UNDERTALE Animated Short | Funny Bones !

UNDERTALE Animated Short | Funny Bones !

* You lookin’ for somethin’ to do here in Snowdin? * You can go outside an’ watch
those WACKY skeletons do their thing. * Y’know, they just sorta showed up
one day and asserted themselves. * Town has gotten a lot more INTERESTIN’ since then. * (“Snowdin Town” plays.) WOWIE! A CONVENIENTLY-PLACED,
(who does’t?) * (Sans, what are you doing?)
* (Don’t–) * (Too late.) * ah, a classic. * (You spin me right round baby right round
* (Like a record baby)
TO REPLY TO SUCH A COOL GUY… I’LL GO MEET THEM IN-PERSON, INSTEAD! * (What’s that mysterious machine you’ve got there, Sans?) * hey, bro. “ice” to see you
helpin’ out with the community. * so, are they paying you for this?
or is it “on the house”? SANS, IT’S NOT A HOUSE, IT’S A LIBRARY. * don’t ya mean… * “librarBy”? ARGH!! NO!! I CAN’T BELIEVE
YOU MADE ME WRITE THAT!! * (RIP.) * WHAT is going on out here!? * HM…!? * Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me. * You know what? It’ll be fine. * I’m sure no one will notice. * Isn’t my little Cinnamon Bun just the cutest little thing? * He’s such a cute, little Cinnamon Bun! * I just wanna pinch his little cheeks! * Bun-bun-bun-bun-bun-bun-bun… * y’see, papyrus? people here love pets.
we should get one. * what about a lovely…? ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS!! (you be hating the dog nation gabe will kill you) * i was going to say “pet rock.” HMM… I SUPPOSE THAT WOULD
BE A CONVERSATION STARTER. * and you know what else? * (The rock breaks the ice.)
* (Perhaps a pun could be made out of this.) * it’s a real great “ice” breaker, too! *SIGH*, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. * (The rock is covered in sprinkles.) SANS, HOW ‘BOUT WE ENTERTAIN THE MONSTERS OF SNOWDIN? WE COULD START A BAND! * actually, bro, i already have a band. YOU DO??? * yeah, look. * (That was low, Sans.)
* (Even for your sense of humor.) YOU KNOW I WAS TALKING ABOUT MUSIC, SANS!! * well, i do have a trombone. NEVER MIND!!! SINCE WE CAN’T WIN THEM OVER WITH MUSIC TO THEIR EARS… HOW ABOUT FOOD TO THEIR STOMACHS? TO THE STOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!! * way ahead o’ ya, bro. * (“ASGORE” intensifies!) * (Papyrus mutilates the tomatoes with unbelievable dexterity.) * (Where did he learn to do that?) * (Papyrus cooks his noodles at a moderate temperature.) THE GR-R-REAT PAPYRUS IS FINISHED! WHAT DO YOU THINK, BROTHER? * (The taste is indescribable.) * (Your face reflexively scrunches up.) YOU HATE IT. I CAN TELL… AWAY IT GOES! * Uhhh… U-U-Undyne? I’d, uhhh, I-I’d like to give you something! * Aw, Alphys! You shouldn’t ‘ave! * (Oh no.) SO, SANS, LET ME SEE YOUR LOVINGLY-PREPARED MEAL… …THAT YOU HAND-CRAFTED YOURSELF AND CERTAINLY DIDN’T BUY. * um, well, uh-y’see, uh, the thing is… *look, papyrus, a human! WHERE?!?!?! * (Pop.) * phew… * welp… i just wasn’t ready for the responsibility. SIGH… LOOK AT ALL THE FRIENDS UNDYNE HAS. SAY, MAYBE I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, COULD JOIN THE ROYAL GUARD…! GASP! * all right, bro. let’s get you in the royal guard! Subtitle Edit and Re-Timing
by Trimint Pikachu * (Watching this video feels
😉 * What’s with all the ruckus, mannn? * HM? * HERE, MANNN! (The “fittiest” laughter from the angriest librarian.) *Practices saying “librarby” over and over* * Is THAT it? *Practices saying “librarby” over and
over when angers keeps heating and heating* * RACHE- * He’s such a cute, little Cinnamon Bun! * I just wanna punch his- * Oops- I didn’t mean to say “punch”!
* Heh… *Lizard Incoherently Stuttering* Closed Captions by IMMACYCLOPS… with thanks to the United Kingdom Caption Author(s) 😀

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  2. 4:35
    hey, bud
    I’m all about working really hard and stuff. definitely like to keep my workspace all tidy and all that jazz. special skills include trombone, puns, and . . . that’s really about it pal. yesterday I walked into a bar, it really hurt. hehehe

  3. Highly inaccurate, Papyrus only started cooking like that once he met undyne. He also only started hunting humans once he met her

  4. Wow sans and how can Papyrus can Open his mouth and they don’t like. Humans🤔🤔maybe sans is so bony ha ha Ha 🤣🤣

  5. He 😜😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹🐶🐶really good app but if I can get it done ✅ was my way of doing good it is what I do and it’s all the right one ☝️ was my last 🐺

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