.7% mortality instead of 3.4%. 3.4 is just the percentage of active cases compared to death. But as children which are also infected can not have an outbreak, most cases are unknown.

    I know you can‘t correct that, but 3.4% is a high number compared to your really low mortality number of flu.

    Last 2 Flu seasons in Germany 3.5million people got infected, 25.000 died (per season).

    Last thing…. people up to 50 years have a chance of just 0.2% to die.

    It is still really high, but 17 times lower than in this movie.

  36. Have you seen 3Blue1Brown's math breakdown of the numbers and where it goes? If the infection rate stayed the same as it was last week, in 81 days it would infect ONE BILLION people with 20 million dead (2%). He says the.people that dont care are the problem. Have a look. Also have you seen Dr. Bob Martin's article on an early paper (now withdraen) that tells how covid-19 has a sequence of it and that the bug attacks at ACE locations on the cells so old people are hit harder. Check that out too please.

  37. Corona viruses are composed of RNA, not DNA. The CoVID-19 virus is reportedly different from other Corona viruses because of the presence of segments of HIV-like RNA, which appear to improve the viruses ability to invade the host cell.

  38. Conspiracy theory time Girls and Boys:
    Do I think this article has 'some credibility'… sure.
    Do I believe it is a fact – no because it's just one guy's opinion.

  39. FYI – Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), Zinc & quercetin are being tested as well. These are drugs already approved and have been in use for other illnesses for years. Please do NOT add Zinc to your list of daily supplements that is not how this works. The medications listed above are RX only but are showing results much like the ones in this video in blocking the replication of the virus on a sub-cellular level. Thank you Seeker for posting facts and not fear. For higher-level information on this subject, you can visit –

  40. Thank you for clearing up SARS-COV-2 vs COVID-19. it was killing me not understanding the difference

  41. Is it possible to extract regulatory T Cells from a patients body, culture it outside in an sterile environment, concentrate it and inject into the patients body or blood group? Cause decreasing the activity of ACE2 can cause additional problems related to cardiovascular activity

  42. Let the people decide their medicen for Coronavirus or SARS or whatever other lung disease you have..!
    Add 1 ounce of Tahitian noni juice to this mix of food drink ..!
    Flu stopper

    It's just food..! Acidophilus is in all mammal breast milk including humans..! 

    Got some sickies here ! Help me pray for these finicky children there's no reason to put up with the flu !  Live long , prosper, and be in good health. It's God's will for yas !

    Cure the flu ,don't put up with it peeps

    Oh !  Four ounces of orange juice,  two tablespoons apple cider vinegar,  two tablespoons of spinach , one capsule acidophilus Oppen and poor in , one teaspoon cinnamon ! Blend and drink on ice ! Your flu will be over by nightfall with no temperature !

    Vinegar is for upset stomach  ,  spinach is for reversing intestinal convulsions that make you puke ,and so is cinnamon together. They also cure irritable bowel SYNDROME but not without acidophilus the flu virus KILLER !

  43. I’m sorry but “seafood market” ? Really… exotic and wild animal markets have been the sources for sars and the current covid19 ,

  44. So then what makes it so dangerous is an ignorant media hell bent on getting as much fear propaganda out of it as they can!

  45. You need to explain these things on a more fundamental level. I know people who have no idea what "Death rate" even means. They hear "3.2% death rate" and they thing that means that 3.2% of the world is going to die. You need to realize the audience that needs this information the most will also have the most difficulty in understanding it.

  46. Please remember to only use hand sanitizer when washing your hands with soap and water is not possible. Hand sanitizers kill all bacteria indiscriminately. Whereas soapy water only kills the harmful bacteria. This is important to consider because you dont want to weaken your immune system while this pandemic is ongoing. Aside from a weakened immune system, over- use of hand sanitizers can put you and others around you at risk of developing a staph infection like C-diff or MRSA.

    I am not saying to not use hand sanitizer, if its your only option then absolutely use it and keep some on you in purse or car for traveling to and from places where you might not have access to soap and water. Be sure to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer that is a minimum 60% alcohol content. There are many products out there which use other chemicals to sanitize that have no effect on Coronavirus. If hand sanitizers are sold out near you, rubbing alcohol works (I put some in a small spray bottle but you could just pour some on your hand and rub thoroughly- be sure to get fingertips and under nails!). If rubbing alcohol is also sold out, go to the liquor store if you're old enough and buy some strong vodka. Everclear is a brand that works. You want one that is at least 120 proof (i.e., 60% alcohol content).

    REMEBER: The CDC has made it clear that handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the MOST effective way to prevent the spread of Corona.

  47. It would be interesting to have a better understanding of what the hurdles are in combating viruses in mammals, and the different approaches that researchers are taking in that fight

  48. If the government of China weren't so corrupt pathological liars and told everyone the truth about this virus the world could have been better prepared. You can call me a racist or whatever you want but because China lied through their teeth to the world I now hate them for this especially when a doctor tried to warn everyone and the Chinese government silenced him. He was 34 and in good health but now he's dead so all the people and the governments that keep saying that older people are the only ones at risk is a complete lie. If and when this virus calms down the world should boycott China for lying to the world.

  49. Are we supposed to take notice of what you are saying or listen to the stupid background music ?
    Dump the dammed music

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