#VLOG: MINI TOUR POR HARVARD Cambridge/ Boston |AmyVlogs

#VLOG: MINI TOUR POR HARVARD Cambridge/ Boston |AmyVlogs

We are going to…. Boston We are going to Boston for the first time Massachusetts And we go… by car, obviously. We could go by train but as we organize everything on the last minute because of that… that you can see here. – There is not a lot of time, so better to go by car -Yes, we go by car so we can know more places Those are the trucks that bring the mail that is from Fedex in example. Well, as I was saying, we can miss the thermo I mean…. how is this called? – The “mate” bag – the mate ba.. b.. bag The mate bag and by the way, I say thank you to my sister in law Valeria Today we are taking backpacks because We arrive today and we will come back tomorrow. So sad, but well… it is what it is. We take backpacks today we have everything inside. Javi threw something. He is getting naked I made it short. It´s hotter than expected Yes, It´s hot. I was going to tell you to wear short pants. We are going to Boston because….. one of our friends, Apoorva, an Indian whow was living in Argentina, he lived like 5 years, or more, in Argentina Now he came to live and work here in USA, and he is in Boston and as this is not too far from where we are, we will go there. It´s around 4 hours and a half. It is searching… yes, like 4 and half hours – recalculating Don´t start because I don´t have my seat belt on Stay with us and enjoy our trip, we are goint to tr…. we are going to try to show you as much as possible and all that we are going to do with Apoorva Apporva also has a youtube channel and he travels. I suppose we are going to share his channel in a link below so you can go and see his experience in Argentina He was in many places in Argentina that we didn´t visit and he is cool. You will know him. bye we are making a technical stop we are going to eat and continue It is 12.50 pm of the noon so we are going to eat and then we will continue we are going to eat at subway we always come to this place to eat I am going to take the sandwich with baked lays coke coke he brings the food we are back to the route full belly, happy heart we can travel quietly We are going to get across the bridge George Washington to the north there is a lot of traffic The ones in bike are moving faster there is a path to ride bikes or walking in the back you can see New York – that´s not New York. New York is on the other side – I think that is… – No babe, how on the other side – I am lost New York is not there? -No babe, we already passed New York – How it can be there? – Then that is New York? This would be Br… blu… bllbblblb… Brooklin No, Brooklin is on the other side of New York – You are completely lost – Obviously Uh, don´t tell me we have an ambulance behind police? – Yes it passed Is horrible when it stands behind you yes, it happened to me. It´s the worst that could happen I felt like “mommy where are you?” – They are going to deport me Yes, deport hahaha and here, these are some tunnels like the ones you can see in some movies like John Wick Was it in this one? – No Idea It was in New York – But I don´t know which bridge.. I mean tunnel -neither do I These things here Everything is Mega structure Everything is big, they have everything big They have to make everything big Focus on me There was a part of the road that was beautiful it´s a pity that when she took the camera, it got over. Well, it´s the time of the “mates” It´s time of the “mate” and there is still one hour and 38 minutes to arrive and we have to take the exit 29 What´s wrong with you? I don´t know, I speak too bad! We continue our travel to Boston In one hour and a little more we are back for I don´t know what…. bye! I didn´t see how many miles are left to Boston We are about to arrive to Boston we are still on route but we are in a city already you can see buildings arriving to Newton Watertown Exit 17 The true is that we are not in Boston we are in Watertown we are in Massachusetts state and we are going to Cambridge there, you can see Cambridge and Boston is a little further look up, it´s cute can you see or not? no, you can´t see I was not telling cute to you There are many churches here It´s nice Back to the map. Oh, it´s off There is still some time to arrive to Cambridge. Here it says 10 minutes. It´s not much. We will show you when we arrive we are entering to… we are in Cambridge and eh… I don´t know. – Oh my God spit the potato You are not able to finish one sentence! sorry my people! but this is nice that´s what I wanted to say We realize by looking the houses that it has an older style than the place where we live The houses are more English or European and is really nice by now we have to see the city, which is always different to the suburbs look at that one running!!! almost naked well… as I was saying we are not there yet, we are 2.45 minutes away we are tired but well we arrived to the hotel we are going to do a room tour later the room is very nice and the hotel too. We are going to Apoorva´s place we changed our clothes we didn´t take a shower hence we are smelly just a little of smell but well.. we are going to be cute in Boston The police! we are going to be cute in Boston -Look is very nice – Stop distracting me!! with lot of smell. That´s what I wanted to say!! ehhh why with smell?? You are using perfume I can´t use perfume. I am allergic to it. I could have more eruptions Say Hi! How are you Emi? All good? Here you see Apoorva!! An aplause! Welcome to our channel! Apoorva is from India but he lived 5 years in Argentina? 5 is correct? – Eight!! really? 8 years? That´s why I am so Argentinian He is one Argentinian more in Boston so he lived 8 years in Argentina and now he lives here in US in Boston so, we came to visit him because we miss him in fact I met only once! – Thanks for visiting me Now I feel like we are in Argentina we are at home here we are going to gather more Argentinian more Argentinian who live here will come If they want to be on camera, we have to ask them first, we are going to introduce them what are we going to do? we are waiting for the other guys In some minutes this room will become an Argentinian room. we are going to play “folklore”, “cumbia” (music styles) cumbia, Mate and we are missing the fried pie or something else in the table but we have cheez… cheez… I don´t know the name -cheez it We are in Apporva´s room and… -Welcome to Argentina – Show your cap What a fan! Even I don´t have an Argentinian cap That´s very important It doesn´t matter where, I will be Argentinian…. Indo – Argentinian Here we have another Argentinian living in Boston Please say your name and school… Hello, my name is Daniela I am from.. I was… I am from Buenos Aires City Caballito and now I am living in USA Massachusetts preparing a coffee and looking for a cup and I am in the house of my friend, Apoorva the Argen-Indian who… is an Argen-indian but -He doesn´t know how to prepare coffee but so so.. – Because I don´t drink coffee the language… Argentinian I would say he has it a 99% But the customs a little weird In example, I asked him if we could have some “mates” and he said… obviously yes… then I say cool bring the “mate” and he brought this mate.. and I think is the second time he does it… The mate is not cured (ready to use) well but may be he doesn´t know… sorry, second detail: there is no “yerba” – he wants to have mates without Yerba!! right! I don´t know… somehow he says that we can have mates, magically emm me…. and we are few people here We can have mate but there is no Yerba… being few people…. it sounds weird May be it´s an Argentinian proposition we are wild we can propose weird things.. We arrive to Hogwarts No, to Hogwarts? to Harvard! Harvard! We just entered and made few steps we are going to make a small tour of the entire University I am very happy I never thought I was going to be here This is a place where I wanted to be, I mean I wanted to visit We will show you I´m going to simulate I am going to study With the kinder garden´s backpack What´s that? – I got tired that´s the Harvard´s Library If it was open we wouldn´t be able to enter anyways Because you need the Harvard University´s ID – what a puss.. Sorry! Here we are in Harvard´s church I suppose it´s in the middle, I don´t have a map handy It should be in the middel of the campus I imagine This is one of the sides We are going to see the front This stone Was part of St. Saviors Church in London now the Cathedral Church of that Diocese commemorates the Baptism of John Harvard there on November 6 of 1607 the bell you see commemorates… honors those who died in the World War I with the isncription of “in Memory of Voices that are Hushed” And this bell was the original and was replaced in 2014 That´s how the University looks from outside It has bars and the entrances are like that there is a crane there, horrible, but well that´s how it looks from the lateral I don´t really know what is the main entrance or if there is one but the entrances are like this one we are making a technical stop This is full of technical stops to eat Yes We are going to eat a burger, very traditional we are taking the safe option I am sleepy! Ready! Now We ARE in Boston in the City of Boston We are in… Where are we? Back Bay, at least that´s how this area is called this is a residential zone the buildings are not tall Very nice, very nice It is still raining…. a sh##… but well we are here, we have to enjoy and continue the vlog Look the beautiful flowers it´s a pity that it´s cloudy otherwise the day would be good There it´s Apoorva Apoorva always have sunshine, that´s why he wear sunglasses Well, Today there is an event which says Boston Games let me show you Boost Boston Games sponsored by Adidas I don´t know what´s going on There are some kids running, warming up There is music I don´t know Wow, It´s tall! Ay F####! Focus on Me They explained to us that this zone is like Times Square in New York but in Boston Obviouslly smaller the buildings are shorter but is a nice place and just by luck we found this today a Sport event What´s that right there? That is the Public Library of Boston We just watched a race… they covered 200 meters in 20 seconds In that time I can eat an “empanada” 1 and a half if I am very hungry Well my friends, we are going back to home It´s 5 in the evening we have like 4 hours and a half, 5, depending on the traffic and it´s raining so, I hope we don´t get anything else than a little more rain or at least I hope it doesn´t rain harder Because with this rain we can travel fine but if it rains more, the route is horrible We couldn´t see more from Boston But we will be back – We will be back because is a beautiful City because is a city to enjoy in summer It´s true, there are many things to do in summer I couldn´t see the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Obviously is a well known place We have to come back and we have to visit Salem We are going to visit Salem to learn some withes´ stories You have one at home already Thank you very much for being there. See you soon. See you later

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