TU Cribs: Tubman House

Hey guys! Welcome to TU cribs! I’m Becca I’m an elementary and special education major and I’m Giuliana I’m an art and design major We’ve lived here for the past two years and it’s been an incredible experience Come on in, we’ll show you around Welcome to Tubman hall Events like game nights, movie nights have been hosted here You could play foosball rent out board games It’s just a nice place for people to get together and have some fun To get into every residence hall here on campus you have to show your one card and swipe it to get into the building So this is just about security and safety Welcome to our home So every standard room comes with 2 dressers, 2 desks, 2 beds and 2 closets Living it up because there’s so much storage everywhere It’s home away from home so you want to make it yours So as you can see I like the color blue Underneath my bed, I like to keep things for storage like heavy sweaters, blankets I may need and also my suitcase so when I get to go home I just know right where it is and I can pack up everything My desk is pretty big and it’s nice, comfy and it has a bunch of drawers for storage and I like to have a bunch of pictures of my family and my friends So my style, since I’m an art design student On every single piece, I have paint everywhere I love it I have this handy dandy shelf which took forever put together, but it worth it. It’s very sturdy You can put everything on there Each room comes equipped with a microwave and fridge combo so we love to have our stuff in the fridge like ice cream or even just stuff for breakfast like jelly or peanut butter anything like that It’s not too big, but it’s also not too small so it holds everything you kinda need One thing I love about living in West Village especially in Tubman house We have our own bathrooms So inside the bathroom you’ll will find our toilet and our shower the showers are pretty big, which is really nice and it’s different because you don’t have to share a bathroom or shower with anyone else but your roommate What I love is we have a sink outside of the bathroom and that holds a lot of stuff too each building has a shared kitchen so ours on the first floor It comes equipped with a stove, a microwave and stuff like that Also one thing I want to mention about West Village is that you get the lawn between all four buildings And a lot of people just sit out there and do their homework tan if it’s really nice out or even just play some music and throw around a ball So thanks for stopping by our room Bye!

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