Valencia College: New Poinciana Campus Brings Opportunity

Valencia College: New Poinciana Campus Brings Opportunity

When I saw the sign that says
Valencia out front I told my wife we gotta go find out what they’re gonna do there. I was in high school and they told me about this campus I was so excited. I signed up in June so that was very last-minute of me. Go me. I was planning on joining the military beforehand but that didn’t exactly work out since my mom didn’t want it to happen. College seems intimidating to me especially after many years out of school but then when I saw that this campus opened here next to my house I said well this is this is my chance. I live like ten minutes away here in Poinciana. It would take me about two hours or more to get to the Osceola campus on the Lynx bus. When you first think of going to college you think well I have to move away to college or I have to find a place and then you kind of go, well, it’s an hour away but then you’re kind of like I don’t want to drive to college because of work but then when you get a college so close to your home it gets everybody else excited. Well it’s right there. I could take a morning class and then go to work and take a night class and then just go to my house so I think that’s why the college is so relatively important to everybody and the students who decided to take a gap year now see that there’s really not an excuse anymore to not take a class because it is so convenient now. Well I’m here to get my general courses before I move into electrical engineering courses out at the east and west campus. I’m taking intro to criminal justice,
math, English comp and SLS and I’m super excited about the criminal justice class. My goal is to graduate from college and be an American sign language interpreter. If it wasn’t for this campus here
probably I will not be in college. Having four kids, a full-time job and also take the time to come here it’s a sacrifices, it’s a big sacrifice. It means a lot because I could do
basically two or three things at once. I can come here, finished on time and once I am done with this I go out and help my mom with anything, with everything, and with that I could go say, shop or eat and come right back. it saves a lot of time. Saves a lot of stress. This this really opened up the door for me and allowed me to to do what I really wanted but I was so afraid of doing. Thinking that it was far. Thinking that it will take a lot of time for me but this this campus next to my house is it’s a big help for me. Thank you to the people who made this campus possible. For making my life easier. To all those who supported us. Thank you.

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  1. This video is FANTASTIC. Idealism at work. Great when that shines through at Valencia. Takes work and cooperation, but it can happen.

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