Watch: House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearings – Day 1 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Watch: House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearings – Day 1 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  1. It’s Ok for Trump to make fun of everyone but when the shoe on the other foot everyone get but hurt.. hurry up and impeach this orange Buffon he needs to be charge in addition to impeachment it’s not ok…???

  2. Why do they keep asking OPINIONS? it doesn't add any creditability to an impeachment case. Seems more like a smear campaign Democrats are known for.

  3. Impeach and lock up the shark man. Money loving egotists who have no shame and no heart don't belong in the Oval Office. Lying Blimp boy is a cold fish. Dead eyes.

  4. Does anybody get just cause hes impeached doesnt mean hell leave office? And for those yelling for impeachment how are you gonna like president pence? Nixon left office on his own. Clinton never left office. Theres no president for it. Now they spent hundreds of thousands of dollar for basically nothing yall still wont be happy smh

  5. 63 million Americans vs. 3 liberal Trump hating professors. And the winner is President ??Trump 4- more years of MAGA coming in 2020.

  6. The essence of a democracy is 2 wolfs & 1 sheep voting for what is for dinner. Founding Fathers warned about a democracy but Americans are too STUPID to understand why.

  7. Spoiler, Democratic House of Representatives will vote to impeach followed by Republican Senate voting to not remove from office and nothing will come of this silly political circus.

  8. The draft dodging coward…draft dodging commander in chief … are you people Insane who are supporting this LUNATIC??

  9. Mr. Chabot…you ask why so many things haven't been done…ask the Republicans. They had years to do those things, and didn't bother because they were too busy trying to make the black guy look bad. And now are too busy trying to justify criminal actions that the president has not only admitted to, but bragged about. Trump drained the swamp, and installed all the swamp monsters he found at the bottom into his administration. Time to get rid of them. Starting with him.

  10. Turley is off his nut… he wanted Clinton impeached for ONE LIE about sex with an adult… yet, he fails to see the evidence of PROOF that Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors committed for his own election, not to mention lies, sex offenses, tax evation, campaign finance violations, emoluements, treason, bribery, obstruction, witness tampering and threats, and inherent contempt of congress. AND to top it off, look at all those convicted and imprisoned because of the offenses of Trump. Karlan on the other hand schooled the GOP who refused and continues to refuse to acknowledge the will of The People because of the kompromat Putin holds over their heads.

    Trump doesn't represent ALL of us, he reps only 1/3 of the country… hence ''do 'us' a favor though'' does NOT represent the country… it is a self-serving quid pro quo for himself, Putin and the Mercers.

    This is disgusting. Impeach/Indict/Imprison… The WILL of The People demand it… check the polls.

  11. You don’t know anything about pain until you’ve seen your own baby drowned in a tub!!… and you definitely don’t know anything about how to wash a baby.

  12. Those Harvard professor are dumber than I thought, If I put my brain into there brain there brain would explode. Think about this,, so called teachers are teaching our kids. No wonder the world is srewed up,,,ding dong

  13. Biden's puppet masters are somewhat brillant. In order to nullify Biden's quid quo pro against Ukraine to protect his son…. just run for president.
    Democrats are squirming cause they are the ones that colluded with foreign governments to rig the 2016 elections. Too bad for them.
    Well praying to their evil god to have Trump impeached, a vast majority of Trump supports are praying to the King of kings, Jesus Christ, that he is not.
    Trump 2020.

  14. Let’s take a break ! Come back after the holidays. This will give both sides time to gather evidence, stories, theories, lies, propaganda, witnesses ???

  15. I can’t think of any party more divisible than the Democratic Party. I support a President that cares for American citizens and gives those that work hard their fair share.
    Democrats are too full of emotion and bias to run a country successfully.
    The democrats have the House of Representatives and look what happened. Millions of dollars of wasted tax payer money on this garbage. They talk about caring for the poor and disabled but instead act on this impeachment inquiry, not what their words say.
    The democrat party is the corrupt party.
    The democrats stand for:
    Open borders
    Disarming citizens
    And wasting time, energy and money on this faux impeachment inquiry.

  16. 3 biased liberal elitist liberals just showed the world who they really are. As for Pam Karlan bringing up Trump child made me want to puck. No wonder the colleges are turning out so many snowflakes, she's one herself.

  17. Nader was falling asleep during the hearings. Couldn't even keep his eyes open during impeachment proceedings hearing against the President of the United States.

  18. It's so obvious that he did order the investigation, it will be unlike him to not have done something like this. He is an opportunist/businessman turned president of the United States, n he gets his way there is no doubt and he knows that. I can also clearly see that this is more of a tussle for next year for both the parties. I don't know how positive this will turn out for democrats though… Trump supporters still support him and his hatters still hates… no one cares about Biden and no one care about who is breaking the law… and also the fact remains that he did win last time and people are OK with his actions. There isn't anything new going on, at the end Trump will be Trump and he will have even bigger grin than the last time.

    About Pamela's comment on Barron Trump, it was a rhetoric assertion of the fact that the president serves the people and he isn't the king. And why suddenly is this an issue? Is it because he is the son of president..? Parties never really cared about other millions of people effected by so much more than a rhetoric remark and neither should you!! and interestingly even about Americas own sons and daughters else they would have done a better job in the gun violence case. Humane acts,empathy shouldn't be case sensitive and neither these should be tainted with fidelity.


  20. REpublicans have a HELL of a lot of nerve asking when the Dems are going to produce factual witnesses, considering that all of the Republican witnesses with first hand knowledge are all refusing to testify.

  21. At least the D's do a good job of focusing on impeachment and not the circus that is the R's obvious distraction tactics and partisan bickering. So many political campaign rants by the R's….very few questions for the constitutional/legal scholars.
    If this president isn't impeached, the political class will expand their use of QUID PRO QUO in everything they do. This won't just end with Trump. Both D's and R's are setting the stage for a Political, Fascist, Oligarchical environment with Authoritarian Monarchy as the goal.

  22. You have the attention of all of us…and you look really stupid. He's gonna win 2020, start hyper- hydration now. Your tear ducts will need it.

  23. Trump has bean committing Treason since 2015, All whom support him are refusing to acknowledge facts. Trump is on trial for attempting to rig the election in his favor.

  24. Wow, it's like joke…after joke…after joke. Of people, of "testimony," this a total sham. Noah's "testimony:" The highest ranking (elected) law enforcement officer in the country can't press for an investigation of an absolutely and undeniably corrupt man. Dumb dumb dumb dumb….dumb.

  25. Louisiana must be ashamed of Mr. Johnson! He couldn't define bi-partisan enough to understand just how hypocritical he's being. Yes, the political atmosphere is unabashedly partisan…..thanks to people like him who aren't aware of their participation in such. Thus, keeping it that way and increasing its pervasiveness.

  26. "Overturning the result of a national election." Yes, except his "win" was not a mandate of the American people, so shut up Mr. Chabot!

  27. 1:24:34 don’t let this asshat lie to you. The Whistle Blowers Protection Act if 1989 is undeniably in effect, Rep. Collins is lying to you because he thinks you are stupid enough to believe him. It is absolutely the republican strategy to lie to your face during this process because they have nothing left. Don’t fall for it. If you want to fact check what both parties say F*CKING DO IT!. One side is protecting their own. Regardless of partisan play, something messed up happened in the White House and Trump has got to answer for it.

    If you got this far believing what the right wing reps have said, do some research. Because it is dishonesty to the core.

  28. When you never played sports, had no friends in school, hit puberty a little late in life, use to get beat up for lunch money, were a bit of a social outcast you most likely always end up as a Democrat or a liberal later in life.


  30. and what collins wont say thats pelosi has been doing the business of the people and MCCONNELL has yet to pass any of the House Bills already passed by pelosi…….which gives clowns like COLLINS….the chance to say they have yet to pass anything due to Impeachment…..go see MCCONNELL OK, COLLINS??

  31. 1:33:10 I feel like Mr. Biggs (reb) has a valid complaint. C2 immiscibility of testimony ruling does require an answer as to why it is disregarded. They did just vote on it and it was clearly denied however Mr. Nadler is required to cite that and he did not.

    If this is how the Dems plan to operate beyond the intelligence committee then they are as fucked as they have been for the last 40 years. Answer in the affirmative or don’t answer at all. You (dems) are stuck in civility and rules and your opponents are not. Change tactics or lose.

  32. This media filter is a detriment. Half of every video i find on this hearing is random people that mean nothing to me telling me what is happening in a hearing these random people are editing. Just so Im clear, before i even hear what i came here for, i need to hear an interpretation of what some random person thinks was said according to their own perception while in the company of their like minded friends. Only then and maybe, I'll hear a glimpse of an impeachment hearing. I assume Ill get as many thumbs up as this video based on that fact people seem to love incoherent rambling.

  33. Nadler and other Democrats always invoke our Founders words just like they do the scriptures of the Bible; except they leave out the important parts either before the words they quote or the finish after the words they quote! In other words, they cherry pick!

  34. Dems are going to cost me alot of money…in Aug I put $1000 on Hilary with Ladbrooks to win 2020, payoff $70,000, which would've been a walk because all of her supporters wouldn't be overconfident this time and stay on their couches all day eating bon bons, talking on their Obama phones…now they're handing the election to Trump again, just in a more stupid fashion, by pissing off the independents with this b.s. and no other action in Congress…the world economy is going to crash regardless of who is P.O.T.U.S. due to massive debt, from individuals to corporate to sovereigns, so the least they could do is put some Brit money in my pocket

  35. Gaetz to Karlan: You gave $1,000 to Warren, $1,200 to Obama, and $2,000 to Hillary, right?
    Karlan: That's correct.
    Gaetz: Why so much to Hillary?
    Karlan: Because I've been giving a lot of money to charity recently because of all the poor people in the U.S.

    Stanford LAW School….what is going on?

  36. Just ignore the impeachment …then make it a standard that no one can be impeached despite any broken law! Period. Let it set a precedent!


  38. 3 against 1 and the three are extreme trump haters. hated trump so much they have to include the minor child of the president.

  39. Why are you reporters so freaking biased!?!?!? The only guy making sense up there is the republicans guy. This is coming from a lifelong democrat and progressive. I cant stand this type of media.

  40. So they open with the talk of “Subpoena’s” I find this laughable seeing as how they didn’t find the deletion and destruction of 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails from HRC important at all. Hey it’s 2019 now, I guess subpoenas are important again. I wonder what changed?

  41. No law protecting the identity of the "whistle blower". For the love of god and for the sanity of us all, Get him/her to testify! I WANT to see this person lay out the facts! That person would be a national hero! If these allegations are fact Trump would be destroyed people!!…sadly this is going to be dragged out till next or even AFTER(i see what your doin DEMS 😉 Election!

  42. Why Trump even mentioned Biden… Ambassador Yavonovich was blocking the transfer of documents (we have a treaty agreement to exchange investigative material) . Trump had every right and duty to ask about the Crowdstrike server. He mentioned Biden because the prosecutor who was fired by Biden had also been investigating the same people involved in the Crowdstrike fiasco. The announcement was brought up by his Trumps team because Ukraine is notorious for not holding to agreements. And the aid didn't need to be approved until Sept 30th, Trump put in an order to have European contributions calculated. That's in testimony transcripts.

  43. Collins said it right when he said were here about the facts. The people mostly also don't becomevlawers because of the prohibitive cost of education. There is a whistleblower who is protect by law that republics sign onto. He tried to nullify the danger of a treason presidents reelection. This is not about due process as this is not a civil or criminal Court. Trump and his attorneys were however invited to participate. And for Collins information the majority of citizens want these proceedings to go forward to whatever end, and a good portion of them are Southern Republicans. Collins is doing nothing other than obstructing just, one of the very things Trump is accused of. All Republicans here will do the same. So if they're looking for justice they're off base.

  44. Nadler needs to bring forward the Sergeant of Arms for continuing unparlimentry obstruction of proceedings by Republicans. The Republicans here are acting childish and bullish as that seen in many foreign parliaments where it often comes the fisticuffs. This betrays US standards for our Congress, and only serves as their disrespect for the proceedings and disgrace upon themselves. It also proves that they have no real defense for Trump, such as the debunked Ukraine complicity in election interference by every US intelligence agency, but rather Russia who Trump solicited on national television.

  45. Ms.Karlans opening statement proves the facts of some of the political has violated their office through their subordination of the Constitutions, We The People.

  46. Republican obstruction is tantamount to willful complicity in each and every crime Trump is accused of in these proceedings, and all those we've all seen not brought to fore. If the state who sent these criminals to office don't recall them they too are negligent.

  47. Prof. Turley is correct to the existent that there is collaborative evidence to impeachment lying beneath the unhonored subpoenas that have been issued to the Trump Admistration, umm personalities. However those are in courts and that could put off the impeach of a President that is a dire threat to our Elections in 2020 as those court decisions are subject to appeal to first the appeals court, and the Supreme Court which if nefariously played could last past the 2020 election. And as Prof. Turley stated in his opening statement and in the other three's, and I paraphrase, will lead to consequences for generations to come of any President who willfully attempts to disregard his or her oath of office, and the Supreme Law of the country that is the Constitution. Further to invite foreign interlocking and transgressions on our political elections is the worst fear of the forefathers for our democracy. FYI: Prof. Turley is the invited Republican witness.

  48. Trump has met the benchmarks for impeachment. The RepubliCAN`T are traitors and shouldn't be taken seriously. Devine Nunes, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Matt Gaetz, etc, can't derail this process.

  49. You can't be a legal scholar that is clearly biased and also testify against the person you already have animus for. You have to be unbiased and bring fourth the facts of the constitution even if those facts go against your political bias, and at no time does this happen here except for the Professor. This is a terrible representation of the interpretation of the constitution. We can't have that conflict and also have fairness. If you believe someone is guilty of a crime you will look for evidence that supports your belief. You have to go into these situations with no preference of outcome to conclude in any fair and unbiased way. This is not justice. This is not fair. This is biased and disgusting!

  50. Gerhard and the others not only convicted Trump on all counts, but convicted every Repubican on this committee of violation of oath of office and breach of public confidence.

  51. When they took a vote on whether or not to table the ranking member's motion and they got around to Swalwell, he made sure this time to hold it in.

  52. I spent the last 9 hours watching this on my t.v, and I feel so sick to my stomach. We are so sick and tired of this bullshit. I voted for trump because I wanted America put first! Above other countrys needs! We want to be put first and we the people demand to be heard. I also wanted to be out of a never ending war that Obama (who I once supported) promised yet did not deliver.

  53. Dear Prof. Turley it's political bribery that not the exchange of money but rather anything of value. It's obvious to everyone of us voters whether Dem or Repub are aware that Trump is all about that for Trump the office of President is the business of financially enriching himself, so the retention of office would in full knowledge be further financial enrichment.

  54. The issue in Gerhardts argument that there are three branches is flawed is flawed in that the SCOTUS is packed with far right political motivation.

  55. The idea of Barr releasing more informatio than has ever been released in Gerhardts lifetime is only factual to the current demand by The House, and the lack of substance of Barrs released information.

  56. Democrats failure is becoming a standard.

    Ps Washington post. Your my favourite 🙂 I love watching your news because when I fact check you it makes me smile. Your bs is amusing

  57. Sorry, I have to doubt Gerhardt's assertion that he voted against Trump. He appears to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  58. Feldman is a ridiculous little twerp. That obnoxious broad ought to go live in Taos, New Mexico with all the other crazy leftwing middle-aged broads who think it's still 1969 and their crazy ideas make any sense whatsoever. So far, Gaites is the only rep who has taken it to these blowhard witnesses. What a farce. We listen to one snotty democrap after another, like that horrible black woman just before Cline, the latter such an ineffectual whiner that I don't know what to tell him other than grow a pair, bub, and go after these ridiculous witnesses while you have the chance. These Mr. Nice Guy Republicans maketh one sick.

  59. I think the founders anticipated that all representatives of the people it regardless of political ideology stand true to the people first and the Constitution second.

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