UBC Campus Tour

UBC Campus Tour

Hi everyone, I’m Megan. And today, I just wanted to take everyone a little bit of a campus tour and talk about why I decided to come to UBC. Right now, I’m in the CHBE building, which is the Chemical and Biological Engineering Building. So this is my own department building, and one of the newest engineering buildings on campus. So this is Kaiser, this is actually the first building I’ve enter at UBC. and it’s quickly become one of my favourite study spots. And it doesn’t hurt that it has a Starbucks. So, being from Alberta, I’m just really use to having dry weather and not a lot of trees. And definitely not a pretty fall. And I got to come and visit campus at a time when the leaves were still on the trees, which unfortunately they all just fell! But it was beautiful. I honestly love main mall, and I use every excuse that I can to walk down it to classes every single day. Even if it could be shorter to walk somewhere else. I just think it has that like quintessential college feel. So right now I’m at the fountain, which is at basically the centre of campus. And this is the iconic meet up spot. It’s a great place to come and people watch if you ever just have a little bit of time to kill. Wow. Campus is just really beautiful right now. One person once told me that it goes down a little bit for every minute that it gets closer to class time. And then once it’s out, you know you’re late. but I don’t actually know if I believe that’s true. So, when I was trying to pick university, I had a tough time trying to decide between if I wanted the newest high tech buildings with the best equipment. Or if I wanted to have like the classic university with the sort of, you know, Eastern school look with the old buildings. But after I came here, I realized that I was very much mistaken, and that as much as there are new buildings coming up all the time, we also have some of the most beautiful old buildings. This is the Chemistry D block, which is one of the original buildings on campus. This is the echo chamber, and if you go inside, and go stand right on this middle part. The sound waves from your voice bounce off of the sides in just the right angle that you can hear yourself talk! So, now we’re getting pretty close to the last thing I wanted to bring everyone to. And this is also probably the biggest deciding factor for why I chose UBC. This is the Rose Garden, and in my opinion, one of the most absolutely picturesque places both on campus, and probably anywhere in the world. If I’m ever having a bad day, I always try to get a chance to come down here, just to kind of remind myself how lucky I am and why I chose this school. Thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!

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  1. Thanks so much for this video! I just finished my application to UBC engineering and I am SO EXCITED (side note: the echo chamber is so cool!)

  2. UBC is so brilliant, and this summer I will go to UBC Vancouver campus for summer vocation. More importantly, UBC is my dream school, I definitely will get the offer from UBC.

  3. This summer I had the chance to join UBC's summer program for 2 weeks and I am in love with this school, UBC is a dream of mine and I hope I get accepted when I apply next year!

  4. Thank you a lot for the video! I feel nervous, I feel eager, I feel impatient, I feel wonderful, I feel amazed, I feel excited, I feel lucky, I feel 1000 other things…. I am coming to UBC next January. For God sake it is a dream.. My dream is finally real!

  5. My family are moving to Vancouver in a year or so… im already at Uni in the UK? so i guess i will be going with them! I am looking at UBC to transfer to!

  6. Million thanks for this beautiful UBC Campus Visit kindly please pray for my daughter and for me to May we Study at UBC thanks….?

  7. I just received my acceptance letter and I don’t really know whether I should go or not. The fee is REALLY high as an international student. I’m confused whether it will be worth it 🙁

  8. I have already done my PhD and Post doctorate from China in 2014.currently I am working as an assistant professor at the department of Chinese language and culture in Bangladesh.PhD in international relations and Post doctorate in FDI,but I want to do another PhD especially from English speaking countries.so is it possible from Canada? Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi Thank you so much for this video. I interesting to get admission in UBC for Master's in Electrical Engineering…
    Will you help me for this process ?

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