uni vlog: eight hour study day 🌟

uni vlog: eight hour study day 🌟

good morning (in portuguese) that last lecture was so difficult I was
struggling. I’m still not done with it! I worked really hard and I was able to
almost finish it. it was seven videos on Osmosis! I finished five. I’m now gonna go home and have dinner before I continue but I
still want to go print a few powerpoints. I have to send the order of classes that
I want to- priority… like, how do you say it? The list with the classes ordered
for my second semester class. in my college in the second semester we
get to choose the fourth class. it’s always a minor course but it’s kind
of fun to see like where you end up in. this year I don’t really have.. there’s
not really any class that kind of stands out for me. now it’s time for the evening
study session! today because I didn’t study much in the morning I’m doing more at night. it’s kind of like balancing out. so right now my goal is to finish
that pharm lecture. I finally finished this freaking lecture guys oh my gosh! this was bad this is really bad. this lecture is going to come out in the
quiz next week so I have to revise it a billion times. here are the seven videos that
I talked about. I also wrote down in these two documents some things that I didn’t want to write down [in hand]. this one and this one. and I also have some
flashcards in these two, some mnemonics to memorize the names of the
pharms better. okay so here’s my tea and here’s what I printed. now I’m going to
cut the flashcards. and I also printed those documents that you saw. completed now. completed notes! and in here I
have all the flashcards. this is it! shoot.

21 Replies to “uni vlog: eight hour study day 🌟

  1. I recently discovered your channel and I'm so happy 😍 you motivate me a lot with your videos ❤
    Also, your vlogs are so relaxing!
    Thank you for sharing good vibes 🙏❤️

  2. It's impressive that you can study for so many hours everyday. How do you do it? How can you have motivation to study so many hours everyday?

  3. Loved it as always so relaxing 🍃and you literally hv the perfect choice of songs🌻 btw do you have a Spotify playlist that I could use?

  4. Hi Maria ! I’m a second year nursing student and I was really struggling with motivation since I’m having a really hard time at uni. I found your tumblr and afterwards this channel of yours and ever since I did it has been helping me so so much so I’m really grateful for it.
    I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am and good luck with those exams ! 🤍

  5. Love your videos .. it's kinda separate m e from doing other time wasting stuff .. thanks for uploading such videos .. ♥️Ur channel

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